Woods Of Windsor ‘White Jasmine’ Perfume Review! The Budget Fragrance You Need To Know About!

Woods Of Windsor 'White Jasmine' Perfume ReviewWoods Of Windsor ‘White Jasmine’ Perfume Inspiration

“An elegant and sophisticated modern floral fragrance opening with fresh leafy top notes combined with the refined floral heart of Jasmine and the exotic bloom of Ylang Ylang.”


Top Notes: Fresh Green, Orange Blossom

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Moss

Up to 96% naturally derived ingredients. Paraben free.

Woods Of Windsor 'White Jasmine' Perfume Review

Woods Of Windsor ‘White Jasmine’ Perfume Review

Hello friends! Today I want to share a Woods Of Windsor ‘White Jasmine’ Perfume Review with you all. I’m so obsessed with this perfume, I’ve been wearing it during this recent heatwave and it’s truly giving me life! It’s incredibly lovely and luxe, but it’s also super affordable; two worlds which rarely collide in the fragrance world! I truly feel like I have found the best budget perfume ever. EVER! It’s incredible!!

Woods Of Windsor ‘White Jasmine’ is a fresh, floral, sunshine-filled perfume, which filled with notes of lush green leaves, neroli, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang ylang and a hint of rose, on a base of sandalwood and moss, with a slightly powdery trail.

It’s wonderful lively and upbeat, fresh and filled with sparkling sunshine and white florals. I know jasmine can be quite a polarising note, but Woods Of Windsor have blended it with fresh orange blossom and punchy neroli  to give it a real prettiness and make it the perfect summer perfume for every occasion and mood. Strength wise, it packs a punch on first impact and then slowly settles into more of a subtle skin scent after an hour or so.

Despite the price tag, there is truly no hint of ‘cheapness’ with this perfume, no alcoholic top note, no synthetic or excessively sweet sugary accord which will give away it’s price tag. I would love this perfume just as much if it cost triple or even quadruple the amount… in fact, if you told me it was the new Jo Malone or Atelier Cologne fragrance, I would honestly believe you! It’s so enjoyable, so pretty, luxe and enjoyable for the summer months! My only criticism is that it does wear off after about 3-4 hours, however for this price, you can afford to reapply it throughout the day. In fact, I prefer wearing lighter, fresher perfumes in the summer which can be reapplied, as I feel like it peps me up half way through the day and gives me a new lease of life when the weather is wearing me down.

If you love simple, classic elegant white floral perfumes filled with notes of orange blossom and jasmine, then you NEED to try this perfume! I absolutely love it and it’s truly delightful, as for the price tag, that’s an absolute gift and I’m SO thankful!

Thank you for reading my Woods Of Windsor ‘White Jasmine’ Perfume Review. I’m SO happy to share this one with you! It’s truly lovely and so affordable!! You can buy this product at Woods Of Windsor and it’s currently on offer at £14. 39. This post contains press samples.

Woods Of Windsor 'White Jasmine' Perfume Review


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