10 Ways To Use Dr Paw Paw Beauty Balm

10 Ways To Use Dr Paw Paw Beauty Balm

10 Ways To Use Dr Paw Paw Beauty Balm

Hello friends!! Today I thought I would have a chat about Dr Paw Paw Beauty Balm and all the ways you can use it! I have SO many tubes of this stuff from different beauty boxes and honestly, it’s a really handy handbag or bedside table product which can be used in SO many ways! I’m so happy to share this post with you and I hope it’s of help! Also if you want to buy a tube of Dr Paw Paw you can get it at Look Fantastic and it’s REALLY affordable!

What is Dr Paw Paw good for?

  • As a lipbalm
  • As a cuticle balm
  • To tame flyaway hair
  • Moisturise the heels of your hands
  • Shape brows
  • Glossy highlighter
  • As a natural adhesive for face glitter during festival season
  • As a lip shine
  • Help sooth insect bites
  • As an overnight hand cream for very dry hands
  • Soothe irritated skin
  • Nourish the heels of your feet
  • Soothe nipples for nursing mums
  • Soothe nappy rash

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Is Dr Paw Paw good for face?

Yes, you can use it on the lips and brows for deep hydration, or as a highlighter for a natural glossy look. During festival season you can use it as a natural adhesive for your glitter. Also, if you have super dry skin you can use it as an intense overnight cream on any particularly dry areas of your face or body.

Is Dr Paw Paw good for the body?

Yes, Dr Paw Paw is perfect for soothing nursing mum’s nipples, babies nappy rash, the heels of your hands or the heels of your feet. Some people also use it on tattoos to help heel and soothe the skin after a tattoo.

Dr Paw Paw Review

Finally, I wanted to do a quick review of this iconic product! I first discovered it from a friend who was from Australia, she was obsessed with this stuff and used to import it by the truck load, actually, that’s an exaggeration, but she would always have plenty of tubes of it and give it to her friends. A few years later it became a lot more easily accessible in the UK and actually, incredibly affordable too! It is a beauty box regular and can be found in places like Look Fantastic, Sainsbury’s and many more stockists. The beauty of Dr Paw Paw is that it’s super affordable, perfect for slathering all over you without worrying about the cost and it has SO many uses!!! Whilst it isn’t super-food packed like Egyptian Magic, it is a really effective and brilliant product and has so many uses. For me, it’s the perfect handbag staple and I see why my friend was so obsessed with it!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope this post was of use to you! Also this post contains press samples and affiliate links.

What is Dr Paw Paw good for?


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