Let’s Chat About Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks!

Let’s Chat About Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks! review

Let’s Chat About Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks!

Hello friends! Today I want to have a quick chat about the Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks! I’m going to share which ones are best for different skin types, as well as ingredients, how to use and of course… Price! Let’s go!

Rose Remedy Mask pixi beauty

Rose Remedy Mask

This Pixi Rose Remedy Mask is designed to nourish and energise skin. It’s especially good for dry skin and anywhere your skin needs a little hydrating and brightening boost!

Either apply all over the face or use it in conjunction with another Pixi mask to give a more targeted experience. Personally I would use the Rose treatment on my cheeks and forehead, and maybe neck, as these are the parts of my face which tend to be dryer. Then I would apply the Vitamin C Mask on my nose and chin where I need a little more brightening and clearing. 

Rose Remedy Mask includes the ingredients: rose, argan oil, cica and turmeric.

Great for: Dry Skin 

pixi beauty Milky Remedy Mask

Milky Remedy Mask

This Pixi Beauty Milky Remedy Mask is perfect for when your skin needs a super soothing treatment. It’s formulated to calm areas like your cheeks, forehead and even your décolletage, basically anywhere that’s prone to sensitivity and redness. Side note, the Pixi Milky range is brilliant for super sensitive skins, so if that’s you, I would recommend looking at the daily skincare range, as well as this mask!

Again, either use all over your face, or target to the especially sensitive areas and team with either the Vitamin C mask for brightening your nose and chin or the Rose mask if you want a little more nourishment and a super gentle brightening. 

Milky Remedy Mask includes the ingredients: coconut, oat, chamomile and sea buckthorn.

Great for: Sensitive Skin 

pixi beauty Vitamin C Remedy Mask

Vitamin C Remedy Mask

Finally, the Vitamin C Remedy Mask! This mask treatment is perfect if you want to brighten, tone and gently hydrate skin. If your skin is normal to oily, you could try this all over your skin, or target to the areas which feel a little like they need pepping up like your chin, nose and forehead.

Alternatively, if you have a little time and you are planning a long bath, you could apply the Vitamin C mask at the beginning of your bath, remove and then apply the Rose or Milky mask towards the end of the bath so you get the brightening and then hydrating in one session! I LOVE using two masks in one night! 

Ingredients include: Citrus, Green Tea, ferulic acid and ginsing.

Great for: Normal to Oily Skin, or when you are feeling a little sallow! 

Let’s Chat About Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks texture

My Faves! 

I’m currently pregnant, so I’m being really careful with my skin at the moment, as it is a little more sensitive than usual. So I’m personally LOVING The Pixi Beauty Milky Remedy Mask and the Rose Remedy Mask. The Milky Mask is so calming and soothing and really feels like it’s cooling my inflamed cheeks. It’s packed full of botanicals, nutrients and nourishment, plus it smells so fresh and almost coastal. It’s a beauty! 

I’m also loving the Pixi Rose Remedy Mask, which I think might be my long-term favourite of the range. It’s super hydrating and nourishing, plus it smells like a dream. I LOVE Rose based skincare and I’m a long time fan of the Pixi Rose range. So I think this might be my favourite mask long term, but my pregnancy skin is definitely loving the Milky mask. 

As for the Vitamin C Remedy Mask, I’m saving this one for post-pregnancy, but I have a feeling this one might be the best seller of the range. And I think long term I will be reaching for this a LOT, but for now, I’m all about the Milky and Rose Masks. 

…And there we have it! My Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks Review! I hope you like it! Thank you SO much for reading and if you have any questions, please do let me know!! This post contains affiliate links and press samples. 

    Let’s Chat About Pixi Beauty Remedy Masks!