FIVE Ways To Get A Discount On A Mulberry Bag!

What is special about Mulberry bags? & How To Score A Mulberry Discount!!

FIVE Ways To Get A Discount On A Mulberry Bag!

Hello friends!! Today I want to share FIVE Ways To Get A Discount On A Mulberry Bag! I have talked about scoring a Mulberry discount code before, but today I want to share my personal fave ways! Because Mulberry are one of those top tier Luxury Designer bag brands that you can get super lucky with! So if you are considering buying a bag, you might want to read this post first because friends… I love to save you a little cash!!

Did you know there is a Mulberry Shareholder Discount Card?!

Yes! It’s true! If you are in the market of making a little investment, then why not add 500 Mulberry shares to your portfolio?! At today’s market price, this will cost you around £1600, however, this could be worth more by the time you come to sell and in the mean time, you can apply for a Mulberry shareholder discount card and get 20% off your Mulberry bags!! You can only use it in stand alone Mulberry stores – not concessions or stockists, but trust me, you will feel FLY AF when you get this card out!! I used to have one and it made me feel like a true baller!!! It is worth 20% off up to £5000 of Mulberry goods per year.

Shop For Mulberry At The Airport!

That’s right!!! Buy your Mulberry bag 20% off when you are doing your duty free shopping at the airport!!! Damn, I LOVE Duty Free shopping! It’s such a major saving!!!

Visit The Mulberry Factory Shop In Somerset!

Again, I’ve been here and it’s pretty darn good!! However, keen Mulberry fans might know that there are two types of products here, genuine past season stock which just didn’t sell out and has been sent to the Mulberry factory shop to be sold for a super reduced price. And then there’s ‘classic looking’ bags and luggage which seem to be current stock but sold at a cheaper price. Personally I avoid the latter as these products tend to be simplified versions of the classics which they sell for less because they cost less to make. They may have been made out of a lesser quality leather or have less hardware and detailing, but either way they look similar to the regular season stock but they just aren’t quite there. I try to avoid these pieces as I don’t think the quality is quite there and instead I try to only buy past season stock which didn’t sell out in store. I once got burnt with a bag which broken after a few weeks because it had a poor quality zip in. Just saying!

Look out for discount codes and 20% off shopping days via Mulberry stockists!

My mum bought her Mulberry Bayswater bag in Oak and a Mulberry Lily bag in black for 20% off by buying them via a stockist discount day. As a customer of the stockist she got 20% off store-wide and got in early that morning to scoop up the bag she wanted! The only thing you need to know is that sometimes stockists hold VERY little stock of each bag in each colour, so if you see an opportunity like this, get in early before your dream bag sells to someone else for 20% off!!

Mulberry have GREAT Black Friday deals!

Finally, Mulberry have GREAT Black Friday deals! It’s true! With black friday around the corner, it’s well worth logging in EARLY on black friday and signing up to their email mailing list to get alerts on any of their black friday deals!! There’s pretty heavy rumours that the Black Friday deals at Mulberry are going to be EPIC this year!!

Go Shopping!

And there we have it! FIVE Ways To Get A Discount On A Mulberry Bag! I really hope this post was of help to you! Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m always here to help! Also, this post contains affiliate links!!

FIVE Ways To Get A Discount On A Mulberry Bag!