5000 Subscribers Youtube: How Much Money From Adsense?

5000 Subscribers Youtube: How Much Money From Adsense?

5000 Subscribers Youtube: How Much Money From Adsense?

Hello friends! Today I want to share a blog post with you all about money… YouTube Adsense money to be exact. The reason I share this is because it’s honestly hard making a living from being a content creator / influencer and people are really reluctant to talk about money and how much they make so I’m trying to be, y’know… honest! After all, you might be interested in starting a youtube channel too and you might want to know what kind of payouts you can expect. So, this is my post on 5000 Subscribers Youtube: How Much Money From Adsense? And a whole lot of info around YouTube earnings in general too! 

Before We Get Started…

I just want to mention, every content creator / YouTuber is different, everyone grows at different rates and everyone earns slightly different amount per advert shown. There are truly SO many factors which go into YouTube Adsense revenue and I’ll try and break that down in this post. And of course, there are more ways than just Adsense to make money on YouTube, so we will chat about that too! But the main thing is… if you love making YouTube videos, make them regardless and wait for the money to come. If you don’t like making YouTube videos, then don’t force yourself to do it for the cash. It’s not worth it and honestly, you could be waiting a long ol’ time! There’s other places to make cash from content and if you don’t love it, you audience can tell and you will dread filming! It’s not for everyone and that’s ok! 

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How To Make Money On YouTube 

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate links – sign up to AWIN to get started
  • Sponsored Videos 
  • Selling your own products 

youtube adsense cpm revenue by location

What Factors influence Adsense Revenue?

  • Audience Location – Different countries pay higher and lower Adsense revenues (see above for my CPM by location, for every 1000 advert views I make from a USA based audience, I make more than I do from a UK based audience)
  • Audience Age – Channels with older audiences tend to earn more as the viewers are more likely to shop the products advertised 
  • Topics Covered – Some topics pay more others pay less e.g. Business advice 
  • Length Of Video – Longer videos have more ads, super short videos have less ads and less chance of having ads at the beginning 
  • Channel Quality – YouTube are more likely to place ads alongside YouTubers with a higher production value and longer watch times
  • Channel Notoriety – Brands are willing to pay more to have their ads play alongside top YouTuber channels 
  • Channel Niche – More specific channels will be more favourable to certain brands / industries and therefore make you more money
  • Time Of Year – Brands spend more money advertising on YouTube during sale time and most notably Christmas time. So not only will more ads be shown on your channel at this time, but the amount brands pay is done on an auction basis which is split between you and YouTube, so you get paid more per 1,000 adverts shown. Sometimes up to double the amount! 

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Is 5,000 subscribers on YouTube good?

Yes! 5,000 subscribers on YouTube is great!! It’s a lot of work to get there and you should be really proud of yourself! Whether you did it in 5 weeks or 5 years, it’s still great and if 5,000 people were stood in a room it would suddenly feel like a hell of a lot more! Keep going and be proud of yourself! 

How do you get 5,000 YouTube Subscribers?

Honestly for some people getting 5,000 YouTube subscribers is easy! Maybe you will make one killer video and it goes viral or maybe you have a huge Instagram following and tell people to go subscribe to your channel and it happens over night… who knows! For me, it really wasn’t that easy! I worked long and hard for years to get 5,000 YouTube subscribers. I posted frequently and it took almost 900 videos!

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How many hours I need to monetize my YouTube channel?

To qualify to make Adsense on your YouTube Channel you need to clock up 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. 

How do I get to 4,000 hours of watch time fast? 

The best advice is persistence and maths! 4,000 hours = 240,000 minutes. Divide this by 12 and aim for 20,000 minutes viewed per month for 12 months and you will get there! The more videos you have, the faster you will get there and the longer your videos are, the faster you will get there too. If you are consistent with content, the algorithm will also boost your channel more than if you are inconsistent and if you make interesting, high quality videos, your view time will go up too. All of this will get you there faster!

5000 Subscribers Youtube: How Much Money From Adsense?

Here’s the truth! When it comes to Adsense, SUBSCRIBER NUMBERS DON’T MATTER! You need 1,000 subscribers to quality YouTube Adsense, but once you hit that, forget about it and focus more on channel views and watch time rather the number of subscribers. I know people who have 20,000 subscribers from years ago, but barely post videos nowadays and don’t get enough annual views to qualify for Adsense earnings. Where as someone with 2,000 subscribers could post every day and get great views and make a good living from their YouTube channel! 

cpm v rpm for 5000 youtube subscribers

What is a CPM rate on YouTube?

Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is a metric that represents how much money advertisers are spending to show ads on YOUR YouTube channel. I say ‘your’ with block capitals as some channels and topics are more valuable to advertisers than others. So it’s not a general rate for every channel. It’s also worth knowing that not all your videos will be shown with ads in them and no ads = no cash. 

fashion for lunch blog x simply be

What is RPM rate on YouTube?

The RPM rate is ‘Revenue Per Mille’, this is a fairly new metric, but it’s a more accurate and the number you really need to be looking at rather than CPM. It includes ads, channel memberships, YouTube Premium revenue, Super Chat and Super Stickers. For instance, if your RPM is $4 then you know for every 1000 views you will make $4. Where as your CPM may well appear higher, but much likely to be less money in real terms and a far less accurate metric. 

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OK! So how much do I make on YouTube Adsense every month?! 

So, here we are! I’m going to spill how much I personally make on my YouTube Adsense every month! Please bare in mind this amount is different for everyone because of the CPM/RPM. But also, everyone varies because of the length of their videos and the number of videos on their channel and the number of views they get per month. There are so many factors – as we discussed above.

I have 5o00 subscribers and 900 videos which is a LOT! but other people have 5000 subscribers and 30 videos, all of which have HUGE numbers of views on them. So it truly does vary. However, I’m going to post some screen shots so you can see for yourself! Also, we are coming up to christmas, so hopefully over the festive season my earnings will increase, as you can see they did last year too. 

5000 youtube subscribers monthly adsense revenue how much youtube revenue totals year 90 days

My Adsense Revenue 

In the above screen grabs, you can see my Adsense earnings over a 28, 90 and 365 day period. As you can see I had a nice spike over christmas when more brands were advertising on YouTube to promote their products and also paying more to advertise and then over new year it dropped back. Also a lot of people noticed that their earnings were lower in 2021 than previous years and I felt that too, but also, I started making less videos, so please check out the screen grabs below to see the correlation. On average I make around $4-5 per day at the moment. 

video views youtube adsense earnings 5000 subscribers

My Video Views 

As you can see from the graphs, I get around 1,000 video views per day – this is across all my videos. If you look at the 365 day screen grab, I used to get slightly more views, but they have dropped back. This could be because lockdown restrictions eased AND I cut down on the number of videos I was making too. But you can see that my views and adsense earnings follow the same trend. 

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fashion for lunch blog labelsforlunch

My YouTube Adsense Earnings For The Last 12 Months 

Finally, I just want to share my YouTube Adsense Earnings for the past 12 months. As you can see, my earnings were much higher over November and December when more people are watching YouTube content (Advent calendar unboxings, festive vlogs, gift guides etc), plus brands are advertising more and paying more per 1000 adverts shown to viewers. 

My earnings dropped back in the new year as expected and then continued to drop. I don’t know if this is solely because I started producing less youtube content or if it was because there was a drop in adsense earnings across the board. Or maybe it was as lockdown restrictions eased and people watched less YouTube. Who knows?! But either way it dropped…. and continued to drop.

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My recent months earnings haven’t been great if I’m honest, especially since I post videos every other day, but to be honest, I never once considered stopping YouTube because I honestly do like making videos and I don’t do it for the money. Although saying that, I am hoping the money will go up over October, November and December for the festive period again. So fingers crossed!

If I’m 100% honest, I’m sure a LOT of influencers wouldn’t think it was worth making a video every other day for this amount of money, but I just really like making video content and YouTube is fun for me. My channel is slowly growing and I’m grateful for the small amount of passive income it gives me, but if you are doing it for the cash, you might be disappointed to see these numbers. After all… making 900 videos for a couple of hundred dollars a month isn’t great! But like I say, I’m grateful for the cash and I would be doing it anyway! 

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5000 youtube subscribers monthly adsense totals

So there we have it! 5000 Subscribers Youtube: How Much Money From Adsense? Plus lots of information on how YouTube Adsense is worked out AND how much I personally make per 1000 views AND how much money I make considering I have 900 videos on my channel! I hope it’s of help! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them! 

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