The Candle Offer You Need To Know About! (+Extra Promo Code!)

Homeworx by Harry Slatkin candles

The Candle Offer You Need To Know About!

Hello friends! Today I wanted to stop and tell you about the Homeworx by Harry Slatkin candles which have just been launched to the QVC website and share a little deal with you all. As you might already know, I LOVE scented candles and I have a pretty hefty and expensive collection of them, but I can’t afford to burn Fornasetti Candles 24/7, so I always like to have some slightly cheaper options for weeknights and day times. Y’know, something lovely, but a little less costly! I recently discovered Homeworx by Harry Slatkin and I have to admit, I’m impressed!!

These candles are £32.98 for four classic sized candles (down from £40), but if you are new to QVC then you can get £10 off when you spend £25 or more. Which this set is! Just use my refer-a-friend link. Pretty good right?! Anyway, let’s chat about the candle scents!

Homeworx by Harry Slatkin candles

Wild Hydrangea

“A delicate combination of blue hydrangea, Hampton meadow grass, willow branches, pear skin and night musk, encapsulated in a light blue wax”

Hydrangea’s don’t tend to have much of a scent, so this candle is more of a wild flowers, green grass and sweet pears. It’s got a cool, floral, vintage vibe and it’s SO pretty!

Enchanted Peony Blossom

“With notes of velvet peony, pink camellia, golden amber and fresh blackberry, encapsulated in a light pink wax”

This is a soft floral candle which reminds me of pretty peonies with a touch of rose and blackberry. Very pretty and has a slight powdery undertone which is lovely! Definitely one for people who like a slightly softer scent.

Coconut Cake

“An alluring blend of toasted coconut, coconut milk, whipped cream and buttercream frosting, encapsulated in a soft yellow wax”

I wasn’t expecting to love this one as I’m not really into sweet cakey smells or coconuts, but somehow this candle is really delicious and morish. I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it has a slight hint of spice which almost gives me sweet coconut and pumpkin spice vibes. It’s fun and delicious! It’s also a really good one if you like your candles really potent!

Island Palm

“Transport your senses with watermelon, mango, grapefruit, red fruits, vanilla and pulmeria, encapsulated in a green wax”

Finally, one of my favourites from the collection, this tropical candle smells sweetly aquatic with tropical florals of mango, grapefruit and sweet vanilla. So fun and uplifting! This along with the Coconut Cake is one of the more potent candles in the collection.

Ta Da! And there we have it! The Homeworx by Harry Slatkin candles and the set of four is priced at £32.98 for a limited time and if you use my refer-a-friend link you get £10 off! Pretty good if you ask me! This post contains gifted products.

 Homeworx by Harry Slatkin candles