Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million Fabulous’ REVIEW!

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous REVIEW perfume fragrance

Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million Fabulous’ Inspiration

“Life is fabulous. Time to shine! Discover the new feminine fragrance from Paco Rabanne, Lady Million Fabulous, queen of the night. When the party is on, she’s in her power: deeply fabulous and dressed to impress.

Like in a trance, all you want to do is dance.”

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Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Mandarin,

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Tuberose.

Base Notes: Moss, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Fragrance Family: Oriental floral

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous REVIEW perfume

Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million Fabulous’ REVIEW!

Hello friends!! Today I’m back with a Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous Review post. I shared this perfume on my instagram stories the other day and I instantly was asked if I would do a review of it and I figured… Sure!! Why not! So here I am!!

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous is the latest addition to the Lady Million collection along with Lady Million Empire. If you know the classic Lady Million perfume you will know it’s fabulous, flashy, sweet, floral and perfect for the evening. Lady Million Empire is a sweeter, floral and I’m assuming a more day-time friendly addition to the collection, where as Lady Million Fabulous is much more intense, solar, flamboyant and, as promise, fabulous. Is this a perfume for a wallflower? Hell no! If you want to be seen, heard and remembered, then Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million Fabulous’ is for you!

Much like the classic, Lady Million Fabulous is housed in a diamond shaped bottle which is so much fun! However, as tempting as it is to leave this perfume bottle on your dressing table in full sunlight where it will catch the morning sunshine and sparkle, please don’t! Just a reminder, perfumes need to be stored in a cool, dark place. Perhaps in the box, or maybe in a drawer, just please be careful, especially when the bottle is as good as this and craves to be on show. My tip, keep it in a drawer until you have sprayed every last drop and then when it is empty, display it on your dressing table without a worry that your perfume will spoil!

Anyway! Let’s discuss the perfume shall we! Paco Rabanne ‘Lady Million Fabulous’. This fragrance is rich, intense, solar and FABULOUS! It opens with a hit of intense spicy black pepper which is instantly sweetened with the fruits and vanilla accords. The sweet and spice really set a tone for the perfume; it’s dark, flashy, sparkling, radiant and even though there is plenty of sweetness there is also a hint of masculinity with the pepper which stops it from being too intensely feminine. The heart is bursting with traditional and rich florals; intense tuberose, ylang ylang and jasmine. Together creating a deep, warm, floral heart of heady florals. And of course, there is a solar accord which runs right through the fragrance along with the vanilla which really softens the perfume. At the base there is a hint of moss and tonka bean which gives the perfume a little woodsy earthiness and of course, plenty of sweet vanilla which is apparent throughout the perfume. If you like sexy night time Floral-Oriential fragrances, then this one is for you! It’s like Lady Million but with a hit of sunshine, which I know is hard to imagine, but it really does have an incredible solar accord. If I could make one change to it personally, I would love a little more in here, like a little more incense, amber and oud, just because I feel like that would turn the perfume up to 11, but other than that, it’s a really fun, sensual, summer evening, dark mysterious perfume which a beautiful solar accord which lifts the fragrance and makes this moody perfume perfect for the warmer months!

Thank you for reading my Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous REVIEW! I hope it was of help to you! You can buy this perfume from John Lewis. This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous REVIEW fragrance perfume review