10 Super Affordable Things That Make Me Happy!

maltesers chocolate spread

10 Super Affordable Things That Make Me Happy!

Hello friends!! Today I want to share 10 Super Affordable Things That Make Me Happy, in the hope they will give you a little joy inspo today or over the following week! This is just a quick read, so let’s get straight into it!



I LOVE hydrangeas, they are so pretty and I love all the dreamy colours they come in! Some change colour over the season, some are big perfect balls, others are lace cap… I don’t mind! I love them all! I find myself buying way more hydrangeas than flowers, I tend to put them in a pot and have them in the house for the first couple of weeks and then we plant them in the garden. I had SO many hydrangeas planted in our old garden and now I’m on a mission to have as many in this garden!

vintage crockery collection anthropologie my little pony holly hobbie plate

Vintage Crockery

It’s no secret I love vintage crockery, from plates to mugs, I can’t get enough!! I wrote this post about where to find the best vintage crockery, but honestly, some of my faves cost 50p a piece!


So affordable that they are free!! Favourites include We Need To Talk About Britney, The Mystery Show, A Beautiful Mess and Kesha & The Creepies.

maltesers chocolate spread

Crumpets & Chocolate Spread

It’s true! I love crumpets and chocolate spread!! I actually have a pretty epic collection of chocolate spreads; Maltesers, Crunchie, Caramel, Nutella and SO many more!!! I can’t get enough!

Happy Blossom Flowers

Happy Blossom flowers are THE CUTEST!!!! They are around £30 a bunch and they will last you… well… years?! They are baked, smell super pretty and generally just little bundles of joy!


Freshly Washed Sheets

I know it’s cliche, but you know it’s a joyful experience!

Luxury Lip Balms

There’s nothing better than a luxury lip balm which leaves you super soothed and hydrated! Favourites include Nuxe, Lanolips and By Terry.

cute note books

Cute Note Boots

Name someone who doesn’t love a cute new note book… the answer is no-one! Buy yourself a new one!

Leaving Positive Reviews

I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I leave a positive review for my favourite shop, restaurant or cafe on google and I love leaving great reviews for my favourite podcasts too! It’s also a great way to help out your fave indie brands!

lotus biscuit brownies

Freshly Baked Brownies From A Box

We all know I’m no chef, but I LOVE making brownies from a packet mix and pimping them up with some extra chocolate chips! My favourites are the Galaxy ones, they do a double chocolate and a blondie mix. SO good!!!

Ta da! And there we have it! I hope this post warms your heart, even just a little bit! This post contains some affiliate links.

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    June 29, 2021 / 11:25 am

    YES to the hydrangaes! Also I love this pot xx

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