Ten Great Gifts For Sustainablity Lovers!

Biossance Skin Care 

Ten Great Gifts For Sustainablity Lovers

Hello friends! Today I want to share Ten Great Gifts For Sustainablity Lovers! Christmas can be a really tough time when it comes to waste; Single use plastics, excess packaging, pointless cracker toys and don’t even get me started on all the glitter filled bubble baths and food waste. Anyway! If you are wanting to give a little more sustainably this year, or you are shopping for someone who is very keen on sustainability, then this the gift guide is for you! I have big treats and small treats for men and women… let’s go!

Le Creuset Mug & Teapigs Tea

Teapigs Tea & A Mug That’s Made To Last

I LOVE Teapigs tea, it’s truly the best! However, did you know they are a B Corp brand?! Meaning they have the highest standards of earth friendly production, packaging and sustainability practices. Their tea is ethically sourced, they pay fair-trade prices and all their packaging is 100% plastic free and biodegradable. It also looks super cute, making it a great gift!! Pair a box with a beautiful mug that’s made to last, from a local potter if you can – and you have a great gift!

Baked Goods

Love to cook or bake? Then don’t be afraid to bake cookies, a christmas cake or even make jars of jam, chutney or pickles as gifts! It’s really cute and personal and a great sustainable option too!

tonys chocolate

Tony’s Chocolate!

Another brand who are doing great things for the planet AND people and not only that, but their chocolate looks super cute and tastes amazing!! Find Tony’s at Waitrose, Ocado and honestly… everywhere these days!!! It’s the BEST!

Ren Skincare

I LOVE REN Skin Care and body care and they are doing amazing things for the planet and sustainability! Look out for their Atlantic Kelp range as well as their Give It A Glow Kit! SO GOOD!

Aromatherapy Associates 'Moment Of Restful Sleep' Set

Aromatherapy Associates Treats

Aromatherapy Associates are one of my fave brands in the world and they do SO much great work for the planet too! Much like teapigs and Tony’s they are a certified B Corp brand meaning they work to the highest possible standards of ethics and sustainability. Brilliant!! If in doubt, go for one of their dreamy gift sets OR a bottle of their iconic Bath & Shower oil, which always goes down a treat!!

Keep Cup

If you don’t know Keep Cups, they are the BEST!! They are brilliant take-out cups which are brilliant quality and perfect for those who love a coffee to go! They are handbag friendly, lovely to drink out of and as a brand doing great things for the planet too!

Biossance Skin Care 

Biossance Skin Care

Much like their peers REN and Aromatherapy Associates, Biossance are leading the way in sustainable skincare and doing incredible work! Plus their skincare is stunning! I LOVE their products, but their Unstoppable Glow Set is my absolute favourite this christmas!

Etsy Treats

Etsy is a one-stop shop for amazing makers and crafters, and it’s a brilliant source of finding beautiful micro-manufactured sustainable gifts. One tip I will give you is to search via your country rather than worldwide, to cut down on both shipping costs and most importantly… air mils!

vintage chanel gold tone jewellery

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage and antique treats are always brilliant gifts, so scour the internet for fabulous retailers or vintage or antique jewellery which would make a stunning gift. My fave is obvs vintage Chanel, but whatever your friend is into, it’s still a brilliant and sustainable option!

Tom’s Slippers

Tom’s do SO much for charity, the planet and sustainability, but did you know they now do slippers?! They are super cute and cosy, PLUS if you buy them from the Earthwise range you know that they are even better than their regular range – which is saying a LOT!

Ta da!!! And there we have it!! Ten Great Gifts For Sustainablity Lovers I hope it’s of help! Please do drop in any great sustainable gift ideas you have below! This post contains some press samples and affiliate links.