FIVE Things I’m SO Excited To Do In Our New House


FIVE Things I’m SO Excited To Do In Our New House

Hello friends! Today I want to share a quick post about a few things I’m so excited to do when we finally get into our new house… well, our old house which is new to us and is in the process of being gutted and renovated. Also, just for clarity, the pictures you see in this post are of our beautiful old house, it was wonderful – as will our new house be soon! Anyway!! Let’s chat!!

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Create A Gallery Wall In The Landing

We have knocked down some walls, taken out a small bedroom and have created a pretty amazing walk-round gallery wall landing. I cannot wait to create some kind of epic gallery wall in the landing. And maybe up the stairs too! Who knows!! But more is more and I cannot wait!!

Get The Pink Toilet Installed!

This year my boyfriend bought me a pink toilet (and sink!) for my birthday!! No joke!! It’s by Burlington Bathrooms and it cost around £1,000 for the loo alone!! Hence why it ended up being classed as my birthday gift…. it was more than a Gucci bag but I LOVE it and I can’t wait to get it installed and looking fancy AF in a Jayne Mansfield kinda way!!

Convert The Outbuilding

This won’t be happening for a sweet time, but I cannot wait to convert the outbuilding. I’m still a little undecided on it’s use… part of me is thinking of a workroom to renovate vintage furniture, part of me is thinking home gym – for the boyfriend obvs! lol! And the other part of me is thinking airbnb! Who knows!! But it’s exciting to have options!!

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Decorate For Christmas

I LOVED our last house at christmas time! It was so beautiful decked out for christmas, the high ceilings, the Victorian staircase… it was all so fabulous!!!! I don’t think we will be able to go all out this winter – which was my original goal, but next christmas, I’m going for it!!

Get A Pink AGA Cooker!

Finally, my boyfriends idea, we really want a pink AGA! My parents have an AGA and it’s so lovely, it keeps the kitchen warm, it’s so pretty and cosy and you can constantly have things roasting away slowly in the bottom oven. They are a bit of an annoyance in the summer months when it’s piping hot, but I want one regardless and I deffo want it in pink!!!

And there we have it!! FIVE Things I’m SO Excited To Do In Our New House! I can’t wait to share all the updates with you as and when it all happens!!! Thank you for reading!!