Monica Vinader jewellery Review + 20% Discount Code

Gold vermeil jewellery review is it worth the money what’s it made of and does gold vermeil rub off

Monica Vinader Jewellery Review & Best Sellers (+ 20% Discount Code!)

Hello friends! Today I want to do a Monica Vinader jewellery Review & Best Sellers (+ 20% Discount Code!) As you might have realised by now, I LOVE Monica Vinader jewellery and today I want to do a full review on the entire collection, the quality, where to wear, how to wear, great gifts, wedding day pieces and so much more!! Get a cup of tea; Let’s do this!!!

Monica vinader keshi Pearl necklace jewellery review gold vermeil beach necklace highest quality jewellery gift ideas wedding day

Fun fact, for years I actually worked in the jewellery industry, so I know a lot about the cost prices, components and design of jewellery and all that goes into the packaging and creation of pieces. So talking about jewellery is very close to my heart and something I know a lot about.

There’s a lot of lovely jewellery brands in the UK, but for me, Monica Vinader are one of my favourite brands because they make beautiful timeless pieces which are high quality, sustainable and ethical. I also love the fact that all items can be personalised and layered necklaces are customisable. A lot of thought has gone into the collection and it truly is classic rather than trend pieces, which stand the test of time in terms of both quality and design. The gold bullion coin necklace for instance; what a classic!

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Monica Vinader gold vermeil locker necklace on Alta textured chain layered necklaces Gold bullion coin necklace

Monica Vinader Best Sellers

The best seller items from Monica Vinader are:

  • Marie Mini Pendant Charm Necklace Set

  • Ziggy Mini Petal Necklace Set

  • Signature Thin Bangle

  • Nura Pearl Necklace Set

  • Alta Capture Charm Necklace

  • Ziggy Huggies and Green Onyx Baguette Ear Charm Set

  • Siren Wire Earrings

  • Riva Diamond Pendant Charm Necklace Set

  • Siren Muse Wide Ring

  • Linear Chain Bracelet

  • Siren Stacking Ring Set

  • Siren Stacking Ring

  • Fiji Chain Bracelet

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Monica Vinader jewellery Review

I think I got my first piece of Monica Vinader jewellery around 10 years ago when I was living in London. I loved their rings at the time and I wanted to get a whole heap of them to stack up and wear together. I never managed it, but my love for the brand never faded and over the years I added a fair few pieces to my collection, mainly bracelets. I’ve also been known to buy the jewellery as gifts and wedding gifts too, because their personalised pieces are so special and sentimental. As well as being timeless designs and the highest quality.

Monica Vinader are quite a classic jewellery brand, they are high end and luxe and can be worn by women of any age. Younger women tend to love the cord friendship bracelets, brides adore the diamonds and more mature customers love the pearls and stones.

Gold vermeil jewellery ethical sustainable recycled gold and silver

Over the past few seasons we have seen Monica Vinader create some more chunky fashion pieces like the Disco Diamond collection and the Diona collection. These pieces still stay true to the brands ethos; creating timeless designs to last a lifetime, but they are a little more fashion!

Another way to get a more versatile look out of your Monica Vinader jewellery to keep them feeling fresh and exciting in your wardrobe, is by stacking up them. This season we have been seeing a lot of layered gold necklaces in a variety of finishes and it looks amazing!!

How much is Monica vinader delivery?

If you are shopping within the UK, Monica vinader delivery is £3.95 for orders under £100 and free for orders over £100. They also offer free click and collect from their boutiques too.

What brands are similar to Monica vinader?

If you like Monica Vinader but you want to explore other jewellery brands who are similar, then I would recommend considering Alex Monroe; who also do beautiful gold vermeil jewellery with a similar organic feel; but with more animals, flowers and pictorial motifs (like the iconic bee necklace). Another brand who you might like is Daisy London, look out for the Estee Lalonde pieces in particular. Finally, Carrie Elizabeth jewellery is also gold vermeil and very cute, especially the rings.

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If you are looking to invest in affordable but the highest quality gold vermeil jewellery, then Monica Vinader is a wonderful luxury jewellery brand. You can personalise many pieces, gift them as gifts, wear them every where and anywhere and layer them up to create different looks each season.

Is Monica vinader high quality?

Yes! Monica Vinader jewellery is really high quality! It lasts incredibly well and the gold hasn’t worn off in 10 + years I’ve been wearing it. Their jewellery is made from recycled precious metals and their stones are sustainably sourced, so you always feel good about wearing them.

Finally, each gold piece is made of gold vermeil which is the highest quality of gold plating, so you get the precious gold and high lustre finish, without the price tag. I love their jewellery and I can’t say enough good things about them which is why I wanted to write a Monica vinader review for you!

locket collection! talisman necklace coin necklace recycled jewellery

Pros & cons


  • highest quality
  • sustainable
  • beautiful designs
  • personalise pieces 
  • beautifully package
  • Layer necklaces or wear alone 
  • great gifts
  • ear piercing service available 
  • multiple chain lengths for all neck sizes 


  • higher prices points due to high quality materials mean pieces need to be saved up for

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Best Monica Vinader Gifts

When it comes to giving Monica Vinader as a gift, I would always recommend the cord friendship bracelets are perfect for every especially younger women. They are also really cute how they can be engraved and personalised. That’s a really lovely touch!

If I was buying a piece of Monica Vinader as a wedding day gift, I would always go for one of the more delicate diamond pieces, like a pendant or a pair of earrings, these are so beautiful and such lovely timeless keepsakes.

Finally, if I was giving a piece of Monica Vinader to a friend for a birth or christmas gift, I would always go for a pendant or bracelet which can be engraved, which is a really lovely personal touch. I also love the earrings, especially if my budget is a little lower, as you can get a really beautiful pair of their earrings for around £50, which is amazing. I also think you can’t go wrong with a pair of the siren earrings or the siren gem rings which is a style they are known for!

Monica vinader bespoke jewellery

Many pieces of Monica Vinader jewellery can be bought as separate pendants and necklaces. This is amazing as it means you only need one necklace and you can keep buying new charms and pendants for it, so it keeps cost and waste down. Or you can stack multiple charms onto one necklace for a more layered look. Buying the necklace and pendants separately also means you can choose your perfect chain design and length so your jewellery is perfect for you. Personally, I always choose a 24″ length chain as I like a longer chain necklace.

Monica Vinader Jewellery review gold coin necklace

Is Monica vinader jewellery sustainable?

All Monica Vinader jewellery is made from recycled 925 Sterling Silver and 18ct gold. All the stones, pearls and diamonds are also sustainably sourced too. They also offer free delivery and free returns, all of which is 100% carbon neutral. Finally, they have designed each and every piece to be hard wearing, durable and timeless so that you buy your jewellery now and love it forever. This is not fast fashion, these pieces are designed to be worn and treasured forever. Each piece comes with a 5 year warranty too.

Monica Vinader 'Disco Diamond' Collection

How To Style Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is a really fun and easy jewellery brand to style up. The cord bracelets can be worn by any age woman and be worn every from the beach to the office and the more elegant diamond pieces can be worn everywhere from lunch with friends to your wedding day. Because Monica Vinader jewellery is so classic it always feels like the perfect jewellery to wear, however, there are more casual pieces, more fashion pieces and more classic pieces, depending on the occasion.

Personally, I think Monica Vinader Diamond Disco or Doina jewellery looks wonderful with a simple chunky knit cardigan, white button down blouse or a 70s style vintage dress layered up. But the world is your oyster with Monica Vinader jewellery! It goes with everything and anything!

Watch My Monica Vinader Unboxing Video!

I made a video of me unboxing and wearing necklace, in it, I also do a mini Monica Vinader jewellery review too! Please do watch it and give it a comment!

Are Monica Vinader Real Diamonds?

Yes, Monica Vinader use real Diamonds. They generally use smaller sized diamonds, rather than larger sized ones, as the smaller ones are more affordable. They also do freshwater pearls and semi precious stones. They also have lab created diamonds, these are real diamonds and super ethical.

why is Monica Vinader so popular?

Monica Vinader is so popular because it hits a real sweet spot; it’s beautiful, high quality and stylish jewellery which can be personalised with engraving and customised by stacking chains and charms. It also is loved because it’s a carbon neutral company and every piece is made from recycled gold and silver, with ethical diamonds. Plus, it makes an amazing gifts and they have so much to choose from! It’s a great brand!!

Monica vinader huggies earrings with jewellery boxes jewellery review

Which celebrities wear Monica Vinader?

Monica Vinader is loved by celebrities like Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora and Elle Macpherson to name a few, as well as members of the Royal Family; Kate Middleton is a big fan, as is Meghan Markle. Selena Gomez has recently been seen wearing pieces from the Monica Vinader x Kate Young collection too.

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Monica Vinader x Doina Jewellery Collection necklace earrings bracelet

Is Monica Vinader Jewellery Real Gold?

Yes, Monica Vinader jewellery is real gold. However, it is not solid gold, they use gold vermeil which is 18ct gold thickly plated onto 925 sterling silver. This is the best quality of gold plating on the market, it is a great compromise between being high quality and affordable price points. It also does not rub off easily which ‘flash’ gold plating does.

Where is Monica Vinader jewellery made?

Monica Vinader jewellery is designed in Norfolk, the gems are cut by gem cutters in Jaipur and the gold and silver is cast by master craftsmen in Thailand.
Monica vinader keshi Pearl necklace

Is Monica Vinader a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Monica Vinader is a luxury brand. It is made using the highest quality materials, they have boutiques in Sloan Square and just off Bond Street in London. They are loved by celebrities and Royalty and they have some incredible high end fashion pieces and well as more delicate diamond pieces too!
Monica vinader gift box and packaging

What’s the packaging like?

Each piece of Monica vinader jewellery comes packaged in a gift box and a pouch. The box is fully recycled / recyclable and the pouch inside is soft cloth to help keep your Monica vinader jewellery scratch free and safe. They are perfect for travelling and keeping your jewellery looking lovely for years. It also makes it feel like more of a ‘gift’. Above is a photo of the jewellery box from the front, back and the pouch inside. There are two box sizes, depending on which piece of jewellery you buy. Each piece also comes in a gift bag with a sticker, even if you buy online.

Is Monica Vinader Worth The Money?

Yes, Monica Vinader jewellery is totally worth the money. It’s beautifully made, the designs are classic and elegant. It’s durable, pretty and makes great gifts. Plus, if you ever decide you don’t really wear a piece of your Monica Vinader jewellery, you can always sell it on and get a good portion of your money back on the pre-loved market as it retains it’s value really well.

Do Monica vinader use Klarna?

Yes, you can use klarna for your Monica Vinader purchases. It’s a great way to spread the payments; just be careful to use it to stagger payments, rather than buying things you can’t

Monica vinader jewellery review and 20% discount code great gifts highest quality gold vermeil layered necklaces

Monica Vinader FIVE Year Warranty on all jewellery

This is a little known fact, but Monica Vinader offer a FIVE Year Warranty on all jewellery. Which I think is amazing! It’s pretty much unheard of for a jewellery brand to offer this level of warranty, so i’m super impressed. It’s part of the sustainability pledge, they truly want their jewellery to be loved and worn for years and years to come. Monica Vinader is all about buying less but buying more beautiful, wearable and better quality. It’s why they spend so much time educating their audience on how to layer chains, charms, bracelets and rings. How to stack and simplify your pieces to get the most out of it and continuously mix it up to keep it fresh and perfect for every season, trend and occasion. Their generous warranty is part of this pledge.

Monica Vinader x Doina Jewellery Collection layered necklaces great gifts highest quality gold vermeil

Go Shopping!!

Thank you for reading my Monica Vinader Review & Best Sellers (+ 20% Discount Code!) post. I hope it’s of help! Also, this post contains affiliate links