This Works Add New Products To The ‘Sleep Plus’ Range

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range sleep aid

This Works Add New Products To The ‘Sleep Plus’ Range

Hello friends!!! Today I want to chat about the This Works and the new products they have added to the ‘Sleep Plus’ Range. I LOVE This Works and as a troubled sleeper, this range is a true game changer for me!

As you might know, I’m currently pregnant and sleep sprays and aromatherapy bath salts has been one of the biggest things I’ve missed using during pregnancy (for those who don’t know, you are meant to avoid essential oils when pregnant, especially the really potent, high quality ones which This Works use) and I am SO excited to start using these new items in a few months after the baby is born!

Even though I can’t get started with these products yet, I still want to share the information with you all, as if you are a fellow fan of the This Works Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus range, you’re probably going to want to try these new pieces sooner rather than later! OK! Let’s go!

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range deep sleep

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

Before we get started with the new products, I just want to explain a little about the classic This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray. This pillow spray is completely natural and contains Lavender, Camomile & Vetiver essential oils which not only help you get to sleep, but help you stay asleep.

This pillow spray differs from the classic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, as every time you roll over in the night, it continues to release fragrance which helps keep you asleep for longer. It’s loved around the world, it has over 1,000 positive reviews on the This Works website alone. It has been clinically proven to help get people to sleep and stay asleep and I truly believe this product changes lives!

Want proof?!

  • 94% felt they had a less disturbed sleep*
  • 94% felt their quality of sleep improved*
  • 93% felt more refreshed on waking*
  • 91% felt less tired during the day*

This Works Deep Sleep v Sleep Plus: What’s The Difference?!

Sleep Plus Muscle Relief

The new Sleep Plus Muscle Relief is a roller ball product which can be applied to the neck, shoulders, back or anywhere you have sore muscles. It contains warming black pepper, clove, magnesium and 5% CBD. Not only will the CBD and essential oils help soothe away pain, but it will also help you get a better and more comfortable nights sleep. Shake well before use and for targeted used.

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range sleep aid

Sleep Plus Dream Body

Next up is the new Sleep Plus Dream Body, this sounds a lot of the Body Cocoon (which I adore!!) with added benefits of 2% CBD, Sleep Plus formula and youth boosting retinol. Massage onto tired limbs or anywhere you feel needs some attention for a super comfortable sleep and deep sleep.

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range bath oil

Sleep Plus Bath Oil

Finally, the product I’m most excited about, the brand new Sleep Plus Bath Oil! I’m a long time fan of the Deep Sleep Bath salts, so I can’t wait to try this too! It’s a blend of coconut oil, lavender, chamomile, vetiver and pure CBD to soothe the soul and body! Add 3-4 drops to your bath, either use alone or use in conjunction with a cup of Epsom salts.

…And there we have it! The new This Works Sleep Plus products which have been added into the collection! I truly can’t wait to try them and lord knows I’ll be needing them! I truly can’t say enough good things about both the Deep Relax products AND the Sleep Plus products. They are life changing and I don’t say that lightly! I hope you like this post and if you are a troubled sleeper, please do try these because they are amazing! This post contains affiliate links and press samples.

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range review

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range sleep aid review bath oil


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