Let’s Chat About The Mulberry Sadie Satchel Bag

Mulberry Sadie Satchel review

Let’s Chat About The Mulberry Sadie Satchel

Hello friends!! I hope you are well! Today I want to chat about the Mulberry Sadie satchel bag, because let’s be honest… It’s a fantastic every day bag!!! I love it!!! It comes in two different sizes and lots of stunning colours and features the new ‘Mulberry’ typography logo clasp which is a really fun detail.  Funnily enough, the Sadie bag is referred to as a satchel bag, but I personally think of it as a classic saddle bag.. but maybe that’s just me?! Either way… Saddle up friends, today we are gonna have a chat about this new icon of the Mulberry Collection and do a quick Mulberry Sadie bag review! Let’s go! 

‘This timeless satchel combines a relaxed silhouette with considered detailing. Its key feature is the Typography lock, a celebration of Mulberry’s typographic identity on the occasion of our 50th anniversary.’

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Mulberry 50th Anniversary 

As I’m sure you already know, This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Mulberry brand and to celebrate they have created some pretty amazing and iconic products!! They have collaborated with Alexa Chung to rerelease the incredible IT bag the Mulberry Alexa bag…. which I am SO happy to see back!!! They have made large, mini and classic sized versions, and introduced new colour ways and finishes. Read more here! They have also collaborated with Richard Malone to reinvent the Bayswater bag. Again, I LOVE this collection the colours and the two tone finishes are SO GOOD! Plus I love the mini sizes… so cool! The Mulberry Sadie Satchel bag is a limited edition bag as part of the 50th Anniversary of the brand. They have also collaborated with Ahluwalia for the Mulberry x Ahluwalia capsule collection, which is focused on the Portobello Tote. But who knows what’s coming next!! It’s a REALLY Exciting time for Mulberry and I’m here for it! 

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Mulberry Sadie Satchel: A modern satchel with Typography lock

  • Typography brass hardware closure 
  • Made of Calf leather with a very fine grain 
  • Front flap with oversized flap closure
  • Adjustable leather strap to be worn as a cross body or over the shoulder
  • Internal slip pocket
  • Outside slip pocket on the back of the bag
  • One main compartment
  • All hardware in brass finish
  • Bombe stitching 
  • Microfiber lining

The Mulberry Classic Sadie bag measures: Height 22.5cm – Width 27cm – Depth 10cm – Shoulder Strap Length 89 – 95cm

The Mulberry Small Sadie bag measures: Height 22cm – Width 15cm – Depth 8.5cm – Strap Length 89 – 95cm

Let’s Chat About The Mulberry Sadie Satchel Bag

Mulberry Sadie Satchel Review 

I don’t know about you guys, but after the pandemic, I have found it hard to get back into ‘real’ clothes. So many of my pre-pandemic handbags feel heavy, cumbersome and somehow foreign in my arms. I’m pretty sure pregnancy isn’t helping. But either way, I’m really craving more ‘easy’ bags. I’m really into bags which feel lighter, can be worn crossbody and can simply be used and forgotten about. The idea of a clutch bag is almost laughable right now, instead I want something a little more familiar and comfortable. With this in mind, it’s very easy to see why I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Mulberry Sadie satchel bag

The Mulberry Sadie bag is essentially a cross body saddle bag with a little bit of pizzaz! It is a beautiful quality of leather, it comes in stunning colours and it has that REALLY fun and flashy logo clasp. It’s a bag which is perfect for every day and every casual occasion, but you look closely and see see the super fun limited edition typography clasp and know it’s more than just a regular saddle bag. It’s a Mulberry limited edition Saddle bag. Y’know? 

The large / classic size Sadie satchel bag comes in five colours; black, tan, off white, dark green and pale blue. The smaller / mini size Sadie bag comes in black, tan, off white, pale / lime green and pale blue. Personally I prefer the larger size bag of the two and I really love it in the dark green, black or tan. I like to keep things classic and I know these are the colours I would get the most use out of. 

For me, what makes the design of the bag so special is the super cool typography clasp, it’s usual for Mulberry to play around with their logo like this, but it’s really fun and since it won’t be around for long, it’s good to buy it now whilst it’s available. I also love the signature beautiful leather, with it’s soft grainy finish. Mulberry are all about that beautiful leather which ages perfectly and gets better over time. Finally, I love the three D-rings on each side of the bag. Perfect for hanging charms and scarves off the bag or simply leaving plain, but either way, it’s a really subtle but lovely design feature. 

To compare the Mulberry Sadie bag to other iconic bags from the collection, I personally think it’s much more beautiful, feminine and stylish than the Antony bag. Which is simple, chic and practical, but lacks a little… fabulous. No offence to any owners of this bag. The Mulberry Sadie also reminds of the Lily bag, however, I personally think the Lily is a little dressier and if we are honest, it’s quite a heavy bag to carry on a day-to-day basis. The sadie bag is more casual and easy to wear than the Lily, but more fancy and fabulous than the Antony bag. 

Personally I think the Mulberry Sadie bag is one which is worth adding into the collection, I love the limited edition clasp and I think it’s a bag which will get used often and loved a lot. Plus as time goes on, I think a lot of people will regret not investing in this bag, because it is so beautiful and wearable. It’s only going to get more special, more beautiful and more hard-to-come by with time! And that my friends is my Mulberry Sadie bag review!

Go Shopping!

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