Does Chanel Lambskin Scratch Easily? + How To Clean A Chanel Bag!

Does Chanel Lambskin Scratch Easily?

Does Chanel Lambskin Scratch Easily?

Hello friends!! Today I want to chat about Chanel bags and in particular… Does Chanel Lambskin Scratch Easily? I LOVE me a Chanel bag and over the years I have bought MANY, however, I have a few things to say about Chanel lambskin bags and how durable they are and if they scratch easily. So today I want to chat about that, as well as how to treat Chanel bags, can you get them wet and all those good things!!! OK! Let’s go!!!

Is Chanel lambskin leather durable?

In short, no, Chanel lambskin leather is not durable. It’s buttery soft, barely treated lambskin leather with very little protection. It is very easy to scratch it with your nails, keys or if you knock against buildings. Also it can very easily suffer from colour transfer, which we will chat about more in a moment. You have to be very careful with a Chanel lambskin leather.

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What is colour transfer on a handbag?

Colour transfer occurs when a darker piece of fabric rubs against the handbag leather and transfers the colour onto the bag. It often happens with dark coloured denims where the dye might not have set fully, or with a coat which again, might have excess dye on which rubs onto the bag. The leather is often quite porous and can easily pick up dirt and dye, and stain the bag. I have written a full post about Chanel colour transfer here.

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How to prevent and treat Chanel Colour transfer?

  • Avoid wearing your light coloured Chanel lambskin bag next to denim, especially unwashed and dark coloured denims
  • Polish your bag with leather cream to treat it before you start using it. Do a test patch first in a less obvious place
  • Polish your bag if you have had any colour transfer to try and remove the marks
  • Get your bag spa’ed to deep clean the marks off it

Which Chanel leather is most durable?

The most durable Chanel leathers are Caviar leather (which has a grainy finish), Goat skin leather or patent leather.

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How do you get scratches out of Chanel lambskin?

It’s very hard to get scratches out of Chanel lambskin leather. The best thing you can do is polish the bag with leather polish regularly to help prevent and diminish the appearance of scratches. This leather cream is my personal favourite and widely regarded as the best on the market.

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Does Chanel use real lambskin?

Chanel use what we call ‘lambskin leather’ which is actually calfskin rather than the skin from lambs.

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Can Chanel lambskin get wet?

It is best not to get Chanel lambskin leather wet as you can find that it marks the leather, especially if you have a light coloured Chanel bag. If you do get your Chanel bag wet, wipe it dry with a lint free, colour-free cloth and let it dry naturally. It might also be worth polishing it when it is completely dry too.

What Chanel leather bag should I buy?!

If you had asked me this question 10 years ago, I would have said ‘go with your heart’, buy the Chanel bag you love the most and will wear the most and the leather finish which makes your heart happy. However, 10 years in, I feel a little more practical with my Chanel purchases and I feel like I have been really saddened by some of the wear and tear of my bags. So now I always would advise if you can buy a Chanel bag in caviar leather over lambskin leather, ALWAYS go for the caviar leather, even if you prefer the look and feel of the lambskin leather.

Also, I would advise anyone to only buy a lambskin leather bag in a darker colour. Avoid a beige lambskin leather bag at all costs, or a pale pink, pale blue or any pale colour Chanel lambskin bag. It’s just too risky and you don’t want to be worried about your bag if there’s a spot of rain or splash of food or you are wearing a coat which has never been laundered.

Also, some bags don’t come in any other finish except the Chanel lambskin, for example, the Chanel boy bag only comes in lambskin. If you love the Boy bag, I would say to buy it, but get it in a darker colour. It’s a great bag! I did a full review of it here!

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Should I re-dye my Chanel bag if it has had colour transfer?

Personally, I would not advise you to re-dye or re-colour your Chanel bag if there has been a lot of colour transfer. I would advise you to get it spa’ed in the hope that they can clean it up instead and keep polishing it with leather cream to give it a protective layer in the future.

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Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Does Chanel Lambskin Scratch Easily? post. I really hope it is of help to you! Personally, I LOVE Chanel lambskin leather, but I always try to buy Chanel caviar leather bags instead now, as I have been badly burnt with colour transfer in the past and I get really nervous about using my Chanel lambskin bags now. This post contains affiliate links.