10 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Time

10 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Time10 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Time

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about the 10 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Time! I have quite a few Chanel bags in my collection now and there are some I would recommend ALL day long and others I’m not sure will stand the test of time! So today I thought I would share the most popular and the best Chanel bags of all time! I hope it’s of help! Let me know what you think!

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Probably the most iconic Chanel bag of them all! There is a whole heap of Chanel Classic flap options out there, but personally, I think the medium size with the gold chain and hardware in the caviar leather is the cream of the crop! If you want proof of this, then just look for one on the preloved market, because they don’t come up often in good condition! Because even though they are one of the best selling bags from the brand – and of any handbag across all brands globally, it’s rare people sell them on! There is also the reissue bag to consider if you want something which is a little less ‘branded’ or the Diana bag if you want something a little more vintage. But if in doubt, go for the classic flap bag in black with caviar leather. It’s a classic for a reason, it’s perfect!

Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC)

I always think of the Chanel Wallet on Chain as a mini version of the Classic flap bag and I could have lumped this bag in its the classic flap bags, but I think it deserves it’s own mention! Why? Because the Chanel WOC is way more affordable, it’s lighter and more carefree to carry. Plus it’s perfect for the day or evening. It’s a brilliant bag! Also, it’s in the name, but this bag truly is a wallet on a chain, meaning you don’t need to carry a purse, instead your cards and cash fit inside with ease leaving most of the bag available for your lipstick, phone, portable cable and more It’s surprising how much fits in this little handbag once the wallet is omitted.

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Chanel Camera bag

Often forgotten, but the Chanel Camera bag is worth considering. It’s a classic bag which doesn’t really date, making it a great bag to invest in! It’s more affordable than the classic flap bag and roomier than the Chanel Wallet on Chain. Plus it’s got a more casual vibe which is perfect for a more every day style. Oh and there are some great 80’s vintage camera bags on the preloved market too! Well worth thinking about, especially if your budget it tighter and your style is more laid back!

Chanel Deauville Bag

The Chanel Deauville bag is one I never really considered until I owned it! I know that sounds really frivolous, but bare with me! I bought my Chanel Deauville bag on the preloved market and it was an absolute steal, I thought it was cute and I’d get lots of wear out of it, but I never considered HOW much I would grow to love it and use it. I honestly use it all the time and it’s a brilliant bag because it’s casual, easy to style, laid back and hardwearing. PLUS, compared to the Chanel leather bags, it’s super nice and lightweight making it a great every day option. This Chanel tote was designed to be a St Tropez style beach bag for a wealthy glamorous lady, but these days it’s seen as a great ‘holiday’ or ‘travel tote’ as well as a really cool ‘off duty’ bag. I have seen a lot of super chic celebrity mums rocking this bag and it looks great!

Chanel Minaudière Bags

Probably the least practical of all the Chanel bags and a lot of people who buy or collect the Chanel Minaudière Bags, tend not to wear them as they like to keep them pristine as collectables. The Chanel Minaudière Bags tend to be the smaller more novelty Chanel bags; the pearl, cassette tape, Eiffel tower, lego bag, milk carton… those kinds of bags. Only a few are made and they are generally more ‘catwalk’ pieces. Making them great display items in a wardrobe and also highly collectable. If you want a Chanel bag purely as an investment and not to wear, a one of the Chanel Minaudière Bags could be for you! Also, they tend to be incredibly rare on the preloved market as people rarely sell them on, again, making them retain their price and grow in price!

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Chanel Boy Bag

The Chanel boy bag is quite a polarising bag. Some people think it’s ‘over’ and others still love it! I personally still think it’s a great bag! It was first launched in 2011, ten years ago now! And to me, a Chanel lover, it’s still fresh, cool and relevant! The Chanel boy bag is more of an edgier bag, it’s a bit more rock n roll. I also like it because it’s really comfortable on the shoulder as it has a partial leather strap which is much more comfortable than the chain strap – although it looks like a chain strap because only a small part is leather. Finally, it’s great as it’s not leather lined so it’s a little lighter to carry plus it only has one flap which also keeps the weight down in comparison to the Chanel Classic Flap. I still love the Boy Bag even after 10 years, I think the major disadvantage to this bag is that you can’t get it in caviar leather, which is a shame as this leather is way more hardwearing than lambskin leather.

Chanel Belt Bags

I almost didn’t include the Chanel belt bags as it’s a style of bag which I would never buy, HOWEVER, it is a Chanel iconic bag and it shows the more edgy side of the brand. It’s a catwalk and fashionista fave bag and it’s a very cool. However, it’s not for everyone and I would only recommend for collectors or serious fashionistas! It might also be a good bag to find at a good price on the preloved market!

Chanel Diana Bag

Again, I could have lumped this bag in with the classic flaps, the Diana bag is having a moment and it’s a real iconic vintage Chanel bag. It was a favourite of Princess Diana, it’s super chic and simple and it’s just effortless and classic. It’s starting to shoot up in value though, so if you want one, it’s worth buying it sooner rather than later. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular vintage chanel bags.

Chanel Bucket Bag

The classic Chanel Bucket bag is an iconic and much-loved Chanel bag. It’s got a real retro glory-days feel to it, it often comes with gold oversized hardware and it’s just a cool bag. This is definitely one to look out for on the preloved market, but if you find one you love, it’s such a great bag! It’s a LOOK!

Chanel Backpacks

Finally, the iconic Chanel backpack. I used to be obsessed with this bag, but it was one I never managed to find the funds to purchase. There are a few options to choose from, like the graffiti canvas style – if you can get hold of it, or there is the leather styles. I was actually on the waiting list for the Graffiti bag but I never got the call – I’m guessing it went to the celebrities on the waiting list, these things happen. The leather backpacks are brilliant too, they are a slightly younger, edgier style, but if they are for you they are super cool! Finally, There’s the vintage backpacks too, which are really cool and one of the most popular chanel bags for the hipster girls and fashionistas.

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10 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Time

  • Chanel Classic Flap Bag
  • Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC)
  • Chanel Camera bag
  • Chanel Deauville Bag
  • Chanel Minaudière Bags
  • Chanel Boy Bag
  • Chanel Belt Bags
  • Chanel Diana Bag
  • Chanel Bucket Bag
  • Chanel Backpacks

Go Shopping!

Ta da! And there we have it! The 10 Most Popular Chanel Bags of All Time, I really hope this post is of help, please do let me know if you have any questions! This post contains affiliate links.



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