Miller Harris ‘Scherzo’ Review & The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes

Miller Harris ‘Scherzo’ fragrance perfume review

Miller Harris ‘Scherzo’ Review

“The heady glamour of 1930s French riviera is recreated in our best selling fragrance, bursting with fruits, flowers and shimmering sunshine.”


Head Notes: Tangerine, davana

Heart Notes: Olibanum, narcissus, pittosporum, dark rose, peony

Lasting Impressions: Patchouli, vanilla, oudh

All Miller Harris products are suitable for vegans and are free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes. Formulated using natural raw materials and created by master perfumer Lyn Harris.

Miller Harris 'Scherzo' Review & The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes review 2021

 ‘Scherzo’ According To Miller Harris

“An intensely vibrant scent, full of colour, depth and a rush of sweetness, Scherzo captures a multitude of blooms: dark red rose, clouds of peony, sunny yellow narcissus and crisp white pittosporum. The sweetness of tangerine is offset by the intoxicating purple richness of davana, which adds a twist of liquor to the scent. The base shimmers with oudh, earthy patchouli and a sprinkling of sugar to capture the feeling of a confectioner’s window.”

Miller Harris ‘Scherzo’ Video: Press Play

Miller Harris 'Scherzo' Review & The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes box

Miller Harris ‘Scherzo’ Review

‘Scherzo’ is one of the most iconic and amazing perfumes of the entire Miller Harris collection. It was first launched in 2018 and over the years it has become one of the most loved and best selling perfumes they have ever made! It captures everything we love about the Miller Harris brand; it’s unique, luxurious, fresh, opulent, wearable and above all, elegant and timeless.

Miller Harris Scherzo was inspired Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender Is The Night’ and is a dreamy blend of Tangerine, davana, olibanum, narcissus, pittosporum, dark rose, peony, patchouli, vanilla and oudh. However, I would say the most dominant notes are rose, oud and vanilla. It feels like quite a simple fragrance with just a few perfectly blended notes; when I spritz it, I do not pick up on a lot of the notes, instead they add a extra something-something to the dominant accords of rose and oud. For instance, I can’t pick out the peony as it’s own note, instead, it gives with rose a slightly fresher, prettier twist. Similarly the tangerine is undetectable, but adds a wonderful freshness and almost green twist to the rose. As for the oud, it’s a warm, woodsy, comforting oud which has a touch of sweetness with the vanilla, animalistic musk, amber and tonka bean. It’s not a heavy, sharp, intense oud, instead it’s warm, soft and embracing. This fragrance is everything it claims to be; filled with glamour and mystery, history and warmth, if you love rose & oud based fragrances, this is the creme de la creme!

Miller Harris Scherzo is a unisex fragrance and it can definitely be worn by men and women, but I would say it sits more on the feminine side of the unisex spectrum. If you are considering blind buying this one, I would say women can go for it with confidence, where as men might want to try in store first. It has great longevity and it’s works as a day or night fragrance for all seasons. In terms of other Miller Harris fragrances Scherzo reminds me of, I would say it’s somewhere between Rose Silence, Lumière Dorée and Leather Rouge, but truly, there’s nothing quite like it! But if you like Rose Silence but wish to replace the tangy red fruits with something a little more dark and mysterious, this Scherzo is the one! 

Miller Harris 'Scherzo' Review & The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes review fragrance

The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes

  • ‘Rose Silence’
  • ‘Scherzo’
  • ‘Secret Gardenia’
  • ‘Peau Santal’
  • ‘Rêverie de Bergamote’
  • ‘Lumière Dorée’
  • ‘Tea Tonique’
  • ‘Cœur de Jardin’
  • ‘Feuilles de Tabac’
  • ‘Étui Noir’
  • ‘LOST in the City’
  • ‘Leather Rouge’

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Miller Harris 'Scherzo' Review & The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes

Miller Harris 'Scherzo' Review & The Best Seller Miller Harris Perfumes box



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