Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Hermes Scarf

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Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Hermes Scarf

Hello friends!! Today I want to have a quick chat about Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Hermes Scarf. I have a nice collection Hermes scarves, some vintage, some new and even an heirloom… or two! As you might know from some of my Chanel posts I LOVE chatting about authenticating luxury items, so today we are going to chat about how to tell a real Hermes scarf from a fake hermes scarf. Also, this post focuses on the classic 90 x 90cm silk twill square scarves, however, a lot of the principles relate to the rest of the scarves. Although products like the cashmere shawls don’t have hand rolled edges, nor are they made of densely weaved silk twill. Anyway! Let’s go!

Hand Rolled Edges

First of all, and one of the BIGGEST giveaways of authenticity, is does the Hermes scarf have hand rolled edges? This is where the edge of the silk has literally been rolled and stitched by hand so create the perfect finish. If it is a flat edge with obvious machine stitching, it’s not real. Similarly, if it’s rolled but you can see stitches which look like a machine, it’s not authentic. Instead, the edge should be a tiny, beautiful rolled finish which has almost invisible hand-done stitches holding the roll in place. If you look closely at the images, you should be able to see. Also, the roll should be the same size and thickness the whole way round and never sit ‘wonky’ along the edge. Hand rolling is a very skilled process and it’s expensive to do, so it’s extremely rare a faux Hermes scarf will have a hand rolled edge.

Chanel silk scarves also feature hand rolled edges, however, some ‘Luxury’ brands charge similar prices for machine rolled edges and personally, I NEVER buy expensive scarves with machine edges. It’s just not the same!

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Is It Made From Silk Twill?

Hermes are one of the few brands (that I know of) who have their own scarf factory. Not only do they print and construct their own scarves, but they also loom the silk, which is why Hermes have the thickest, heaviest silk twill on the market. Where as fake Hermes scarves might have a slightly shiny, satin-y finish to their scarves, maybe even with some metallic flecks, authentic Hermes scarves have a more matte surface and the lines of the silk twill are visible to the eye. If you look closely, you will see the texture of the weave. Authentic Hermes scarves will have a visible texture, fake Hermes scarves will have a flatter, smoother and shinier texture.

Look Out For the Hermes Branding & Artists Name

Every Hermes scarf will feature a few key elements:

  • The artists signature
  • ‘Hermes’ which is drawn into the print
  • A subtle ‘HERMES©’ stamp, in block capitals, followed by the copyright stamp
  • Modern Hermes scarves will also feature the name of the scarf incorporated into the print.

Some of these elements might be hard to spot and very old scarves may not feature both Hermes stamps, nor the title of the scarf into the design. But Authentic Hermes scarves will always features both the artists signature and the Hermes brand. The scarf may also feature a black label in the corner, however, these can fall off over the years or be removed by the wearer, but personally I NEVER look for these as this is the easiest part of the scarf to fake and you will be able to authenticate the item easier and more accurately by looking at other markers like the hand rolled edges and the print quality!

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How Heavy Is It?

This one follows on from the silk twill discussion, but really deserves it’s own mention. Hermes silk scarves are heavier than any other luxury or designer scarf. The silk is thicker and more densely woven, so it truly does feel thicker and most importantly heavier than any other silk scarf. If you pick it up and it feels floaty, it’s unlikely it’s authentic Hermes. However, if you shy away from wanting to wear it in the summer for fear of being too hot, then it’s likely to be authentic Hermes.

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Is The Print Perfect?!

Finally, Hermes screen print each scarf by hand! NO JOKE!! Sometimes using up to around 30 colours and screens for each print. If you see any ‘colouring outside the lines’, run colours, smudges or imperfections, the scarf is not authentic. Hermes do not sell their seconds and everything is carefully checked over by quality control. Hermes silk scarves are always beautifully printed and absolutely perfect. There’s no digital printing here friends!

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Pros & cons

Pros: high quality, beautiful designs, beautifully package, multiple ways to wear, great gifts, timeless, fashion investment, modern heirlooms

Cons: higher prices points

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Five Ways To Authenticate A REAL Hermes Scarf post! I really hope it was of help! If you have any questions, please do let me know!! This post contains affiliate links. Also want to know how to knot your Hermes scarf? Then read this post!



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