Five Podcasts Which Make You Feel Like You Are Hanging Out With Friends

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Five Podcasts Which Make You Feel Like You Are Hanging Out With Friends

Hello friends! Today is #FreedomDay and I don’t know about you, but I’m still very much flying solo when it comes to my day times. Sure, my boyfriend is still working from home, but he’s always SO busy he doesn’t talk to me, so I find myself listening to a lost of podcasts and honestly, some of them feel like funny friends in my pocket. So if you are looking for some podcasts which feel like you are hanging out with your smart, funny, like-minded BFF’s, this one is for you!

A Beautiful Mess

If you follow the blog A Beautiful Mess, then you might already know of the A Beautiful Mess podcast, but if not… here you go! They are your blogging BFF’s ready to dish out advice on DIY, decorating, parenting, cooking, running a business and so much more!

Every Outfit

Brought to you by the ladies behind the @everyoutfitonSATC instagam account. These fashion BFF’s chat And just like that, SATC, Fashion news, Celebrities and Kardashians. They are funny, frank and I enjoy hanging out with them every friday!

The Alarmist

Wanna chat history and how it went wrong? Then subscribe to The Alarmist. Every week they discuss tragedies and figure out who’s to blame. Sometimes it’s pop culture related like who’s to blame for the spice girl split, or Heather’s, others it’s the sinking of the Titanic or the Flint Water Crisis. I learn a lot and have fun with my buddies in the process!

Kesha & The Creepies

Wanna hang out with the popstar Kesha and chat all things ghosts, aliens, cults and conspiracies?! Me too! Kesha & The Creepies is brilliant! I can’t wait for the next series!!

Filling The Void

Finally, one of my favourite podcasts which has been on a covid hiatus, Filling the Void. It’s all about a love of hobbies, super fun, kinda geeky and great inspo if you want to start a new hobby too!

And there we have it! Five Podcasts Which Make You Feel Like You Are Hanging Out With Friends! For those of us still staying in doors and missing spending time with real people! PS. True crime podcast recommendations HERE!

VQ X Joules radio limited editon floral


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    July 28, 2021 / 8:21 pm

    I need to listen to some of these, my podcast library is a bit stale! x