Five Chanel Bags You SHOULDN’T Buy!!!

Five Chanel Bags Bags You SHOULDN’T Buy!!!

Five Chanel Bags You SHOULDN’T Buy!!!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a post about the Five Chanel Bags You SHOULDN’T Buy!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love me a Chanel bag, but there’s a few I wouldn’t recommend and today I want to tell you what they are and why you should avoid them!!! Ok… let’s rip off the band aid and let’s do this!

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Lambskin Leather Chanel Wallet on Chain bag

I love the lambskin chanel bags, they are stunning and super soft, but because of this, they tend to be a lot more fragile and less suitable for daily use. So when it comes to Chanel Lambskin bags I would always say be careful with them and be sure you truly want this one and not a caviar leather one – which are a lot more hardwearing. In my opinion, the worst bag to buy in the Chanel lambskin is the wallet on chain bag because this is a bag which you will use a lot for both day time errands and evening events and you want something you can throw over your shoulder, tuck in your suitcase or hit the dance floor with! The WOC is honestly one of my most used Chanel bags and you want it in a harder wearing leather. Go for the caviar leather and then you won’t have to worry about surface scratches or damaging it! Read this post on which Chanel bag leathers are most durable.

Sequinned Chanel Bags

Sorry if a sequinned Chanel bag is your dream, but I promise you, as stunning as that tweed with sequin embellished bag looks in the display cabinets at Chanel Bond Street Store, it won’t look like that for long! The tweed is surprising hardwearing, but the sequins are not so! The sequins will scratch against your clothes and ping off, they can also get caught in your jumpers and ruin the knit as well as the sequins and generally fall off, loose their colour and crease and urgh… they just won’t last! Don’t do it!!!

Preloved Chanel Bags Which Have Been Colour Changed

I’m a huge fan of preloved Chanel bags, but I would also advise you to avoid one which has been colour changed. Why? Because the colour change process is often not as good as you would hope. Over time the dye / paint can wear off and the original colour can show through and it can end up looking pretty nasty if I’m honest. I have a Chanel camera bag which has been colour changed and even though I didn’t wear it much, it looks pretty bad now and if I’m honest, I haven’t worn it for years because it’s just a bit of a mess. If the bag has been recently colour changed, it might look perfect, but it won’t look great forever, PLUS it wasn’t designed to be that colour so technically, it doesn’t ‘exist’ in the collection it came from. If you are buying preloved, not only should you ask the seller / company selling the bag about the condition and origin story, but ask them if it has been colour changed and if it has, I would avoid it! Especially if you are buying the bag as an investment as the colour change could reduce the resale price – especially if the paint starts to crack over time like mine did! 

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Chanel Clutch Bags

I have a Chanel clutch bag and THANKFULLY it has a small chain built into it, but honestly, I have used it as a clutch bag once. LITERALLY… ONCE!!! It’s not practical and not only that, it doesn’t feel very safe security-wise either, if anyone wanted to mug me, it would be a quick snatch and Poof! It’s gone. If you are going to treat yourself to a Chanel bag, then please make sure it’s one you can use, not have to worry about and not feel like it’s a burden by the end of the day / night. Plus I don’t know if this is just me, but I always worry I’m going to drop a clutch bag and imagine dropping a Chanel clutch bag in a puddle! The thought is horrendous!!! My advice, don’t buy a Chanel clutch bag, go for something with a little more user friendly instead!! And if you do buy a clutch, then go for a clutch with a chain! 

Light Coloured Chanel Lambskin Bags

Ok, so I have a light coloured Chanel lambskin bag and even though it’s stunning… I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend! Why? Because of the colour transfer! The lambskin bags are so soft and lovely. But the do damage easily with wear around the edges, surface scratches and general wear and tear. However, in the light colours, have the added issue of colour transfer. I’ve talked about this a lot, but it’s really ugly and really upsetting so if you are going to buy a Chanel Lambskin bag, buy it in a dark colour. Or if you have your heart set on a light coloured Chanel bag, then get it in the caviar leather or a patent leather instead. I promise you, a light coloured Chanel lambskin bag is a HUGE ERROR. Trust me!! 

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Go Shopping!

…And there we have it, Five Chanel Bags You SHOULDN’T Buy!!! This post contains affiliate links.