Want To Buy A Chanel Or Hermes Bag At Auction? Bonham’s Have A Sale Coming Up!!

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Want To Buy A Chanel Or Hermes Bag At Auction? Bonham’s Have A Sale Coming Up!!

Hello friends!! If you are looking to buy a Chanel or Hermes bag at auction, then I have good news for you! There is a Bonhams Designer Fashion sale coming up on the 12th October 2021 and it’s a REALLY Good one!!! If you are new to the world of buying designer bags at auction then I hope I can explain a few things in this post, as honestly, it’s really worth thinking about!

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Why Buy Designer Bags At Auction?!

I have bought quite a few Chanel bags at auction over the years and honestly, I think it’s my favourite way of shopping for designer bags. When I first started buying Chanel bags, it was around 8 years ago and if I’m truly honest, Chanel bags were a lot of money back then, but they were NOTHING compared to what they are now. I think there has been a 16% price increase in the last year ALONE. And quite frankly, I can’t afford it anymore. Fair play to anyone who can, but for me, It’s preloved all the way!

However, buying preloved Chanel, Hermes and designer bags can be hard. Let’s be honest, if you buy a fake in good faith, you can be stung. Hard. And what can you do with said fake?! You can’t sell it on knowing it’s fake… you don’t want it… it’s just a huge disappointment and a huge waste of money. So when it comes to buying authentic preloved bags you HAVE to be careful. I’m sure experts can scoop up a bargain on eBay, but what about the rest of us?! Where do we buy authentic Chanel and Hermes without getting stung on price or authenticity?! Personally, I stick to stores like Vestiarie Collective or therealreal.com where sellers sell their items, ship the products to the store for authentication and then the company ship on to the customer. OR I go to specialist auctions like Bonham’s, Chiswick, Christies or Sotherby’s.

Which Auction Houses Can You Buy Chanel And Hermes Bag From?

Personally, I have a ‘look don’t buy’ policy at Christies and Sotheby’s as they tend to deal in super rare and super pristine collectable bags which often go for MORE than retail price as they are rare and sought after. Instead I tend to buy from Bonham’s or Chiswick; Bonham’s being my fave as I LOVE the auctioneer and handbag specialist Meg. She’s SO welcoming and knowledgable and I really trust her opinions on well… everything!

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Tips For Buying Chanel & Hermes At Auction:

If you are interested in starting to buy designer handbags at specialist auction, I would recommend this post, as it will give you EVERYTHING you need to know. But my top tips for buying Chanel or Hermes at auction include:

  • Register your details ahead of the sale – usually a few days ahead.
  • If you are bidding online (which I always do) look at the condition report and photos.
  • Email the specialist with any questions you have.
  • Decide how you want to bid, you can bid live over the phone or internet. OR you can bid ahead of the auction by putting in your highest price a day ahead (this is how I normally do it!)
  • Remember there is a buyers premium (or buyers fee) which will be added onto the hammer price of the bag. A rough estimation is around 25% of the hammer price will be added onto the bag. It sounds a lot, but the hammer price is often a LOT cheaper than you expect and I have bought a few Chanel bags for £1000 including the buyers premium.
  • Keep your receipts and correspondence from the auction house as this will serve as proof of purchase and proof of authenticity if you ever come to sell the bag on. Especially if it’s a known and trusted auction house like Bonham’s.

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Bonham’s Have A Designer Fashion & Handbag Sale Coming Up!!

Finally, let’s cut to the chase, if you are wanting to buy a Chanel or Hermes bag at auction, then you are in luck! Bonham’s have a sale coming up next week! You can view the full sale on their website.  The sale is on the 12th October 2021, it starts at 2pm, where you can bid live online or on the phone, or you can put your bids in ahead of the sale day and see what happens! Just whatever you do, register as a buyer a day or two ahead of the sale! I’ve added some images into this post of some of my fave pieces in the sale, but take a look at the full catalogue and if you want to buy only Chanel or Hermes then make sure you search via just those brands / search words. Or browse everything and search low-to-high price if you are looking for a bargain, also don’t forget there are brands like YSL and Gucci in the sale too!


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Want To Buy A Chanel Or Hermes Bag At Auction? Bonham's Have A Sale Coming Up!!

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