Introducing: Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle (+ Review!)

Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle

Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle

Hello friends! Today I want to share a new release from the lovely ladies at Hill & Friends! They’ve only gone and made a blinkin’ candle! It’s so cute, fun and it smells incredible! I figured it was time we chatted about it; price, quality, fragrance throw and more! Let’s go! 

Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle Fragrance

The Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle comes in a scent called ‘Berry Bomb’ true to it’s name, it quickly fills the room with a blast of blackcurrants, pomegranate, woods, pepper and spice. It’s a delicious, potent, soothing and never too overpowering. 

Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle review bag

Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle Price

The Hill & Friends candle is priced at £55, which is pretty standard for a candle of it’s quality and size. Is it worth it? Yes it is! It smells incredible, looks cool on any shelf and makes a super cool gift… especially for a house warming! 

Hill & Friends Candle Quality

So we as mentioned, the candle smells incredible, but actually, it’s a brilliant quality candle in more ways than just it’s fragrance and throw – which is excellent. In my mind, the sign of a great candle is how it burns and with this one, I had not a shred of tunnelling. Which is rare! I often get a little tunnelling, maybe it’s our wonky floors, but I find it hard to escape! Anyway, this candle was tunnelling free and I’m living for it! The pot is also perfect for reusing for make-up brush storage, a cactus pot or a pen tub for your children! Whatever you fancy! 

Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle review bag

Love Hill & Friends?! 

Me too! Make sure you check out their new bracelet collection which is super cool, their new Front Door Marlow bags (obsessed!!!) and their LoveWorn Collection, which is a small selection of bags which have been worn, mainly by Emma Hill herself and have been very lightly used and are being sold for a steal of a price… it’s thrifty and cuts down on waste!! Love it! 

Go Shopping!!! 

…And there we have it! I hope you like my Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle review!! I love it and I hope you do too! This post contains press samples and affiliate links. 

 Hill & Friends ‘It’s Lit’ Candle review bag 


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