Introducing: Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Collection + 20% Discount Code!

Monica Vinader 'Disco Diamond' Collection

Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Collection

Hello friends!! Today I want to have a quick chat about the new Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Collection I LOVE this new collection, it’s one of my favourites that they have ever done and especially impressive since it comes off the back of the Monica Vinader X Doina Collection… which is also spectacular! Anyway! Without further ado, let’s chat about the Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Collection.

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Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Inspiration

“So good, we called it ‘Disco’. This fluted-texture pendant reflects the light and is set with an ethically-sourced solitaire diamond.”

What is Gold Vermeil?

Vermeil (pronounced “ver·may”) is a unique blend of high quality, precious metal, without the hefty price tag. Unlike regular gold plating, a thick layer of 18ct gold is layered on top of a sterling silver base (no brass here, thank you.) Put simply, gold plated vermeil gives you the best quality for the best price. If you have ever bought ‘gold plated’ jewellery and the gold has rubbed off in a matter of days or weeks, then that is because the plating is ‘flash’ plated, which means it’s the thinnest layer of gold possible to get the effect in the short term, rather than being made for the long term.

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Does Monica Vinader Gold Rub off?

No, Monica Vinader use gold Vermeil which is a thick layer of 18ct gold on top of sterling silver. It is designed to be the best quality finish, for the best price and I have never had an issue with any of my Monica Vinader pieces quality, the gold has never rub off for me and I have been wearing it for years.

Monica Vinader 'Disco Diamond' Collection review

Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Review

I absolutely LOVE this Disco Diamond collection! It’s honestly one of my favourite collections Monica Vinader have ever done and whilst I have been loving and wearing their jewellery for years, this is the collection which makes me REALLY excited for the future of the brand! It feels like a bit of a new direction and I’m here for it!!

The collection is small but perfect, with simple but elegant textured hoop earrings and ring. As well as more statement pieces like the disco diamond  ring, stud earrings and necklaces. The gold vermeil is great quality and made from recycled precious metals, and the diamonds are ethically sourced. The pieces are beautiful, built to last and timeless. They can be worn alone or layered up and are perfect for both the day and evening. I honestly can’t get enough of these retro 70’s luxe shapes, I absolutely love this collection!! And yes, I have just placed an order for the necklace!!

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Thank you for reading my Monica Vinader ‘Disco Diamond’ Collection post. This post contains affiliate links and a ambassador promo code. It might also be worth reading this Monica Vinader Jewellery Review.


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    So many stunning pieces! One of my favourite jewellery brands….it’s so luxe! x