Five Things You Need To Know About Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil

Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil review

Five Things You Need To Know About Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil

Hello friends! Today I thought I would have a quick chat about one of my favourite beauty brands ever – Aromatherapy Associates! I LOVE these guys! Whenever people ask me who my fave brands / products are, these guys ALWAYS come up. Whenever I want to buy myself a treat, it’s always these Aromatherapy Associates. I truly can’t get enough of their products, especially their iconic Bath & Shower oils. At the moment, we don’t have a bath (thanks to renovating!) but we do have a shower and that’s why I wanted to focus on a fairly new product by the brand, the Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil.

Whilst the classic Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils can be used as a shower oil, I have often mentioned that I never use them in the shower as they truly feel like a bit of a waste, compared to using them in the bath. However, these new shower oils are perfect for the shower as they are still super luxe and indulgent, but they feel less precious when it comes to using them in the shower. Maybe it’s the bigger bottles, maybe it’s the slight cheaper price point, but whatever it is, I’m all in! OK! Let’s chat!

Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil

It’s Multiple Award Winning!

It’s true, these shower oils are quite new but already they have won multiple beauty awards including the ‘Best Body Miracle’ at the Stella Smart Beauty Awards 2020, ‘Best Shower Product’ at the Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020 & ‘Best Body Cleanser’ at the Cosmopolitan Summer Beauty Awards 2021. I’m pretty sure there will be plenty more where they came from too!

It’s An Oil-to-Milk Formula

One thing that puts a lot of people off shower oils, is the fact that they worry it will leave their skin greasy, but the Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil has a lush oil-to-milk formula. It applies as an oil and hydrates skin and then turns into a milky formula to rinse off! It’s dreamy and never, ever leaves your skin feeling greasy.

No Need For A Body Lotion

Every skin is different, but personally, when I use Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil I don’t need a body lotion. It leaves my skin feeling super soft, supple and hydrated. So not only does it feel wonderful, smell incredible but it also means I don’t need to mess around with a body lotion, which is especially wonderful in Winter!

Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil review how to use

Aromatherapy Associates Are a B Corp Company

Aromatherapy Associates are a B Corp Company, meaning they pledge to put people and the environment on an equal footing to profits. It’s a rare and important status to become a B Corp company and they are doing pretty amazing work as part of their pledge, you can read more here, because honestly, we would be here all day!

It doubles As A Bath Oil

Finally, if you have run out of the beloved Bath oil, then you can always dribble a little of the shower oil into the bath. Personally, I would probably put a handful (or cupful) of un-fragranced epsom or dead sea salts into the bath for a little detox action and then a good drizzle of the shower oil for that comforting, enveloping, amazing fragrance. Trust me, once you try Aromatherapy Associates, you won’t want to use anything else! Personally, I love the Rose, Forest Therapy and Deep Relax ranges the best. Deep Relax is especially good if you need a good nights sleep – it truly works!

Go Shopping!

And there we have it! Thank you for reading my Five Things You Need To Know About Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil post! I hope it’s of interest to you and I truly can’t recommend them enough! Also if you want to know how to use shower oils, read this post! This post contains affiliate links and press samples.

PS. Want to know the three best bath oils? Watch this vid!

Are Aromatherapy Associates British?

Yes, Aromatherapy Associates who were founded in 1985 and known around the world for their top quality essential oils and aromatherapy blends. They are widely regarded as the best in the business.

Is Aromatherapy Associates cruelty free?

Yes, Aromatherapy Associates is 100% vegan and cruelty free, and always have been. They are proud of their sustainability and ethics which they adhere to.

Are Aromatherapy Associates worth the price?

Yes, they are a luxury brand, however, they ingredients and top quality and truly work. Plus they are so potent that one small bottle will last a good amount of time. Their Deep Relax bath oil and pillow spray are especially well known for how well it helps users sleep after use.

How do you use Aromatherapy Associates bath oil?

Either drizzle a capful of Aromatherapy Associates bath oil into the bath or apply a capful into your hands and massage onto your body before getting into the bath.

Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oil how to use


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