Where To Find The BEST Shoes For Women With Large Feet!

Where To Find The BEST Shoes For Women With Large Feet!

Where To Find The BEST Shoes For Women With Large Feet!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a big old post all about Where To Find The BEST Shoes For Women With Large Feet! The world is hard enough to navigate without struggling to find shoes that fit and quite frankly, us ladies need to be able to roam free, especially those of us with larger feet! Which is why I have scoured the internet to find the best places to buy larger shoes for ladies with larger feet. I am pretty confident with my edit; I think there is something here for every style, occasion and most importantly budget! No joke, if you want Miu Miu Shoes in a size UK9, I got you! Jimmy Choo’s in a size UK 10, no worries!! OR do you want some extra wide cute summer sandals for an affordable price in a size 9… Voila!!! Let’s go!!


OK! Let’s start with ASOS because for me, online shopping ALWAYS starts at ASOS! So technically ASOS go up to womens size 12, but if I’m honest, in the size 12 selection, it’s mainly trainers and the occasional pair of flip flops. The real magic can be found at around womens UK size 10 and below. I have to admit, they have LOADS of great size 10 shoes too; heels, trainers, sandals and not just the ‘safe’ and boring styles, but more fashionable and edgy designs too! Plus, because it’s ASOS, the prices are super affordable!!!

French Sole

You have to have a gander on the French Sole website as I personally don’t find it the easiest to filter by shoe sizes and find the larger sized shoes. HOWEVER, they do go up to a European size 44 which is a UK size 10, however, I personally find their shoes come up fairly small and narrow, so please do be aware for that before you order! However they are really cute shoes for big feet!


You might find yourself scrolling a LOT on Amazon to find something you love, however, it’s worth having a good scroll, because Amazon do go up to a size UK 13 in womens shoes! Which is pretty amazing! But I have warned you, it’s somewhere that you will have to hunt and hunt before you find your perfect shoe, but it’s worth the scroll, especially if you are a size 12 or 13 size shoe.


Just a little heads up here, FitFlops go up to a UK size 9 for women AND their sizes are on the generous side. Plus they do generous wide fittings and super comfortable soles too.


Gowa have a small but beautiful selection of shoes, boots and sandals; I love their classic loafers and summer sandals. They look super chic; but the prices are really reasonable. And they best part is they go up to an 11 in most styles and up to a 12 in others. One of my fave stores! Well worth looking at!


For the designer lovers, Net-a-Porter have an incredible selection of shoes up to a uk womens size 9. They have some truly lust worthy shoes!

Nine West

If you are looking for shoes for the workplace, then head over to Nine West who’s shoes, boots and sandals go up to a size 10.5.

Kurt Geiger

Just a heads up friends, Kurt Geiger go up to a size 9. Look out for their amazing rainbow shoes!!

Russell & Bromley

While the Russell & Bromley website claims that they go up to a size 12, if I’m honest, most of the shoes online right now are round a size 9. Which is still good, but if you are a size 10, 11 or 12, then it might be worth keeping an eye on their website!! Also their shoes are dreamy!

Sophia Webster

Did you know Sophia Webster shoes go up to a uk size 12 in some styles?! No joke!!! Check them out! Also, perfect for brides and special occasions!


Admittedly, Matalan only go up to a womens UK 8, however, their shoe sizes tend to come up pretty generously, so if you are a big 8, or a small size 9, it might be worth checking out their selection. Plus if you do find some shoes you like, they are super affordable AND they are pretty amazing quality for the price too! I had a pair of boots that lasted 2 years and I wore them pretty much every day!!!

Simply Be

Simply Be shoes technically go up to a size 12, however at the moment, most of the shoes they have in stock are in up to a size 9. Plus they have super comfortable soles AND they have great wide fit options too! I also think their shoe sizes are really generous, so if you are a size 10 and see something you love, it might be worth ordering them and see if they work for you! I have definitely had to go down a size in Simply Be because I found their shoe sizes were so generous!

Vestiaire Collective

If you are looking for a designer bargain, it’s always worth checking out Vestiaire Collective for pre-loved gems. At the moment they have some incredible brands and incredible shoes in a womens size 8,9 and 10 from brands like Saint Laurent, Chloe, Anya Hindmarch, Balanciaga and SO many more!!! Check here!

Long Tall Sally

No joke! Long Tall Sally are killing it when it comes to shoe sizes!! I’m talking size 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13!!! It’s amazing for Shoes For Women With Large Feet!!!! Plus their designs are SO good!!!! Plus if you sign up to their mailing list you can get 10% off your first order!


I love UGG, but I know they are not for everyone. So I will keep this one short, but worth knowing that Uggs go up to a size 11. Also, they do more than just their iconic boots, they do trainers, loafers and SO much more these days!! Also, if you sign up to their mailing list, you will get 10% off your first order!


Again, Crocs are polarising, but I LOVE my Crocs and I’m happy to tell you that they go up to a UK womens size 10, however, their shoes are unisex, so they actually go up higher!! Plus, their shoes are so comfortable, you will get a pair and wear them ALL the time!!! I know I do!

Charlotte Olympia

I love Charlotte Olympia shoes and I’m happy they go up to a size 9, but here’s hoping they go a little higher in the future.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens are one of my all time favourite brands AND shoe brands!! I love them!!! AND guess what? They go up to a Womens UK size 15 which is AWESOME!!!! Plus there are so many styles and colours to choose from! They are great for indie kids, fashion girls and those who like to keep things simple. They are just cool… y’know? Honestly, the best place to buy cool Shoes For Women With Large Feet!


I didn’t want to focus too much on trainers in this post, as I feel like trainers tend to be more size inclusive, however, I’m a HUGE fan of Converse and I’m so happy to tell you they do womens shoes in up to a UK size 15. Pretty cool, huh?!

Jimmy Choo

I’m honestly beyond impressed with the Jimmy Choo size range, do you know they go up to a UK size 12? It’s SO good and I’m so happy to share that one with you!!! It’s so cool!!! Especially amazing for brides with larger feet.


I am so impressed with Matches! If you filter their womens shoes and boots by size, you will BE SHOCKED!!! They have some great Jimmy Choo’s in a size 10, Plus AMAZING brands like Miu Miu, The Row, Louboutin and Rupert Sanderson in a size 9 and 9.5. Plus even more styles in a size 8. It’s really impressive!! Also, worth checking their sales out too when the time comes!

After 8 Shoes

After 8 Shoes sell shoes in up to a size 12, they are less of a fashion shoe, especially compared to places like Jimmy Choo or La Redoute, but deffo worth a scroll!


Zappos is a little bit like Amazon, you will have a scroll a LOT, because there is a lot of (what I would call) not so cool shoes on there, however they do have some gems and their sizes go up to a UK 12 or 14, depending on the season. So well worth keeping an eye on their website!


Clarks go up to a size 9 in womens shoes, plus they have super comfortable soles and their shoes tend to be fairly true to size!


Toms make GREAT shoes, super comfortable, perfect for summer AND they go up to a womens UK size 10. I’m a big fan of the brand and I love wearing my Toms in the warmer months!!

Office Shoes

Technically, Office shoes for women go up to a UK size 13, but their sizes 11, 12 and 13 are more trainer styles. However their shoe-shoes go up to a size 10 which is pretty awesome!!

La Redoute

You might be happy to find out that La Redoute have some really really cute and affordable shoes which go up to a UK size 10 and 10.5. I especially love these heels which come in a nice wide fit. But honestly, La Redoute have loads of amazing styles of shoes in up to a UK 10.5.

Cinderella Shoes

If you have never heard of Cinderella Shoes and you have larger size feet, then you will be BLOWN away by Cinderella Shoes!! They go up to a UK size 13 and their shoes are SO flippin’ cute!!!! If you struggle to find Shoes For Women With Large Feet, then this store will be your new BFF!

J Crew

Did you know J Crew do a size 9 and 10 size shoe?! Yep! It’s true! I think some of the size 10 shoes might be shipped in from America, but even so, it’s SO cool to have the option!!


Evans have some really cute shoes and they go up to a size 10. PLUS they have great sales, where you can really scoop up a bargain! Thank me later!


Rayo shoes go up to a UK size 12, at the moment they have REALLY low stock, but don’t worry, I’m sure they will restock soon! So keep an eye on their website!


Just a heads up, Aldo offer shoes in up to a UK size 9 feet and they have some great designs!! They also are a great option if you are looking for vegan shoes in larger sizes.

Wolf & Badger

Finally, I HAVE to give a big ol’ shout out to Wolf & Badger who have some INCREDIBLE Fashionable, ethical and sustainable shoes in larger sizes!!!! Most go up to a size 9, however, there are some really great options in a uk size 10 too! Which is so cool and trust me, you will be obsessed with some of their designs! Plus it’s so cool that they are all made by indie and ethical designers too!

Ta da!! And there we have it! Where To Find The BEST Shoes For Women With Large Feet! I REALLY hope this post if of help! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll update it when I find more cool stores offering larger size shoes too! This post contains affiliate links. Photos feature Simply Be shoes which were gifted a few years ago for a project!

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What shoes look good on big feet women?

To be honest, I think all shoes look good on big feet women. The only shoes I would advise you to avoid are pointy toe shoes, but they are dated and ugly on everyone!

What is considered big feet for a woman?

Generally a shoe size UK 9 and above is considered to be big feet for women, and these tend to the the hardest shoes to find in high street stores.

What color shoes make your feet look bigger?

White and pale coloured shoes will make your feet look bigger, as will pointy toe shoes.

What shoes not to wear with big feet?

Big feet women should avoid pointy toe shoes and pale and white coloured shoes.