I Love Wallpaper! The Black Friday Deal You NEED To Know About!! *AD*


I Love Wallpaper! The Black Friday Deal You NEED To Know About!!

Hello friends!!! Today I want to chat about I Love Wallpaper and The Black Friday Deal You NEED To Know About!! As you might know, we are currently renovating our home and now that we are FINALLY seeing plaster go on the walls, I’m allowing myself to start dreaming about decorating!!! It’s very exciting and if I’m honest, a long time coming!! As some of you might have noticed from my Instagram, one of my biggest home decor obsessions is wallpaper and today I want to share some glorious prints (all of which are on Black Friday sale!!) from I Love Wallpaper!! Let’s chat!

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Who Are I Love Wallpaper?

I Love Wallpaper are a family run company who have been operating since 1993. They are committed to delivering their customers the highest quality wallpapers, in super fun colours and prints and completely scrubbable. They know how to make a room pop, make ceilings look higher, spaces look cosier and generally add a little something-something to your home via the magic of wallpaper… because let’s be honest, wallpaper is MAGICAL!

I Love Wallpaper: The Black Friday Deal!

This Black Friday, I Love Wallpaper are treating us to a whopper of a deal, I’m talking a major discount…. 50% off a huge selection of wallpapers and murals! It’s absolutely incredible!!! In honour of their black friday sale, I’m sharing some of my favourite prints, but if none of these take your fancy, just have a scroll around the website and see what catches your eye. You can search via colour, theme, room, finish or simply type specific keywords of what you are looking for in the search bar. For instance, I was looking for Rainbow colours and prints for the Nursery, so I typed in ‘Rainbow’ into the search bar and look at the cute prints I found!! PLUS, on top of the 50% discount, you can get a further 10% off with the code EXTRA10!

My Fave I Love Wallpaper Prints

Oh la la! I have spent hours scrolling the I Love Wallpaper website and I found SO many good prints, but here are some of my faves! Also, just a reminder, all these wallpapers are 50% on sale for Black Friday with an extra 10% off if you use the code EXTRA10.


Crazy Daisy
Was £50-75 | Now £25-37.50

First up!! If you are looking for a super statement wallpaper for just one feature wall, then let me show you this amazing oversized Crazy Daisy mural print wallpaper. It comes in both a pink and a blue background, and honestly, I love them both!


Large Chevron
Was £50-75 | Now £25-37.50

This Large Chevron mural print wallpaper comes in pink, black, blue, yellow and grey. Personally, I love the pink colour way and I would LOVE it in a bathroom with a pink bathroom suite! Isn’t it cool!?


Tropical Terracotta

Was £100-125 | Now £50-75

If you are looking for something a little warmer, then check out this amazing giant Midnight Tropics mural print wallpaper with a terracotta base. It’s SO cool for a cosier room, like maybe a cinema room, dining room or even an en-suite bathroom. I love this print and as popular as palm prints are, I’ve never seen on this big, or in this dreamy terracotta colour, which is what makes it so special! It also comes in a dark blue and green colour way, but I prefer the terracotta. What about you?!


Boho Mermaid

Was £100-125 | Now £50-75

If you are looking for a simple statement which makes a big impact, then this amazing Boho Mermaid mural wallpaper is adorable! It comes in blush pink, blush blue and a pale mustard. Of course, the pink is my fave, but they are all adorable! This is perfect for a little girl’s room or a nursery space.


Hello Sunshine!
Was £100-125 | Now £50-75

I LOVE this 1970’s inspired Hello Sunshine mural! It’s so bright, fun and eye-catching and honestly makes me feel so happy! Imagine having this in your breakfast nook, or in a bedroom where it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. It’s so fun and reminds me of American motels and Palm Springs vibes!! SO FUN!!


Renaissance Floral
Was £100-125 | Now £50-75

Speaking of moodier prints, I adore this Renaissance Floral mural in multicoloured print, the retro flowers are stunning and look super luxe. So beautiful for a kitchen or living space, or maybe a big grand Victorian hallway! It’s perfection!


Leopard Print
Was £50-75 | Now £25-37.50

This graphic leopard print wallpaper is so fun! I LOVE the oversized print, it’s so cool and it comes in a pink , white and a white with multicoloured spots background. Although my personal fave HAS to be the pink one! Perfect for a bedroom, office or even a dressing room!


Tropical Heights
Was £50-75 | Now £25-37.50

Finally, I couldn’t notgive a shout out to this amazing white and green Tropical Heights mural in cream. I LOVE how it’s styled with the mid-century style sideboard, but imagine how cool this would look in a bathroom with a pink bathtub too! This print reminds me of the amazing London restaurant Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings. It’s absolutely stunning and so clean and fresh. It would also be beautiful in an entrance hall or a dining room with some gold accessories!

Ten Ways To Use Wallpaper In Creative Ways

If this round-up has captured your attention but you’re not quite sure where you should wallpaper, here are 10 fun ideas to spark your imagination.

  • Wallpaper behind a bed to create a faux headboard
  • Use as a kitchen Backsplash
  • On the ceiling
  • In a cloakroom or larder
  • Use as draw liners
  • Create a statement wall in a bland room
  • Within panelling or any nooks
  • Wallpaper behind shelves for a statement shelfie
  • Create a faux statement fire hearth for any unused fireplaces
  • Up-cycle an old chest of drawers

PLUS Get an extra 10% off with the code ‘EXTRA10’

Thank you for reading my I Love Wallpaper! The Black Friday Deal You NEED To Know About!! I hope it was of help and interest to you!

(This post was sponsored by I Love Wallpaper.)