How To Store A Chanel Bag & How To Clean Chanel Bag

How To Store A Chanel Bag & How To Clean Chanel Bag

How To Store A Chanel Bag & How To Clean Chanel Bag

Hello friends!!! Today I am doing a little post about How To Store A Chanel Bag & How To Clean Chanel Bag. I am a true believer that Chanel bags an a wonderful give to yourself, but also an incredible investment. HOWEVER, if you want them to retain their value, you must store them well and learn how to safely clean them. Today I’m going to share how I store, care and clean for my Chanel bag collection and give you my best do’s and don’t’s so that you don’t prematurely age or damage your biggest fashion investment! I really hope this post is of help and if you have any questions, please do let me know! I am always happy to help!! OK! let’s get on with the post!!

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Which chanel leather is most durable?

Before we get started, I just wanted to chat a little about shopping for a Chanel handbag and which leathers are the most durable. For me, this is really important as I have bought a lot of Chanel lambskin bags, however, the grainy caviar finish leathers are way more durable. I’m a really clumsy person and it’s not unusual for me to spill crumbs or coffee when I’m on the go and a lambskin leather will REALLY damage if you spill liquids on it and any grease can and will absorb into the leather and discolour it. Where as a caviar leather is much more treated and has more of a coating to the leather, it’s a lot more resilient to damage, scratches, grease, spills, rain and everything else. So if you are a super careful person then go for the lambskin, but if you never wear white because you are too mucky, then avoid a lambskin Chanel bag, even in black!

Fun fact, when you buy a Chanel bag in store, they will ask you if you plan to use it every day and if you are, they do not recommend a lambskin bag as they are not designed for every day use. Instead they would recommend a caviar leather bag. So even if you aren’t planning on using it every day but you want to use it for many years to come, please consider buying the grainier caviar leather rather than the lambskin leather bags. They just last better!!

The most durable Chanel Leathers and fabrics:

  • Goat leather
  • Caviar Leather
  • Patent leather
  • Canvas


What’s the cheapest Chanel bag?

The cheapest Chanel bags are either the clutch bags or the WOC (wallet on chain) bags. If you are desperate for a Chanel lambskin leather bag then I would suggest buying an every day Chanel bag in the Caviar leather or Canvas (like the Classic Flap or the Deauville bag). Followed by a second cheaper bag for the evening in the lambskin leather. This way your every day bag will be more durable and your lambskin leather bag will be saved for best.

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results gold hardware

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results back view bad quality

Chanel Colour Transfer Review

I’ve spoken about this a fair bit over the years, but it’s something I can’t really talk about enough if I’m honest. Chanel bags in lambskin can suffer from colour transfer. What does this mean? It means that the dye from your other garments could transfer onto your bag and discolour it. I have had this issue and honestly, it’s kind of heart breaking. I have an amazing soft lambskin leather classic flap bag and I wore it next to a dark coloured jacket and the back of the bag is discoloured with dark coloured dye. They do warn you about it in store, but until you see it and realise how fast it can happen, it’s hard to really think about. So please, learn from my mistake and if you ARE going to buy a lambskin Chanel bag, make sure you buy it in black or a dark colour, not a light colour. And if you do, be VERY careful what you wear it with!

I have inserted an image of the front and back of my Green lambskin bag so you can see how little it has been used from the front and how damaged it is from the back. If you are sold on a coloured Chanel bag, then please consider a grainy caviar leather finish, or a patent bag or even a fabric canvas or jersey bag, but not a lambskin bag as you will be shocked at how fast the colour transfer can happen. I have also made a video about this which you can see below!


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How long does Chanel bag last?

If you look after a Chanel bag then it will last you for decades! To give yourself the best chance of a Chanel bag lasting for decades then follow these easy steps:

  • Choose a colour and style you won’t tire of
  • Choose your bag in a more durable leather
  • Clean and polish it as needed
  • Store correctly (see below)
  • Avoid spritzing perfume near the bag, both leather and chain strap
  • Never store wet and avoid using it in the rain
  • If a repair is needed, take it back to Chanel to be fixed promptly

What is the proper way to store handbags?

What is the proper way to store handbags?

To store your luxury handbag correctly you should take the following measures:

  • Never use your bag and in the rain, but if it does get wet, wipe dry with a soft, dye free cloth and allow to dry naturally
  • Remove the contents and turn upside down to shake free any dust or debris
  • Pad the inside of the bag with clean dry padding like white tissue paper or bubble wrap so it keeps it’s shape whilst being stored
  • Place as much of the chain as you can inside the bag
  • Close the flap and fasten the clasp
  • Put the bag inside it’s clean dust bag
  • Put the bag inside the dust bag into the Chanel box
  • Store in a room temperature wardrobe which is damp-free and humidity free.
  • Avoid storing your bags in extremes warm or cold conditions and nowhere either too dry or damp, for instance, avoid lofts, cellars, bathrooms, airing cupboards or window sills

How should I store my Chanel bag?

When storing your Chanel handbag, it’s important to store it clean and dry. First you want to pad the inside to keep it’s shape – never over-stuff it. Then you want to put the chain inside the bag, if it’s a lambskin bag you may want to put some padding between the leather and chain to stop indentations. Then put the bag inside the dust bag, put the dust bag inside the box and store the bag in a wardrobe, free from damp, extreem dryness or hot or cold conditions. Personally I always lay the bags flat, but I know some people like to see the Chanel logo facing out in their wardrobes.






How To Clean a Chanel Bag

You have two option when it comes to cleaning Chanel bags, you can either send it to a professional bag sparring company to get it professionally cleaned. Or you can clean it yourself with leather cream. If you choose to clean your bag yourself, please do a test patch first on a hidden part of the bag, for instance, inside the bag, on the base of the bag or at the back of the bag. Always use a good leather cream like Collonil and a soft, dye free cloth.

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Never Do This To Your Chanel Bag

  • Never spray perfume when you are wearing your bag and if you do, keep it well away from the bag. Perfume can discolour and damage both the leather and the chain strap
  • Never store you bag wet
  • Share your unique serial number online, even if you are selling your bag
  • Never store your bag in an airing cupboard or cellar, avoid climate extremes
  • Be careful of wearing a light coloured lambskin bag against dark denim as colour will transfer
  • Don’t wear in the rain
  • If you are going on holiday to somewhere particularly humid and hot, like Bali, consider if you want to take your designer bag as some climates can make it easier to cause damage to your bag
  • Consider VERY carefully before you colour change your bag, as sometimes the results are not as good as you expect. It can also decrease the value of your bag


Chanel Bag Cleaning Service

When it comes to cleaning a Chanel bag, personally I would try taking it to a Chanel store first, just in case they are willing to do it for you or recommend a service to you – usually off the record. However, if you are looking for an independent Chanel Bag Cleaning Service, I would recommend The Handbag Clinic. However, I would advise you to give them instructions, like ‘Please give it a gentle clean’ or ‘only clean the front of the bag’ and so forth.


Remember your Chanel bags are to use, love and enjoy! So try not to focus too hard on keeping your bag pristine. Remember they can always be cleaned and a mark, scratch or stain might look huge to you and tiny to someone else. Also, if you are a clumsy person and nervous about damaging your Chanel bag, try to only choose bags in the grainier caviar leather as they are a lot more durable and hardwearing. Admittedly some bags don’t come in this finish of leather (like the Chanel boy bag), but if it’s an option, always go for it! But seriously, love your bag, don’t spray perfume on it, don’t wear it in a rain shower and enjoy it!

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my How To Store A Chanel Bag & How To Clean Chanel Bag! I hope it’s of help and use to you! IF you have any questions, please do let me know. Also, this post contains bags I have used myself and affiliate links.


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