Is The Chanel Boy Bag Worth It?!


Is The Chanel Boy Bag Worth It?!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would do a bit of a catch up post about the iconic and amazing Chanel Boy Bag and answer the age old question… is the Chanel boy bag worth it?! Also I want to chat about the price, where to get it cheaper, the quality, design options, is it a classic chanel bag, how to style it, if it’s cross body or not and everything in between. I’m SO ready to fully geek about about this amazing Chanel handbag!

Chanel Boy Bag Price UK

Right, let’s start off with the price! The classic black leather quilted Chanel boy bag price UK is currently £4,300. This is for the classic design you know and love without any seasonal additions or changes. This bag is made of calfskin leather and Ruthenium finish hardwear and it measures 15 × 25 × 9 cm. If this is out of your budget, but you love the Boy Bag design, then you could always consider the Chanel Boy Bag Wallet on Chain which is currently priced at £2,190. For something a little more embellished like this AMAZING pearl detail Boy Bag, you would be looking at a price tag of around £5,020. IF you are looking to save a little cash on your Chanel bag, keep reading, I have a few tips and tricks for you!


Are The Chanel Boy Bags Still Popular?

Yes! The Chanel Boy Bags are still super popular. They are easy to style, a little more casual than the classic flap bag and they have a real rock-n-roll-cool-girl vibe. They also have a single flap and are fabric lined so they tend to be lightweight to carry, which I love, because even though the classic flap bag is stunning, it can be super heavy. Where as the Boy Bag is a little lighter and generally feels a little more effortless and cool. The Boy bag was released around 10 years ago now and it’s still a sought after IT handbag which the fans LOVE! On the resale market, it holds it’s value very nicely too.

Does Chanel Ever Go On Sale?

Chanel bags do go on sale, but very rarely and to be honest, the stock is VERY limited and the prices aren’t amazing either. It’s very rare you will find something like the Boy Bag on sale, instead look out for items like RTW apparel or shoes. In my opinion, shoes are the best thing to buy on sale in Chanel stores. They have a Summer and a winter sale.

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Which Chanel bag is the best?

It’s so hard to tell you which is the best Chanel bag, but personally I think the Chanel WOC is a great small, practical and affordable Chanel bag. The Boy bag is brilliant if your style is a little more edgy and you are a little more casual – plus it can be worn crossbody. The Classic flap is timeless and beautiful but it is a little heavy to carry and a much more formal bag. I also love the Deauville bag which is so practical, I wear my vintage Deauville a lot and I love it.



Is Chanel Boy a classic?

No! The Chanel boy has not yet been made a classic bag by the fashion house. To the fans, it feels like one, but technically, it has not yet been given that status. Styles like the classic flap and Reissue are classics.

Best Places To Buy The Chanel Boy Bag Cheap!

If you are looking to buy a Chanel Boy Bag cheap, then personally I would say skip the Chanel sale as you won’t find it there, instead consider buying your ‘cheap’ Chanel boy bag either the luxury resale market or buying it at Duty Free in the airport. Because the Chanel Boy isn’t ‘Classic’ it is sold in the airport stores (the classics are not) so you can get it at 20% off at Duty Free, assuming they have it in stock at the time of purchase. Alternatively, you can buy it on the resale market for a little less either from places like Vestiaire Collective or Farfetch OR at Auction Houses like Bonhams – my personal favourite place to shop for pre-loved Chanel.

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Can You Wear The Chanel Boy Bag Cross Body?

Yes you can! The strap is adjustable, so I would recommend wearing it on the longest setting and throwing it over as a cross body bag. The only thing you should be aware of is the fact that it sits fairly high up on your torso, usually with the bag hitting your waist. So if you don’t like a shorter cross body bag, this might not be for you, or if you are a little curvier or taller it might be too short, but generally it works well as a cross body bag, as long as you are happy with it sitting at a short length. FYI, the shorter length is the fashion packs way of wearing a cross body, just saying!! Personally, I wear mind as a longer shoulder bag because I’m not that hip.


When Did I Get My Chanel Boy?

Lordy! This takes me back! I got my Chanel boy years ago! I was living in East London at the time and my boyfriend hit a big birthday and he bought himself a new car and me a Chanel Boy bag!! No joke! It was a pretty expensive and lavish day for him! It was totally unexpected, he came home to our tiny rented flat and said ‘Want to see my new car?!’ and then he said ‘I got something for you whilst I was out!’ and presented me with the bag. Needless to say… I WAS SHOCKED!!! Years on and I still have the bag and I still love it! It’s a beautiful Chanel bag which I love because it’s super cool and really wearable.

Are Chanel bags good quality?

Yes, Chanel bags are beautiful quality. The quality of the leather cannot be beaten, the hardwear is wonderful and looks glossy and perfect for decades, the lining is sturdy, the stitching is perfect and everything from the bag to the packaging to the tissue paper and dust bag is premium quality. Also, I have had my bag for about 6 years now and it’s still looking amazing! Seriously, look closely at the pictures and you will see!


Can I buy Chanel bag online?

Chanel do not have an e-commerce website so you cannot buy Chanel bags directly from Chanel online or in any of their boutiques like Harrods or Selfridges. If you want to buy a Chanel bag online I would recommend Both of which allow you to shop Chanel Vestiaire Collective or Farfetch. Both of which sell pre-loved Chanel bags (some are literally new and mint condition) and they are often a better price too. You can find both classic and rare seasonal items here too.

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Why I LOVE My Chanel Boy Bag!

OK! So let’s dig into my Chanel boy bag and why I love it so much! Obviously it has really happy memories attached to it which always makes me feel special. But on a practical level I love this bag because it’s really wearable. The strap is mostly chain but it has a handy leather section where you can sit it comfortably over your shoulder. Which is SO much more comfortable than a standard chain strap on your shoulder. It also has less interior pockets and flaps which give it a lot more interior space which I love. My main issue with the Classic Chanel Flap bag is it’s deceptively small on the inside, where as the Boy has a lot more interior space. Also, because it has less pockets and flaps and it’s not got leather lining, it is a fairly lightweight bag to carry compared to the classic flap bag. Which I love as the classic flap does get quite heavy. Finally, I love this bag because it’s super cool. It’s modern, chic, luxe and has a bit more of a edgy look, which I love as I’m a bit of an old emo at heart. Also you might notice I have the chevron quilted boy bag, I personally prefer this one, but that’s just my opinion! Which is your favourite style of quilting?

Go Shopping!

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