How To Care For Your Jewellery To Make It Last Longer

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 How To Care For Your Jewellery To Make It Last Longer

Hello friends! Today I want to share a few tips and tricks on How To Care For Your Jewellery To Make It Last Longer. I used to work in jewellery so I know a thing or two about how it can tarnish, break, tangle and generally damage. It’s important to remember jewellery can be an amazing investment as well as keepsake and long-term fashion treasure, so as much as you want to love your jewellery, you also want to care for it! I really hope these jewellery tips and hacks are of help to you! Also, all the images you can see in this post are of Alex Monroe jewellery (I’m a big fan!) but these rules apply to all jewellery!

Reduce Exposure To Chemicals

As much as soaps, hand sanitisers and cleaning fluids may claim to be gentle, they can and will damage your jewellery over time with tarnishing. So try to avoid excessive exposure to chemicals and toxic fluids. I always take my jewellery off if I am doing DIY and heavy cleaning.

Remove Your Necklaces When You Shower

It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don’t remove their necklaces when showering. Obviously, some jewellery is more durable and can be worn in the shower better than others, for instance gold is nice and durable and cleans well, as is 925 silver, where as pearls are a little more fragile as is gold vermeil.

Humid Climates Can Cause Tarnishing

Did you know humid climates can cause tarnishing faster? It’s true! Personally I always keep my costume jewellery at home when I go to humid climates and take my precious metal jewellery, like my engagement ring or a solid gold or silver necklaces instead.

Store Your Jewellery Correctly

When you aren’t wearing your jewellery, store in a cool, dry place. Your necklaces might look pretty hung over your dressing table mirror, but it might be prudent to keep it tucked away in a jewellery box instead, away from heat, light and perfume being sprayed on it! Also fine chains should be stored away carefully so they don’t tangle.

Don’t Spritz Your Perfume On Your Jewellery

This is a BIG ONE! when you apply your perfume avoid spritzing on or near to your jewellery. The alcohol and chemicals and damage your jewellery and tarnish it beyond repair. Apply perfume, allow to dry and then put your jewellery on!

How To Care For Your Jewellery To Make It Last Longer

Put Old Jewellery Into ‘Long Term’ Storage

I know this sounds crazy, but when I have a piece of jewellery I rarely or NEVER wear, I put it into, what I call ‘Long Term’ storage. By this I mean giving it a quick wipe over with a dry lint free jewellery cloth, putting it into a little jewellery bag and putting it into a box. Jewellery loves airtight bags and if I know I won’t be wearing a piece for a while this is how I store it.

Polish Your Jewellery

Don’t automatically reach for the gold or silver jewellery dip, instead try to use the chemical dips infrequently and instead give your jewellery a little polish with a dry jewellery cloth. This will buff the jewellery up nicely and remove lingering chemicals, perfume, dirt, sweat and skin cells.

Don’t Wear Your Favourite Pieces To Festivals

I know it sounds obvious, but don’t wear your favourite jewellery to festivals. Think about how heart broken you would be if it was lost, damaged or stolen. Think of your jewellery like you would your favourite handbag, if you wouldn’t wear your new Gucci bag to Reading, don’t wear your vintage 1980’s Chanel brooch or your Alex Monroe Bee Necklace either!

Going To The Beach? Leave Your Jewellery At Home

Do you know you are more likely to loose your wedding or engagement ring in the sea than anywhere else?! Seriously it’s true! Between the waves and the cold water, more rings are lost in the sea than anywhere else. I’ve been known not to wear my engagement ring on holiday OR I keep my rings in the safe in the hotel room. Most hotels these days do give you a mini safe in the wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to use it! If you DO find yourself on the beach with your rings on, try clenching your fist so it can’t go anywhere! I truly can’t stress enough how many rings are lost this way!

Pearls & Semi Precious Stones Tend To Be More Fragile

Just a heads up here, pearls, opals and semi precious stones tend to be more fragile than more durable stones like emeralds, rubies and diamonds. So avoid using chemical cleaning fluids on your vintage pearl rings. Instead give them a buff or use an old soft toothbrush and fairy liquid. Harsh chemicals near soft and fragile stones can make them crack over time.

Enjoy Your Jewels!

Finally, enjoy your jewels! Some jewellery is more fragile than others so it’s important to be mindful of that, but lots of jewellery is pretty robust, especially those made of precious metals and stones like diamonds. Whilst I always take my engagement ring off when I’m doing DIY, I leave it on to shower as I feel it’s safer on my finger than anywhere else!

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my post on How To Care For Your Jewellery To Make It Last Longer. I really hope it’s of help! This post contains affiliate links of Alex Monroe’s stunning jewellery. Also, read my Alex Monroe Bee Necklace Review here. Also read my Monica Vinader jewellery review!