New! Feel Unique Launch Beauty Subscription Box!


Feel Unique Launch Beauty Subscription Box!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a little information with you about the Brand New! Feel Unique Launch Beauty Subscription Box! I’m sure you know, but for a long time they have done a ‘Beauty Samples Kit’ which looks and feels very similar, but was on a one-off basis and not subscription. So it’s really cool that you can now buy the new Feel Unique beauty box as a subscription, or as a one-off box – like before. Personally, I’ve already signed up and placed my first order, but I was super happy to see the products are just as great as they used to be PLUS it’s actually cheaper! Let’s chat about the Feel Unique Launch Beauty Box!

Feel Unique Beauty Box: What You Need To Know

  • Pick FIVE deluxe samples a month
  • All samples are from cult and high end brands
  • All samples are generous travel sizes
  • Buy a one-off box or sign up to a 3,6, or 12 months subscription plan

Feel Unique Beauty Box Pricing

  • Buy a one off box: £13.95
  • Sign up to a 3 month subscription plan for £13.50
  • Sign up to a 6 month subscription plan for £12.75
  • Sign up to a 12 month subscription plan for £11.95


Watch the Feel Unique Beauty Box Video!

What’s the difference between the Feel Unique Launch Beauty Subscription Box & Beauty Samples Kit?

Firstly, the products – so far – seem pretty similar to the original samples kit, which is amazing. They are still great brands, still great sizes and in terms of what you get, product wise, it seems really similar. Cost wise, it’s actually cheaper!! Which is amazing!! Even the one-off boxes are cheaper! The old beauty samples kits were £12.95 PLUS £3.95 for P+P, although the £3.95 postage was given back as a voucher. Where as the new Feel Unique Beauty subscription boxes are £13.95 each with postage included. And it goes down to £11.95 if you sign up for a 12 month subscription, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Again, that’s postage included!!! That’s why I signed up for a 12 month subscription plan! I’m all in! Also, the plastic make-up bags are gone, but they are giving you a little bag each month which you can choose not to have if you wish.

What is the Feel Unique Pick n Mix Samples?!

The Feel Unique Pick n Mix Samples is another sample service they do where you literally get one-time use samples in small sachets. I’m talking 2ml of serum, 5ml of hair mask… that kind of thing. It’s free, but you do have to spend £3.95 on shipping, which again, you get back as a gift voucher. However, I do order most months and it’s a great service! Watch my latest unboxing above! It’s great if you have super sensitive skin and you want to try before you buy, but if not, I would recommend ordering items which you see a big impact from after one use, for instance hair and face masks are a favourite of mine! Again, this service gives you 5 small products for £3.95 which comes back to you as a voucher – so it’s basically free!

How is the Feel Unique Beauty Box different to other beauty boxes?

The great thing about the Feel Unique Beauty Box is that you are in charge of the samples you get! You all 5 items yourself and there’s no surprises! Also, the sizes are travel sizes, but they are still pretty generous, so I personally usually order things like Balance Me eye cream (7ml) which is enough for nearly the entire month and actually way cheaper than buying the same product as a full sized product (full size is 15ml). Just to give you an idea on price, the Feel Unique Beauty Box gives me 5 items for £11.95, making each item around £2.50, so instead of spending £22 on 1 full sized Balance Me eye cream, I get a half size eye cream for around £2.50. I usually order a couple of serums or night creams too, which is enough to last the entire month. So you can order strategically and save yourself a fortune on beauty products. The only other beauty box I know of which lets you choose your own items in the Latest In Beauty Boxes.

Finally, the Feel Unique Beauty Box to all other beauty boxes because they have a lot more high end and luxury brands. It’s very rare to see any other beauty box offer brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Origins, Dermalogica, Clinique, Estee Lauder and so on. Feel Unique have really generous sizes of products by some of the most high end and desirable brands in the world.

What Are Feel Unique Rewards?

Vouchers: Get a £5 Feelunique Rewards voucher for every £75 spent

Discounts: Get 10% off your two favourite brands, always. You can change it every six months

Birthday Discount Code: Tell them your birthday and get a special 20% off on your special day

Sign up to Feel Unique Rewards HERE.

Feel Unique Promo Code

Feel Unique Promo Code

Want a Feel Unique Promo code? Use my 15% off refer-a-friend link and mention my name Kirsty Merrett.

10% Student Discount at Feelunique

Are you a student? Get 10% off at Feel Unique with Student Beans. Click this link to find out more!

Feel Unique Basket Bonus Samples

Choose two FREE samples when you spend £40 or more with Feel Unique. You can also upgrade your samples on orders over £60. Feel Unique LOVE giving you more bang for your buck!

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Feel Unique Launch Beauty Subscription Box post! I hope it’s of help! If you have any questions, please do let me know. Also this post contains affiliate links and no press samples.


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