Where To Buy The Best Rugs?

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Where To Buy The Best Rugs?

Hello friends! Today I want to share some of my favourite places to buy rugs – both new and secondhand, as well as cheap or more luxe. Personally I’m not a carpet person but I flippin’ love a good rug, so today I want to share some of my personal favourite places to buy rugs! Let’s go!!!


Anthropologie always have stunning rugs: thick, high quality, cool and unique! This season my favourite by far is this cutie!!! Isn’t it amazing?


Designers Guild

One of my all time favourite rugs came from Designer Guild! It’s beautiful quality, amazing colours and really cool print! Love it!!!

House of Hackney

House of Hackney rugs are super cool but super spends, some of them go up to around £16,000! No joke! But there are others for around £2-4,000. Admittedly it’s a lot. But they are really cool… if you are loaded… then why not?!

Le Redoute

Le Redoute have some stunning rugs, I’m kinda obsessed with this one! What do you think? Shall I do it? There are loads of great ones to choose from, especially if you like more shag rugs in cream and black, plus they are super affordable! 

vintage rug from ebay


One of my favourite places to score vintage rugs! Sure you can get into a bidding war. Or you can just see what people are selling buy it now and you never know, you could always make an offer which is accepted! I got our hallway rug from eBay for £200 which sounds like a lot but I promise it wasn’t as it was huge and beautiful quality!

fashion for lunch blog Kitchen industville lampshade light dome copper


Some of the coolest designs and most affordable rugs on the high street!! Our kitchen rug was from them and I loved it! It’s always worth keeping an eye out for their new rug designs as you can get really lucky in Matalan and they are always so affordable! 


Dunelm have also nailed the rug selection! Make sure you check them out and they are also super affordable! 

Facebook Marketplace

Again! Worth a hunt for rugs locally!!! One woman’s trash and all that!


Etsy have some great rugs from both vintage sellers and makers, just make sure you click the location button as you don’t want to be shipping a rug from America to the UK as it would cost a fortune in delivery and custom fees! I love this face line drawing rug, this pastel stripe rug and this Jute rug

fashion for lunch home leopard figurine statue matalan cushion matalan plant

Your Parents Loft!

I will forever be devastated that my parents had some amazing vintage rugs in their loft and they chucked them out!!!! Ask your grandparents or parents if they have any in storage they no longer need. Or to think of you if they ever clear any out. Remember rugs can be washed really well, especially wool rugs.

Wendy Morrison

Wendy Morrison; A brand I discovered through Instagram and now I can’t stop thinking about them. admitting they are more luxury rugs but they are a life time investment!

Inside My Colourful Margate Airbnb!

The Rug Seller

I got our Airbnb rugs from The Rug Seller! They cost 3 months to arrive but they were super cheap and looked great when they finally arrived! I love their William Morris prints too! 

Vintage Shops

If you are searching for vintage rugs, it’s always worth knowing that they clean up really well, especially if they are made from natural fibres like wool. Also there nothing quite like shopping for them in person to see the finish, colour, quality and knots.

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Where To Buy The Best Rugs? Post! I hope you like it! Let me know if you have any questions and this post contains affiliate links. 


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    I do love a Matalan rug for a bargain ! x