How do you get a discount on Mulberry bags?!

How do you get a discount on Mulberry bags?!

How do you get a discount on Mulberry bags?!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a few tips and tricks with you and share the answer to the age old question… How do you get a discount on Mulberry bags?! Some of these are obvious. Some of them are less so and all of them will save you a small fortune! Ok! Let’s go!!!

Go to the Somerset Mulberry Factory shop

First up! Head your butt down to Somerset to visit the Mulberry Factory shop! They have some great deals, the only thing I would recommend is buying past season stock rather than the ‘simplified’ bags and luggage they make for the factory shop. They do have some classic styles made up with slightly less good leather and less hardware which makes them cheaper to produce. You might not mind, but I tend to avoid these items and instead go for pest season stock that they are clearing out. They tend to be better quality and a better price! Full disclosure, I bought a bag from the Factory shop which was poor quality (it was made for the factory shop, rather than past season) and the zip broke within WEEKS and Mulberry wanted a LOT to fix it. 

Wait for the Seasonal Sale

Believe it or not, Mulberry actually have pretty good seasonal sales! Sure you might not get the Bayswater in Black or Oak, but you will find some great styles in past season colourways for a reduced price! 

Shop For Mulberry On Black Friday

The rumours are strong they this Black Friday there are gonna be some incredible Mulberry Black Friday deals to be had!!!! Wait for Black Friday and if you see something you love, snap it up fast!!!!

Keep an eye on local Mulberry stockists for discount days and sales!

This is something my mum did when she bought her Bayswater in Oak and my sisters Lily in Black. She waited for a local stockist to have a 20% off evening for store card holders and then she swooped in and saved on her bag!!!! It worked a treat!!! The only thing I would recommend is getting in FAST as stockists might only hold one or two of each item and if you want an iconic bag in a popular colour, it’s going to sell out fast at 20% off!!

Become a Mulberry Shareholder To Score a 20% Discount Card! 

Ok, don’t judge, but I used to be a Mulberry shareholder and one of the advantages of being a shareholder is the 20% discount card!!!! Yep! you will need to hold around 500 shares – which will currently cost you around £1600, but it might be a good little investment as well as save you a fortune on your bags! You can use your shareholder card at all stand alone mulberry boutiques. I think discount stores and sale items are excluded and you can use the discount on up to £5000 of Mulberry treats per year!

Visit the Bicester Village Boutique

The Bicester Village Boutique is a lot like the Somerset factory shop! Again, avoid the simplified bags which have been made for the outlet stores and instead look for past season styles and colour ways!

Buy pre-loved Mulberry

Finally, you know I love buying pre-loved handbags! Personally I avoid anywhere like eBay which is direct buyer-to-seller and instead I go for a preloved store where everything is authenticated by the retailer, like Bonhams auctions or Vestiaire Collective or

Go Shopping!

And that my friends! Is How do you get a discount on Mulberry bags?! Simple! I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for reading!!! This post contains affiliate links.

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