30 Best Podcasts For Finance, Investing & Starting A Side Hustle

30 Best Podcasts For Finance, Investing & Starting A Side Hustle 30 Best Podcasts For Finance

Hello friends! Today I wan too share what I think are the best podcasts for finance! As you might know from some of my previous posts, I truly believe us ladies need to take our financial situations into our own hands and know our stuff when it comes to cash. We might earn a little, we might earn a lot, but either way… it’s important. There’s a gender pay gap, a gender pension gap and a gender knowledge gap when it comes to cash and we need to do our bit to educate ourselves on all things finance, to put ourselves in the best position we can for now… and later! It’s never too late to learn, it’s never too later to start that savings account, pension, life insurance plan or whatever, you just need to plug in, think about it, plan and start. Seriously! JUST START!

If you aren’t sure where to turn when it comes to money, then I really want to recommend some great podcasts which will get you on the road to all things money and personal finance. Some of these podcasts are a little more general personal finance and understanding your money options when it comes to buying a car, pensions, doing tax returns, saving money on bills and more… whilst others are more based on investing or saving money with ISA’s and SIPPS and there’s also some in here more about building a side hustle business or streams of passive income. A lot of these podcasts are pretty self explanatory when it comes to the names, but if you want a good UK personal finance podcast to start with, then I would recommend the The Which? Money Podcast, which I think is a great general / beginners podcast for every age, knowledge base and income. But have a scroll, do some subscribing and see who speaks to you the best! OK! Let’s go!

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30 Best Podcasts For Finance, Investing & Starting A Side Hustle

The Which? Money Podcast

Planet Money

Money Box

Money For The Masses

This Is Money Podcast

It’s Your Money

Ask Martin Lewis Podcast

Money 101

Money & Markets

The Money Week Podcast

Cash Chats With Andy Webb

The Leader

Investors’ Chronicle

Hey Jessica

The Meaningful Money Podcast

Planet Money

The Ramsey Show

Motley Fool Money

Goal Digger

Rich Dad Radio Show

Manifestation Babe

The Side Hustle Show

We Study Billionaires

The Investing For Beginners Podcast

In Her Financial Shoes Podcast

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Money Maze Podcast

Her Money

Side Hustle Pro

Her CEO Journey

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What is a positive money mindset & why it’s important?

It’s important to have a positive money mindset because money can be feared or associated with bad feelings like greed, hoarding or even unhappiness. It’s better to take action, have an understanding of money and finance rather than to shy away from it and feel nervous around it. After all, just simple changes with your finances can make you feel more secure, save your money and provide a better life for your family.

How do I change my money mindset?

Honestly, the best way to change your money mindset is to DECIDE to! If you want to change how you feel about money, now is the time to start educating yourself. It might not be about becoming a millionaire, it might just be learning to budget better or not overspending on your household bills by making changes. Or even making sure your savings work harder for you. Money and mental health are linked, so educate yourself with podcasts and books to take the fear of cash away. Personally, I think the best way to change your money mindset is by taking small positive changes with your finances and see how empowered it makes you feel; like starting a savings account or a pension or even making an effort to budget your monthly paycheque better.

How can I learn about money?

  • Subscribe & listen to money and business podcasts
  • Ask successful friends for advice with money
  • Read personal finance books
  • Watch YouTube Videos around personal finance
  • Sign up to your banks mailing list for advice on savings account and interest rates
  • Ask friends who have small businesses if they can give you advice on starting a side hustle
  • Make small positive changes with your finances (like starting a pension or savings account) and see how empowered it makes you feel. Then make more changes!

I hope this post on the 30 Best Podcasts For Finance, Investing & Starting A Side Hustle is of help! Also, if you are self employed, I highly recommend reading this post on how to start a pension if you are self employed!


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