My Favourite Places To Buy Vintage Crockery!

vintage crockery where to buy uk

My Favourite Places To Buy Vintage Crockery!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about some of my favourite places to buy vintage crockery. I LOVE buying vintage crockery and honestly, I have a pretty mammoth collection which I can’t bare to part with. I often get asked where I find these things and honestly, I feel like they call my name and I just happen upon them! The crockery in the image above for instance, that came from a local charity shop and it cost £15 for it all and I use it ALL The time! So today I wanted to chat about the best places to get vintage crockery as honestly, it’s everywhere, you just need to look out for it! OK! Let’s go!


Etsy is a treasure trove of vintage as well as handmade items. You might spend a little more at Etsy than you will on eBay, but it takes the fear of loosing the auction out of it and it’s still way cheaper than buying your crockery at a store. The only thing I would say is make sure you use the UK filter as you don’t want to fall in love with heavy crockery which is from a USA based seller as they will be HUGE shipping costs! There are some absolutely stunning pieces on Etsy, so do have a good search!!!


I love eBay, especially if I have something really specific in mind. It’s great for hunting and great for a bargain, however, you do always have the fear of getting outbid OR missing the end of the auction. Also, I’m a big fan of the Buy It Now items, so if you aren’t the best at bidding or you don’t want to be disappointed, filter your search so you ONLY see Buy It Now items and the prices are still pretty good. Plus if you see an item you like and it’s a tiny bit out of your budget, a lot of sellers have the ‘Make Offer’ option turned on, which is a great new feature!

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Carboot Sales & Charity Shops

My personal favourite places to hunt out vintage everything! Personally I LOVE the thrill of the hunt, sure it’s not for everyone, but I love it! Plus the prices tend to be amazing!

Ask Your Parents

You would be shocked at how many parents have vintage crockery in their garage / loft from their parents or grandparents. They usually can’t bare to get rid of them, but they also don’t use them. Ask them if they have any and if they would mind you using them. I have some adorable cups and a bread plate from my grandparents and I love using them and my boyfriend has a plate from his grandparents too. They feel SO special. So it’s always worth asking your parents, or grandparents if you are lucky enough to still have them!

Vintage Shops

Admittedly, vintage shops tend to be more expensive than charity shops and carboot sales, however, they do tend to have a lot of amazing stock which you might not EVER find in a charity shop. So if you see something special, it’s worth spending the extra cash on it. PLUS, it’s still probably a LOT cheaper than buying a brand new dinner service, so if you compare the costs to a new set, you are still quids in and you have something a LOT more special!

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Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace & Freecycle

Vintage crockery and dinner services are something that a lot of people don’t want or need as they tend to take up a lot of space and be pretty heavy. So it’s always worth doing searches on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and Freecycle to see what you can see! You never know, you might get lucky!

Local Auctions

Finally, the old school way to shop for vintage an antiques – local auctions!!! You don’t have to bid in the room – which can be VERY intimidating, instead you can place your bids ahead of the sale and cross your fingers. Again, you will be shocked at some of the prices you can find items for!

Go Shopping!

Finally, If you would rather buy new crockery which looks vintage, then let me recommend Etsy, Anthropologie, TK Maxx, Orla KielyBurleigh, Amara, Trouva and Homesense. Who all have incredible and stunning vintage inspired homewares and crockery! This post includes affiliate links.

My Favourite Places To Buy Vintage Crockery! review uk

vintage crockery where to buy uk



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