FIVE Beauty Launches I’m Super Excited About

Smashbox 'Always On' Cream Eyeshadow

FIVE Beauty Launches I’m Super Excited About

Hello friends!! Today I want to chat about FIVE Beauty Launches I’m Super Excited About, it’s been a while since I talked about new launches because not much has been released and TBH, the things that have been releases weren’t really exiting me … So today I’m back with a little beauty content! I hope you love these new products as much as I do!

L'Oreal Volume 'Million Lashes' Balm Noir Mascara

L’Oreal Volume ‘Million Lashes’ Balm Noir Mascara

If you know me, you will know I rarely get excited over mascaras, I hate that ‘hard and heavy lash’ feeling. Sure, a long, think eyelash looks great, but it feels HORRID and I’m not about that life! Honestly if I could get away with just dying my lashes and never wearing mascara, I honestly would! Anyway, this new L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Balm Noir Mascara is one of the BEST mascaras I have used in AGES! True to it’s name, it has a balm style consistency, which feels super comfortable ALL DAY. It doesn’t clump, budge or smudge and it’s easy to remove at the end of the day. Sure it’s lengthening and thickening and looks great, but it honestly feels like the most comfortable and lightweight mascara I’ve ever used. Love it!!

Elemental Herbology 'Zest Sugar' Body Polish

Elemental Herbology ‘Zest Sugar’ Body Polish

This Elemental Herbology ‘Zest Sugar’ Body Polish dropped through my door JUST as I was feeling like I needed a good exfoliation. It smells STUNNING; super spa-like and it really sorted out my rough skin. With this hot weather I don’t really feel like having a bath, so this is giving me a mini spa in the shower and I’m living for it!! I don’t know about you guys, but I like a proper exfoliation with a nice coarse sugar scrub and this one is a dream!

Smashbox 'Always On' Cream Eyeshadow

Smashbox ‘Always On’ Cream Eyeshadow

I feel like I’ve mentioned these Smashbox ‘Always On’ Cream Eyeshadows before, but I wanted to share them again because I LOVE them!!!! There is a variety of colours to choose from, but I personally love Sepia. It’s a really lovely colour, really easy to apply, looks great with a winged eyeliner, lasts all day AND it doesn’t sit in my wrinkles. It’s become my daily go-to eyeshadow and I love it! As for application, I could probably use a brush, but I just go in with my fingers and it works a treat! I can’t recommend enough, especially for lazy make-up ladies like me!

L'occitane 'Vervain Menthe' Hand Cream Gel

L’occitane ‘Vervain Menthe’ Hand Cream Gel

I’m a long time fan of L’Occitanes iconic hand creams, but this new fragrance and formula is PERFECT for summer. The classic Verbena scent has been made even fresher and zestier with a hint of mint and the cream formular is slightly lighter as a gel which is still super hydrating, but lighter and even easier absorbed, even on the hottest of days. LOVE!

Vichy 'Mineral 89' Serum

Vichy ‘Mineral 89’ Serum

Finally, the hottest skincare launch of the season HAS to be Vichy ‘Mineral 89’ Serum! It contains hyaluronic acid and volcano water to hydrate and plump the skin in the short term and strengthen and repair the skins barrier in the long term.  It’s super hydrating, calming, soothing, plumping and honestly, I think the price is brilliant!!! It’s simple, but impactful! It’s better than products I’ve used which cost double this price!

Thank you for reading my FIVE Beauty Launches I’m Super Excited About! I hope it’s of help! This post contains affiliate links and press samples.

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