Let’s Chat About October Favourites!!

labels for lunch fashion for lunch renovation

Let’s Chat About October Favourites!!

Hello friends! Wow! Can someone please tell me where October went??? I feel like it flew by like a bat out of hell… see how I weaves in a Halloween reference there?! Anyway! It’s time to chat monthly faves! Let’s go!!!

VQ X Joules radio limited editon floral

Watching & Listening

This month I have re-listened to the podcast Root of Evil, which I 100% recommend! I have also been loving the new Heavyweight series.. if you haven’t listened yet, please do! Finally I have been loving Sounds Like A Cult which explores groups which may not be recognised as a cult, but sure as hell sounds like one! I also watched Motel Makeover on Netflix which was a total guilty pleasure but I absolutely LOVED! It as so fun and basically my dream!!

labels for lunch fashion for lunch pregnant


Wow! I’m getting really big and heavy! I had no idea how uncomfortable being pregnant is! I don’t wanna moan, but literally turning over in bed at night is an effort! Your core muscles go and you really have to make your arms put in a lot more effort!!! But all is going well and we are so excited to meet our little friend soon!!

L'occitane Winter Walk Collection

L’occitane ‘Winter Walk’ Collection

I loveeeee L’Occitane as you might (or might not) know! But this Christmas my love for them has ramped up a notch! They have released a new fragrance collection called ‘Winter Walk’ and I think it might be my fave ever – yes! Possibly even better than Almond!!!!! It smells like green figs, mandarin, sandalwood and Shea and it’s ammmmazing! Plus it all comes in the cutest festive packaging!

labels for lunch fashion for lunch renovation

House Renovations

We are finalllyyyyyy *touch wood* starting to see some progress! There is a lot to do still but it’s exciting nevertheless! I’m so scared of jinxing things but I’m excited! I can’t wait to get in there now!!! Guys! We are starting to see stud walls going up! It’s major!!!!

Stila Lip & Cheek Convertibles Palette

Stila Lip & Cheek Convertibles Palette

I have been wanting to try the Stila Lip & Cheek Convertibles for the longest time… they are a fave of one of my fave Instagram accounts @lauraloumakeup but I could never choose which shade to go for. As luck would have it they have created a Christmas palette of four shades so my decision was made very easy and I’m so excited to figure out which is my perfect shade!!!! God I love Stila! I love their lush colours and love of sparkles! It’s all so much fun and so wearable!

gordon the black labrador


Shout out to Gordon, our dog, who has been SO incredibly sweet and protective over me since I got pregnant! I know the non-dog mums out there will roll their eyes at this, but I swear, he knew I was pregnant before we did!! He was clingy for weeks, bless his little furry heart!

Kiehl's X Marylou Faure Christmas Collection 

Kiehl’s X Marylou Faure Christmas Collection

Please can we talk about how flippin’ cute the Limited edition Christmas collection from Kiehl’s X Marylou Faure is?!! I LOVE IT! All their classics – and gift sets!! Have had a cute christmas makeover and I am honestly living for it!!!! See the collection here, but be warned, it might sell out super fast because it’s all SO cute!!!

cath kidston roses tin 2021

Roses X Cath Kidston Tin of Chocolates

I’m SO excited to see the release of all the delightful Christmas treats and my favourite so far is the Roses X Cath Kidston Tin of Chocolates. This is limited edition for 2021 and I bought mine from Asda, but I saw Ocado were also selling them. I think it cost around £8 and in my mind, worth every penny!

Feel Unique Free Samples!!

Every month I treat myself to the Feel Unique Free Samples and honestly, I think it’s GREAT!!! I feel like not enough people talk about the Feel Unique Free Samples set. But it’s legit good!!! These samples are free, however, you do have to pay for postage which you get back as a gift voucher. So it’s pretty amazing!!! Watch the vid… see what you think! But it’s basically free beauty! Whoop Whoop!!

Kiehl's 'Midnight Recovery' Concentrate best ever beauty products 2020

Clarins Double Serum

The kind ladies at Clarins sent me a top up of my fave Double Serum and honestly it brought me so much happiness!! It’s one of my all time fave serums and with the house renovation going on, it’s not the kind of thing I’ve felt like I could splash out on at the moment. So I honestly nearly cried when I got this package!!! Thank you!!!!

Kiehl's Skincare Set 

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Treats

Speaking of skincare faves, I also got a top up of the amazing Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Range and I couldn’t be happier about it!!! I flippin’ love this range, especially the cleansing oil which is incredible! It smells wonderful, it works a treat and it leaves my tired dry skin feeling clean, smooth and never, ever, ever, ever stripped! If you are looking for a super luxe, restorative skincare range packed full of luxe botanics… then you need to try this range!!! The cleansing oil in particular is a forever fave of mine, but it’s all amazing!!

salvage yard

Salvage Yards

You might know this about me already, but I LOVE vintage stores, antiques markets and salvage years and it’s been REALLY fun visiting a few salvage yards this month to buy some reclaimed treats as part of our house renovations!! I’m not going to pretend salvage is cheap, as it’s often not… sometimes it’s marginally cheaper, but the building costs are higher than fitting new, and sometimes it’s more… but whatever, I love adding history back into homes. Anyway!! Here’s a little shot of some beautiful old plant pots I found at a local salvage yard!!

Emma Hardie 'Amazing Body' Collection

Emma Hardie ‘Amazing Body’ Collection

I’m a long time fan of Emma Hardie Skin Care, but it’s only recently they have released a body care collection. OMG! It was WORTH THE WAIT! It’s incredible! The hand cream smells just like the cleansing balm and it’s so rich and buttery it’s stunning!! The body butter is also a dream and is working wonders on my ever-growing bump and there is also a bath & shower oil too. Full disclosure, I  haven’t tried the bath & shower oil yet because I don’t have a bath and I often feel like luxury oils like this are a waste in the shower, so I’m saving this product for post-baby when I can have a bath again!! But it smells incredible and I’m SO excited to try it! But trust me, if the body butter and hand cream are anything to go by, it will be a treat! The Emma Hardie body care collection comes in two sizes, I have the smaller of the sizes, which I would recommend if you want to try it and then I would say re-buy your faves in the larger sizes. Although you might be tempted to buy the whole range because it’s absolutely dreamy!!! Also, I love the fact that the hand cream has an SPF 30 built into it because this is a part of your body which is often forgotten when it comes to sun care, especially in the winter. PS. There are also some great gift sets in this range too! Enjoy!

Ta da!! And there we have it!!! My october faves! I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for reading! Also this post contains some press samples and affiliate links!