FIVE Blogger Photography Hacks! Simple, Fast, Affordable Product Shots!

Blogger Photography Hacks

FIVE Blogger Photography Hacks!

Hello friends! Today I want to share FIVE Blogger Photography Hacks! These quick hacks will help you take great blogger product shots faster and easier!

Capture By Lucy Backdrops

First up, the simplest way to a cute photo, EVEN if you don’t have a cute house, is with a Capture By Lucy Backdrop. These bad boys are made of wirable vinyl and they are designed to look like floorboards, tiles, peeling plaster, paint splashes and more. They are so good and so handy, I have bought loads of them and I love them!

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Macro Lens or Portrait Mode

The quickest and easiest way to make your photo look super hot, is with a Macro Lens or portrait mode. It’s going to give you that depth of field (blurred background) that razor sharp detail on the product and generally make a simple set up look *chefs kiss*! Personally, I use the Olympus Pen Camera with the 45mm lens.

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Good Lighting

Honestly, this should be my number one!!!!! But good lighting is THE most important thing! Ideally, go for Natural Lighting, so set your picture up by a window, or outside, or even behind slatted shutters for a more shadowy vibe, but good lighting will change everything! If you can’t use natural lighting, invest in some photography lamps or a ring light – I have both. They are a game changer!

Editing Apps

Seriously, if you aren’t using Editing Apps – then what are you doing!!!!!??? It’s not cheating, it just makes sense!! There’s loads of great editing apps out there, from Lightroom, to A Color Story to VSCO. Just find your fave and have fun!

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Fresh Flowers or Foliage

Finally, for a super quick and easy photo set, a few Fresh Flowers or Foliage will do all the hard work for you! Sit the product(s) on a windowsill in front of a vase of flowers, or spread flowers on a backdrop around the products. Bonus points if you shoot by the window with a macro lens! But seriously, fresh flowers of foliage will always look lush!

And there we have it! FIVE Blogger Photography Hacks, all super simple, fast and hopefully affordable!! I hope you like! Let me know if you have any questions!


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    August 5, 2021 / 10:22 am

    I need to order some of those backdrops!