July Faves! Let’s Do This!

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July Faves! Let’s Do This!

Hello friends! I know I say this every month but WHERE DID JULY GO!? I swear it went by in a flash!? I don’t even think I’ve been anywhere, or done anything! Although there isn’t much new there as let’s be honest, where are any of us going?! Also, this month saw ‘Freedom Day’ but if I’m truly honest, that hasn’t really meant much to me as I’m still being super careful. I’ll chat more about that in a moment, but anyway, it was a good month regardless and I’m excited to share some favourites with you! OK! Let’s go!!!

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I’m Finally Fully Jabbed!!!

That’s right!!! I got my second COVID Vaccination!! I’m still waiting for it to ‘kick in’ but it’s sooooo reassuring that I should potentially be safe, or safe-ish now!!! I still haven’t had a hair cut or been out for dinner, but I feel like I will soon and that will be so exciting!

Delarom Excellence Firming Oil 

Delarom Excellence Firming Oil

I was recently sent a selection of Delarom skincare to try out ahead of their launch on QVC UK and by far my fave – SO FAR! Is the Delarom Excellence Firming Oil! I love this stuff, it smells stunning, like caramel, sunshine and florals and it’s super hydrating and nourishing and lovely! I’m using it on my stretch marks, arms, legs and dry patches like my knees and elbows. Either way… it smells like a dream, it does the trick on my dry, dry skin and I LOVE it!

elemis flowers

Fresh Flowers

I was kindly sent some beautiful fresh flowers from the lovely ladies at Elemis and they truly made my week! So pretty and so generous!

L'Oreal Volume 'Million Lashes' Balm Noir Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Balm Noir Mascara

I rarely talk about how much I love a mascara, but I really do love this one!!! This L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Balm Noir Mascara is truly like a balm-style formula, it feels light weight and soft on the lashes – no hard dry lashes here, ladies. It’s truly comfortable all day long AND it looks great and is smudge and budge proof too. LOVE!

Jean Paul Gaultier ‘La Belle Le Parfum’

Oh la la!!! I love the new Jean Paul Gaultier ‘La Belle Le Parfum’ Perfume! It’s unusual, addictive and intense with it’s morish notes of vanilla, almond and night blooming florals. It’s a real power scent and it has amazing longevity, I don’t usually love vanilla filled ‘sexy’ perfumes, but this one is so cool with it’s more boozy vanilla accords, leathery notes and powdery tones. It’s fun! Make sure you check it out next time you are out and about shopping, OR watch my video above!

Yardley 'Opulent Rose' Perfume 

Yardley ‘Opulent Rose’ Perfume

Whilst JPG is very much an evening perfume, I’ve been loving Yardley’s Opulent Rose perfume of the day time. It’s an absolute STEAL at £20 (currently on sale for £16!) for a 50ml bottle and it’s made of 90% naturally derived ingredients, so it really does smell fresh and natural. It’s absolutely beautiful! I love the fresh red roses with green leaves and stems. It has a slight sweetness with the amber and an earthiness with the patchouli. It’s a really beautiful rose perfume and honestly, I have bought rose-based perfumes for triple the price which smell VERY similar! I’m super impressed with this one, it’s fresh, bright, rose-filled and lovely, especially for the summer months!

crabtree & evelyn Evelyn rose candle review

Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Evelyn Rose’ Candle

I recently got a new Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Evelyn Rose’ Candle and OMG! I forgot how much I love this candle! It’s stunning! Think roses and blackcurrant, it’s delicious, classic, modern and fresh! Plus the packaging is SO flippin’ cool!!! I kinda wish they did a 2KG version of this, like a giant one!!! How cool would that be?!


‘And Just Like That…’

Please tell me I’m not the only one getting excited about the SATC reboot ‘And Just Like That…’. I’m LOVING all the photos that are coming out, it’s giving me some internet light relief in between all the #FreeBritney content. Which of course, I’m still totally invested in.

Bjork & Berries Hand Wash

Bjork & Berries Hand Wash

I’ve recently been loving Bjork & Berries Hand Wash which is SUCH a dream, especially for the summer. It is fragranced with orange chamomile, birch and sea buckthorn and it’s so soft and aquatic and refreshing. LOVE IT! Plus the packaging looks super cool in my bathroom! It reminds me of Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt, but warmer and more floral. It’s wonderful!

 Living Proof Curl Shampoo & Conditioner

 Living Proof Curl Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m a LONG time fan of Living Proof hair care, so imagine my excitement when I discovered they have created a range for curly and wavy hair! If you are a fellow kinky haired girl, you will know how hard it can be to manage your hair and honestly, this stuff really works a treat! It’s sulphate free, lathers up great, detangles, nourishes and most of all, helps tame my wild-not-been-cut-for-18-months locks! Personally, I would recommend trying this starter set so you can get the shampoo, conditioner and curl enhancer in one, so try out!

cottage flowers

My Neighbours’ Hydrangea

I popped round to my neighbours house the other day and honestly, I was blown away by how beautiful it was looking!! Just look at her hydrangea bush! So big and beautiful and honestly made her beautiful house look even more wonderful!!!!

Asda Oat 'Milk'

Asda Oat ‘Milk’

I’ve been meaning to chat about this for a while now, but Asda’s on Oak drink is honestly the best for my morning oat lattes. It’s basically the same as Oatly, but a million times cheaper, well, 85p compared to £1.80. So good!

Feel Unique Beauty Samples Kit

Every month I treat myself to the Feel Unique Beauty Samples Kit and honestly, it’s the BEST! It used to be £12.95 but it seems to have been reduced to £10.95 now and it’s a bloody bargain!!! You can only order once a month and you have to pay for shipping which you get back as a gift voucher. It’s not a subscription, you get great sized quality, luxury brands and honestly, I’m such a fan of these!!! Press play on the vid above to see what I got this month!!

This Rug!

Seriously! Can we chat about this rug?! I love it so much!!! It’s from Anthropologie and I’m hoping it’s still in stock when I’m ready to start accessorising the house!

Thank you for reading my July Favourites post! I hope you like it! Let me know if you have any faves and if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links.



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