Mulberry Alexa Bag Review + How To Get A Mulberry Discount

The Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag Is BACK!! After Years Of Being Discontinued!
Mulberry Alexa Bag Review + How To Get A Mulberry Discount

Hello friends! I’m so excited to share with you that the iconic Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag is back!!!! No really!! It’s back!!! This was THE It bag for absolutely years and when it was discontinued in 2016 people STILL wanted it and the resale market for this bag was wild! To celebrate the Mulberry 50th anniversary they have rereleased the iconic Alexa bag and it’s still relevant and exciting, even after all these years! Let’s char more about it and do a mulberry Alexa bag review!

“On its 10th anniversary, we are delighted to relaunch the iconic Alexa bag – updated for modern lifestyles. It epitomises laidback luxury with its slouchy shape, tactile leather and traditional detailing – from the braided top handle to double strap closure.”

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Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag: Details

  • Postman’s Lock closure
  • Handcrafted braided top handle
  • Double Strap Closure
  • Adjustable leather shoulder strap for crossbody wear
  • One main compartment
  • Internal slip pocket
  • Unlined
  • Made of Leather
  • Shoulder strap length 100cm
  • Handle drop 5cm


When was the Mulberry Alexa bag created?

It was first launched in 2010 and inspired by fashion icon and Brit girl Alexa Chung. It was based on a vintage satchel she wore and the bag was an instant hit.

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When was the Mulberry Alexa discontinued?

The Mulberry Alexa bag was discontinued in 2016. Since then the bag has continued to be a sought after style on the preloved resale market.

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The Mulberry Alexa Handbag 2023 : Sizes & Colour Ways

It’s true, the Mulberry Alexa handbag 2023 comes in the classic Alexa size in 10 different colour ways. As well as an oversized version in 6 colour ways and a mini Alexa in 10 colours. There is also a brand new Alexa style called ‘the Little Guy’ and ‘The Big Guy’ which is more of a simplified satchel style. Both these new styles come in 4 colour ways.

Flashback To The iconic Tim Walker Mulberry Video

I couldn’t resist sharing one of the iconic Tim Walker Mulberry vids, he’s the king of fashion film and photography!

Mulberry X Alexa Bag Prices: 2023

  • Mulberry X Alexa ‘Little Guy’ from £795
  • Mulberry X Alexa ‘Big Guy’ from £1095
  • Mulberry X Alexa ‘Alexa’ Mini from £895
  • Mulberry X Alexa ‘Alexa’ Classic from £1095
  • Mulberry X Alexa ‘Alexa’ Oversized from £1295

Mulberry bag review Alexa Chung handbag review vintage quality price
Mulberry Alexa Oversized

The Mulberry Alexa Oversized version is brand new for the rerelease. If you love the size of the Bayswater, but you want the cuteness and style of the Alexa, then this could be your perfect bag! It comes in 6 colour ways, but personally, I think the classic black or chestnut is the best! The Mulberry Alexa Oversized measures 32cm tall and 37cm wide.

Mulberry Alexa Mini

The Mulberry Alexa Oversized version is brand new for the rerelease. If you love the classic Alexa, but you want something a little smaller and cuter, then this could be the perfect bag for you, especially if you are petite sized yourself. This bag comes in 10 colour ways, including a really cute tweed version. The Mini Alexa measures 17cm tall and 22cm wide.

Mulberry-Alexa-review-discontinued-chestnut-black peach

Mulberry Alexa Classic

The Mulberry classic bag is pretty much the same as it was back when it was released in 2010. It is a beautiful and iconic bag, which is cute, vintage inspired, stylish, elegant and a little quirky. This bag comes in 10 colour ways, including a really cool gold metallic version, but for me it’s all about the black and chestnut. The classic Alexa measures 23cm tall and 33cm wide.

Mulberry Alexa ‘Little Guy’

The Mulberry X Alexa ‘Little Guy’ is a new silhouette reimagined by Alexa hung herself. It comes in 4 colour ways and has contrasting trim. The Little Guy measures 17cm by 28cm. This is also a slightly cheaper price point so if you are looking for something under £1000, this could be for you!

The Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag Is BACK!! After Years Of Being Discontinued!

The Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag Is BACK!! After Years Of Being Discontinued!

Mulberry Alexa ‘Big Guy’

The Mulberry X Alexa ‘Big Guy’ is currently sold out in all colours. It measures 20cm by 29.5cm. If you are desperate for this bag, it might be worth keeping an eye on the website to see if there is another drop, all calling round the Mulberry stores to see if they still have any stock left.

Mulberry-Alexa-review-discontinued-chestnut-black peach alexa chung review

 Mulberry Alexa bag Review

Finally, I wanted to give you a Mulberry Alexa Review. I love this bag and I have used it fairly solidly for 10 years, so I’m very aware of the wear and tear, as well as the general quality of it! When I say this is one of my most used handbag, I truly mean it!

The Mulberry Alexa bag is special because for a lot of women it was their first ever IT Bag, I can’t describe quite how huge and iconic this bag was at the time and it truly still holds a special place in SO many people’s hearts because it’s such a wonderfully iconic bag. However, unlike a lot of IT bags, this one has genuinely stood the test of time. Maybe it’s the fact it was discontinued before its popularity had waned, maybe it’s because it’s a vintage satchel style bag which never tires. Maybe it’s just the perfect slouchy go-anywhere bag which feels timeless?! Who knows! But it’s 13 years since it’s first release and it’s still as popular as ever. In fact, it rarely comes up for sale on the resale market, especially in the black and chestnut colours… why? Because like the black caviar Classic Flap Chanel bag, people don’t get rid of them!

The Alexa bag can be worn in multiple ways, as a cross body bag, shoulder bag or a top handle bag. Personally, I love it as a top handle bag as that’ the way it looks the cutest and the way Alexa Chung always wore it. The bag in unlined and made of thick pebble grain leather which over time softens and and becomes slouchier over time, personally, I like the slouchiness, but if this is something you don’t like, then this might not be the best bag for you. If you do want to avoid it becoming slouchy over time, I would also recommend stuffing and padding it out when it’s being stored and not used. This will help it keeps it’s shape for longer.

Top handle designer handbag made in England

In terms of the leather, it’s made of wonderfully thick and high quality leather, which is similar to equestrian leather. Personally, I love the way the leather developes over time and it gets softer and more beautiful with a light patina. Personally, I would recommend polishing it once or twice a year to feed the leather, but other than that, it’s a pretty bulletproof bag. You should avoid wearing it in the rain, but if it does get damp on a wet London day, it won’t spoil in the way other designer bags will. It’s a wonderful mid-sized handbag which I think holds a special place in all of our hearts and I’m so happy to see it back on the shelves. Personally, I would say go for the classic size in a classic chestnut or black, alternatively, go for the peach or mustard which is also stunning!

Also, it’s worth noting quite a few colour ways of the Little and Big Guy bags have already sold out and I don’t know if there will be a restock, so if you do want to buy yourself an Alexa, I would recommend buying it sooner rather than later in case your perfect colour / size sells out fast! I *think* these bags are limited edition, so it’s best not to linger!!

How To Get A Mulberry Discount

  • Become a shareholder to get a 20% discount – you need to hold at least 500 shares
  • Wait for black friday – they have amazing deals!
  • Head down to the Somerset factory shop or the Bicester village store
  • Scout out stockists who have a 20% customer loyalty shopping day and get in early!
  • Buy your Mulberry bag at the airport for a 20% discount!

Mulberry Alexa Bag: Pros & Cons

Pros: Has stood the test of time, great quality, nostalgic, classic, will last decades, gets better with age, fits loads inside, not too heavy

Cons: Not cutting edge fashion, premium price tag

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my The Mulberry Alexa Bag review After Years Of Being Discontinued! post and I hope you like my Mulberry Alexa review! I am so happy this bag is back and I hope you are too! Another great satchel style designer handbag is the Coach Cassie bag. Also, this post contains affiliate links.

The Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag Is BACK!! After Years Of Being Discontinued!

The Mulberry Alexa Chung Bag Is BACK!! After Years Of Being Discontinued!


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