TEN Super Affordable Things Every Blogger Needs!

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TEN Super Affordable Things Every Blogger Needs!

Hello friends! Today I want to share TEN Super Affordable Things Every Blogger Needs! Actually, some of these items are free… But I promise, all are important I think some of them you will have NEVER heard of before!!!

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Mailing List

Want hits on your blog? Then you need a mailing list, whilst social media is great, you have to constantly plug away to get a few hits, where as a mailing list is automated and will get you hits, clicks and let you create newsletters for your audience. Trust me, you need it! Personally, I’m all about Convert Kit which is FREE to start and you can upgrade when you need.


My favourite wordpress plug-in, it truly makes SEO SO EASY!! It’s also free! Just search for it in the plug in’s section!

Tocca ‘Colette’ Perfume Review fragrance 2020

Capture By Lucy Backdrops

My secret favourite way to create a great image in a jiffy! I have LOADS of these, but you could just get one and save yourself SO much time and add a little extra something to your photos! It’s the best cheat for those of us who don’t live in a perfect house or have oodles of time to create beautiful set ups. These do the hard work for you! Check out the Capture By Lucy shop.

A Great Theme

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great theme! There are loads of Etsy OR you could use Squarespace to create you blog which makes it easy to make stunning looking blogs effortlessly!

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EVERY blogger loves Canva and there’s a good reason for this!! It is thousands of amazing templates to make stunning graphics, banners, pins and everything you can imagine. It’s truly the best! There’s a free version and a paid-for version too, where you can get even cuter templates and

Affiliate Agency

I’m not saying you need to make money on your blog, you really don’t! You don’t have to have big goals to work with brands and make it your job, but whatever your plan is, it’s worth signing up to an affiliate agency as if you are sharing what you love, you may as well make commission from it. Personally I started on AWIN and moved onto RewardStyle. I would recommend doing the same, as AWIN is easier to sign up to, where are RS is notoriously hard to join. You can sign up to AWIN here, then just search for your fave brands; ASOS, Boots, Premier Inn and share you links organically in your content and see the commission slowly roll in!

Photo Editing App

A good photo editing app is a must for every blogger, if you love dark and moody shots, then VSCO is amazing, if you love light, bright pictures then try A Color Story. You can find both in the app store. For desktop I use Lightroom and I buy presets from Etsy, sure I could make my own, but this is quicker and easier!

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Good Lighting

When it comes to photography and filming, you NEED good lighting! A window is the best (and free) source of light, you can play around with midday sun, shadows and golden hour to see what you like best, but if you blog in the evenings and weekends you might want to think about investing in a soft box light or a ring light if you want to do youtube videos. I use this soft box from Amazon which is great and this ring light from Amazon for filming. If you blog in the evenings and weekends and you don’t want to splash out on lighting, then just try to organise your saturday morning to shoot everything you need to shoot for the week in one go!


Finally PASSION! You need passion! You might not get a sponsored post for 6 months – trust me, it’s possible!! So if your aim of blogging is to make money, you will be burnt out pretty quick! You HAVE to enjoy it! You have to want to take photos, write, share ideas, share content… I promise, you need passion for blogging otherwise it gets very boring, very fast!

I really hope this post is of help! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! Also this post contains affiliate links and refer-a-friend codes!


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    June 29, 2021 / 11:24 am

    I need to try out Canva more! I keep hearing it’s great x