Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit! + 20% Discount Code!

Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit! + 20% Discount Code!

Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit!

Hello friends! Today I want to share the amazing Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit! I absolutely LOVE Tezza Barton, she’s a mega star influencer who is super cool and super creative and *shock horror!* is also super sweet and humble! She’s the kind of person who if you reply to one of her stories she will actually read it and respond, even if it’s with a little heart emoji. Which may sound basic, but when you have as many followers as she does, it’s rare to even have your comment read, let alone responded to! Anyway, she’s the ultimate cool girl, she is so beautiful, so talented and when she’s not creating content, she’s working on her eyewear line, playing with her band or updating her video and image editing app with new filters and effects!! Anyway… enough fan girling.. I’m here to tell you about the Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit.

This season Tezza is sharing her favourite pieces from the Monica Vinader collections (including the new Doina Collection) and showing how she styles them. She has layered up rich golds, textured finishes and a variety of chunk and finer chains to create stunning gold-on-gold textures which can be worn for day or night. The jewellery really elevates a simple cream knitwear into a super-luxe look.

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Monica Vinader Review

I just want to pause for a moment here to do a Monica Vinader Review. I have been wearing Monica Vinader jewellery for years now and I can truly say the quality is flawless. Each piece is made from recycled 925 silver and 18ct gold, with sustainably sourced stones, even the diamonds. The plating on the gold vermeil is top quality with a really lovely thick layer of 18ct gold so you won’t have issues with the gold rubbing off. It never tarnishes, it never dates, it’s just always really beautiful! Plus it makes a great gift, especially the engraved pieces! You can read my full Monica Vinader jewellery review here, but I just wanted to give it a quick mention as these pieces are more than just pretty, they are build to be worn and loved for decades to come!

Monica Vinader Jewellery 

Monica Vinader Discount Code

Just a quick heads up here, if you do want to buy any of these pieces OR anything else from the Monica Vinader collection, then you can get 20% off with my code MVINSIDER19-666E. This will give you 20% off any Monica Vinader full priced jewellery. Which I’m so pleased I can offer you, as I think that’s a really generous discount!

Get 20% off at Monica Vinader with the code MVINSIDER20-1213. CLICK HERE!

Monica Vinader Jewellery

Is Monica Vinader real gold?

Monica Vinader jewellery is made primarily of recycled 925 Sterling Silver – which is more sustainable. And all the gold pieces are Gold Vermeil, which is a heavy coating of 18ct gold over Sterling Silver. It’s not flash plated, it’s a thick plating so the gold will last for years to come and will not rub off. This way you get the gold look, without the price tag.

Is Gold Vermeil better than gold-plated?

Yes, Gold Vermeil is better than gold-plating. When it comes to gold vermeil vs gold plated, gold vermeil is at a minimum 5 times thicker than gold plating. Thanks to this thicker layer of 18ct gold, the jewellery is far more durable and the coating lasts years longer. Gold plating can be a very thin layer which wears off quickly, where as Gold Vermeil is built to last.

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Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit! + 20% Discount Code! I hope it’s of interest to you! This post contains affiliate links and an ambassador 20% discount code. Also, if you want to read about the latest Monica Vinader Disco Diamond collection, click here!

Get 20% off at Monica Vinader with the discount code: MVINSIDER19-666E 

Monica Vinader X Tezza Autumn Edit! + 20% Discount Code! jewellery review pinterest

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