Why I’m Obsessed With SKANDINAVISK Candles


Why I’m Obsessed With SKANDINAVISK Candles

Hello friends! Today I want to share a little bit of love for SKANDINAVISK Candles. I LOVE these candles SO much; they look beautiful, they smell incredible and they are a Certified B Corporation, meaning they meet the highest possible standards when it comes to social and environmental impact. Their candles look, smell and do good, so it’s time we had a chat about them! Let’s go!

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Skandinavisk was started by a curious English chap, Shaun, who fell in love with a blonde Scandinavian gardener and never left. He was joined by a second English emigrant, Gerry, who shared his love for Scandinavia and a Danish designer, Line, who captured their combined experiences and translated it all into our distinctive design DNA.

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SKANDINAVISK & Sustainability

Skandinavisk believe in leaving a lighter footprint, they are a Certified B Corporation who believe in honesty, transparency, recycling, natural and organic formulas, FSC-certified packaging, locally sourced ingredients which are vegan and cruelty free. You can read more about their sustainability and mission here. But trust me, it’s impressive! Only the best of the best are able to achieve B Corp status!

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My Favourites!

FJÄLL Scented Candle: FJÄLL is Swedish for Highlands and one of my personal favourites from the collection. It smells like heather, thyme, ground red berries and green accords. For me, it’s got major Autumnal berries and fig vibes. I LOVE it! Skandinavisk do red berries, green accords and coziness SO well!

FJORD Scented Candle: FJORD is Swedish for Norwegian. This candle is inspired by rock faces, waterfalls and forests. It contains accords of apple, pear blossom, orchard fruits and redcurrant. Again it contains those beautiful red berries, but this time with some sweet powdery apple and pear accords and aquatic notes. Stunning for the day time! I also love the hand wash!

KOTO Scented Candle: KOTO is old Finnish for Home. This candle has been designed to create a sanctuary; warm, soothing and intimate. It contains notes of vanilla beans, dried orange peel, amber and vintage leather furniture. It truly does smell comforting and nostalgic and reminds me of home baking, christmas preparation and furniture polish, in the most perfect way! So unusual and wonderful!

ROSENHAVE Scented Candle: ROSENHAVE is Danish for rose garden. This candle is a stunning blend of alba rose, elderflower, geranium and blackcurrant buds. It’s soft, powdery and almost a vintage inspired rose blend. It’s dreamy, romantic, warm and fresh. Absolutely joyful, you know I love rose-scented everything and this one is beautiful and really different to any other rose fragrance I’ve ever owned.

Thank you for reading my Why I’m Obsessed With SKANDINAVISK Candles post. I love this brand SO MUCH; they truly make the most wonderful candles, which are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. If you have never heard of them, please do look them up and if you want to try them before you buy, you can find them at Anthropologie and John Lewis.

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