Let’s Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote Bag!

Let's Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote! review handbag bag

Let’s Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote Bag!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about the Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote Bag! As you might know, I’m a big fan of Hill & Friends and their beautiful and fun handbag collections! I have been wearing them for years and I LOVE what they do! They really do bring the fun into fashion! Their latest bag collection is right up my street (pun intended!), it’s inspired by Emma Hill’s insta-famous front door… you know the one!

“Our reinvented Marlow bag inspired by Emma’s googly front door is a flexible and versatile tote bag that is designed to shape itself to your needs”

Let's Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote!


I love her door so much, I once did an upcycling project for my on home which was inspired by her door! I painted cabinet pink and added on eyes and painted a drawer handle black to mirror the letterbox and it was SO much fun!!! That’s how much I love her door! Here’s a sneaky throwback pic of the project… let me know what you think!

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  • Made of Calf Leather
  • Made In England
  • Internal Slip Pocket
  • Top Clasp Fastening
  • Available in Two Colours
  • Base width: 25cm – Top Width: 45cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Depth: 22.5cm
  • Handles Drop: 22cm

Who Are Hill & Friends?

Hill & Friends are a contemporary luxury brand founded in 2015 by Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley. If these names ring fashion bells for you, it’s because Emma Hill was the Former Mulberry creative director Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley was the former brand director at Mulberry during the brands peak.  These best friends are a fun-filled powerhouse and together dreamt of starting their own fashion brand which was a little more playful, joyful and, well, friendly! Together they have created the coolest independent brand who believe in ethics, sustainability, streamlined collections and having fun with fashion… Who could ask for more!

Let's Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote! bag handbag review

Hill & Friends LoveWorn Collection

Just a quick note here on the LoveWorn collection, because I think this is such a special and fun part of the business. But if you are wanting a Hill & Friends handbag but maybe don’t have the cash to splash right now, then it’s always worth checking out the LoveWorn Collection. This is a small collection of handbags which have been loved and lightly used by team Hill & Friends. Here you might find past season gems as well as newer items, all of which have been used by the girls and have plenty more life in them, but you get them for a better price and they aren’t wasted! It’s such a lovely concept! Check it out here!

Hill & Friends Marlow Bag

It’s no secret I’m a LONG time fan of Hill & Friends bags, I especially LOVE the Happy Tweency bag in the oil slick and iridescent finishes. It doesn’t get much better than these two beauties! However, I think they have outdone themselves with the new Marlow Front Door Tote! It’s SO simple, so wearable, so fun and quite frankly, lights me up!

I’m a big fan of the humble tote bag because I love a bigger size and the ability to throw everything inside – especially now since I have to commute a little more since we live in the country. They also tend to be a little more lightweight than a chain flap bag. I love the fact you can hold this bag in your hands or throw over your shoulder and it’s not too oversized, but thanks to it’s depth you can get plenty inside!

This bag comes in pink and black and whilst I LOVE the pink for it’s sassy playfulness, I do love the versatility of the black. Plus, it’s hardly an ‘average’ looking tote with it’s big giant eyes on! That being said, I’m probably feeling the black a little more at the moment as we are coming into Winter, where as the pink is perfect for the summer months… if in doubt… buy both, huh?!

Finally, just a quick word on the quality of Hill & Friends bags, I have a fair few of their bags now and the quality is everything you would expect from the powerhouse duo. They know quality, craftsmanship and top quality leathers and these bags ALWAYS deliver! The bags are handmade from silky calfskin leather and built to last. They are unlined – which I like as it keeps the weight down and the leather is strong and sturdy enough not to need it. Honestly, you’re gonna love this bag!! Enjoy!

Let's Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote! review

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Let’s Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote Bag! post! I hope you love the bag as much as I do! If you have any questions, please do let me know, I’m always happy to help! This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

 Let's Talk About The Hill & Friends Front Door Marlow Tote!