Ultimate Guide To Coach Bags: Care, Style & History

Ultimate Guide To Coach Bags: Care, Style & History

Ultimate Guide To Coach Bags: Care, Style & History

My friends, today I want to do an Ultimate Guide To Coach Bags: Care, Style & History! As you might know by now, I LOVE Coach bags, I have a pretty hefty collection and I’ve written SO many posts about them! What can I say, I’m a big fan and I want to share some love for what they do! Today I want to chat about Coach bags 2021, how to care for them, style them, celebrity fans and of course, they long history and heritage! I hope you have a cup of tea at your side because this could be a long one! Enjoy my Guide To Coach Bags!

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Coach Brand History

The Coach brand has a very humble beginning, they started life in a Manhattan loft as a family run business in the 1940s, they had 6 employees who made leather wallets and cash-holders by hand with high quality leather. Over the years the business grew and they started expanding into baseball gloves and then later handbags, eyewear, key fobs and ready-to-wear garments. At the heart of the brand was quality, craftsmanship and quality leathers. These days the company is a huge worldwide brand, but at the heart of the brand is still their New York roots, girl-on-the-go vibes and of course high quality leathers and craftsmanship. In 2021, the brand is stronger and better than ever under the leadership of Creative Director Stuart Ververs who has done amazing things for the brand!

Are Coach Bags Made Of Leather?

Are Coach Bags Made Of Leather?

Yes! For the most part, Coach bags are made of high quality cow hide leather, however, there are a few bags which are made of fabric of coated canvas. They will always say what the material is in the product description and it’s usually very obvious as the signature print canvas bags are the line made from coated canvas. The rest are leather. It’s rare that Coach make bags from any other fabrics like velvet, wicker or sequin fabrics. They work hard to make sure all their leathers are as sustainable as possible and sourced from the best tanneries. Side note, Leather is an animal product, however, it is usually a bi-product of the meat rather than the reason.

Because Coach use such high quality leathers and their coated canvas bags are equally great quality, Coach bags are designed to withstand seasonal trends and a lot of wear and tear. Their bags are built to last! My first Coach bag was the Rogue in red and it still looks incredible and I have worn it a LOT. If anything it’s getting more beautiful with age!

How To Clean Coach Bags

How To Clean Coach Bags

Coach bags are generally pretty resiliant, however, it’s still a very worthwhile practice to care for your bags and clean them as needed. Personally, I avoid wearing my bags in the rain, as the water can leave surface marks and also weaken the structure of the bag. I also try to store my bags in their dust bags and always put them away clean and dry. It’s best to avoid keeping your bags in extremes of hot or cold and dry or humid conditions. For example, an airing cupboard is too dry and warm, a bathroom is too damp and a loft is too cold and potentially damp.

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How to clean a leather bag:

  • Turn the bag upside down and tap away any dust
  • Gently hoover the corners to clean away any trapped dirt or dust
  • To clean the outside of a leather bag, first try wiping the bag with a clean, dye free lightly damped cloth to see if this removes the dirt. Avoid the brass hardware.
  • Generally a damp cloth is not enough, so this is when I move onto leather cream. Personally I always use Collonil which is a well loved and trusted leather clean. This will lift the dirt and clean it off, as well as feeding the leather and giving it a very light protective layer.
  • Allow the bag to dry before you use the bag or store the bag in your wardrobe

How to clean a canvas or coated canvas bag:

  • Coated canvas is very durable and can generally be wiped clean with a damp cloth to clean it. If not, use a tiny amount of Fairy Liquid and water on a clean dye-free cloth to remove any dirt.
  • Canvas can be a little harder to clean, there are fabric cleaners you can use, but honestly, I usually start with a little bit of warm water and Fairy Liquid as that works wonders on most fabrics
  • Always start with a test patch in a less obvious place like the back or the base of the bag

Coach tabby bag floral flowers signiture coated canvas leather white tabby handbag

Where are Coach bags made?

Where are Coach bags made?

Once upon a time Coach bags were made in New York, however, as the brand grew, they had to move the majority of their manufacturing to China, where they work with the best factories to uphold the brands standards. They still have a workshop in America and this is where their limited edition items, samples and custom pieces are created. If you want to order a custom Coach bag, you can order a custom Rogue from one of their flagship stores, I enquired about one in the London Regent Street store and the prices start at around £1000, which I thought was pretty reasonable!

What is the most popular Coach handbag?

Top 10 Best Coach Handbags coach tabby bag

What is the most popular Coach handbag?

Coach Tabby Bag

For the past year or so, the Coach Tabby Bag has been THE Coach bag to be seen with! It’s perfect worn over the shoulder, as a cross body bag or in the crock of your arm. It comes with two detachable straps, oodles of enviable colours and it’s honestly the dream Coach bag! So cool, so chic and the bag of the year, if not few years! This bag will stick around for a while!

Coach Tabby Pillow Bag

Hot on the heels of the classic Coach Tabby bag is the Coach Tabby Pillow bag! A super fashion version of the iconic bag, but with more of a cosy, cute, almost cartoon feel to it! This bag has LIT up the fashion world and sells out SO fast, but honestly, it’s so cool, it’s easy to see why so many are obsessed with this one!!!

Coach Willow Shoulder Bag

The Coach Willow Shoulder Bag is a more of a larger size bag, still very fashion, but perfect for those who like to carry more around. Think weekends away, shopping trips, work wear looks and more. The Coach Willow Shoulder bag is effortless, cool and perfect for those who love more of a bucket bag.

Coach Saddle Beat Bag

The Coach Saddle Beat Bag is essentially a classic saddle bag with a little more FLAVOUR! It’s a very cool bag with loads of super hip embellishments and perfect for the weekend, lunches with friends or running errands!! If you love a saddle bag, then this one is perfect! Look out for the signature coated canvas versions of the bag, which are my personal favourites!

Coach Tote Bag

Finally, if you are after a Coach Tote bag, then either the Tyler bag is REALLY popular OR the slightly more unisex and fashiunnnnn Coach Field Tote bag. Personally I love the field bag, but the Tyler bag is also super popular!

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20RT_Coach_x_Jennifer Lopez_0001_RGB1 -Photo Credit Hao Zeng

Which Celebrities Wear Coach?

Celebrities who wear Coach include Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Michael B Jordan, Emma Watson, January Jones, Paris Hilton, Selma Blair and Ariana Grande… Not bad company right?!

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Thank you for reading my Guide To Coach Bags! I hope this post answers your burning questions; How to clean Coach bags, Are coach bags made of leather, which celebrities wear coach, where coach bags are made and which is the most popular coach bag!  This post contains affiliate links.



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