Let’s Discuss The Cambridge Satchel Company Daisy Bag – Review!

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review bluebell daisy

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review

Hello friends! Today I am back again with another Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review. In the past I have reviewed The Little One, The Cloud Bag and of course, the iconic Poppy bag. Today we are going to discuss price, design and colour options, the history of the bag, how to style it and how it compares to the Poppy bag and of course, the quality and craftsmanship of the bag too! If you want to know everything there is to know about this bag and read a full Cambridge Satchel Company Daisy Bag Review, then this post is for you my friends!!

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About The Daisy Bag…

“Daisy is the Audrey Hepburn of bags, effortlessly classy and exudes style.Daisy is Poppy’s older sister, with her structured lines, clinched-in waist and delicate gold feet and secure twist-lock fastening.” 

Also, rumour has it, this bag was designed by Julie Deane herself, the founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company.

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review handbag

Daisy Bag Details

  • 100% leather
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Branded hardware
  • Twist lock closure
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Embossed logo at the reverse
  • Dust bag for protection and storage
  • Measures 11″ wide by 7″ tall and 5.5″ deep

Daisy Bag Colour Options

Every season the Daisy bag comes in different seasonal colour ways. This season you can get the Daisy bag in French Grey, Indian Yellow, Bluebell and Navy. Just a quick heads up, but each CSC bag is handmade in England and only a limited number of each colour are made, so please be aware that if you fall in love with a colour, you might want to snap it up fast, as they do sell out really fast.

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Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review daisy bag handbag

How To Care For and Clean a Cambridge Satchel Company Bag?

  • Avoid using your Daisy bag in the rain
  • If your bag gets wet, wipe it dry with a clean cloth and allow to dry naturally.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Do not store in an airing cupboard or any other place of extreme heat or coldness like a loft or bathroom
  • If you use a leather protector or cleaner, test it in a small, discrete place first
  • If you choose a very light coloured bag, like a white or lemon, avoid wearing it next to brand new dark coloured jeans as the dye may transfer. Colour transfer may happen, but generally denim is the main culprit.

Watch My Cambridge Satchel Co. Daisy Bag

How To Style The Cambridge Satchel Co. Daisy Bag

The CSC Daisy bag can be worn with everything from jeans, a breton top and a cute coloured blazer, to a chunky cardigan and vintage dress. It’s a really playful and chic bag, so personally I like to wear it with cute colourful outfits with a splash of whimsy. However, if you like to keep your outfits a little more simple, you can brighten up the plainest of outfits with the Daisy bag in a cute colour. It’s a real go-anywhere, wear-everywhere kinda bag!

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review

Daisy Bag Price

The CSC Daisy bag is £165, however, you can get 10% off if you sign up to the mailing list. Which really helps to bring the price down. The Daisy bag doesn’t usually go on sale, so I personally wouldn’t wait for your favourite colour to be reduced as it probably won’t happen, however, it’s always worth checking the sale as the CSC do have great sales, generally featuring less sought after colours or sized bags. For instance, you might find the Daisy Mini on sale, rather than the classic sized Daisy. Personally, I think the CSC is a fair and reasonable price at £165 (or £150ish if you use the discount below). As it is a beautifully made 100% leather handbag which is made in England. The quality is always flawless and they are useful, wearable bags which are chic and long lasting. They ooze class in the way that a high street bag could never, yet, they don’t demand the price tag of a classic ‘designer’ bag. CSC are a cool-girl indie brand which you will always feel good about wearing, even if your friends are sporting Primark or Prada. It’s a bag for a girl who forges her own path and has her own unique playful style.

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review hardware detail gold review

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review hardware

Are Cambridge Satchels Worth It?

YES! Cambridge Satchel Company bags are totally worth it. They are beautifully made in Britain, using the best leathers and they are durable and practical. They are also the ultimate affordable ‘cool girl bag’.

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Three Ways To Wear

The Daisy bag can be worn in three ways, as a top handle bag, which looks super cute. Or with a long shoulder strap over one shoulder or you can wear it as a cross body bag. Personally I would only suggest wearing it as a crossbody bag in the winter as if you are bustier (like me) the coat will stop the bag sitting in between your boobs too much, especially when the coat is buttoned up. Also, if you carry a lot in your bags, you might find the shoulder strap makes it more comfortable to carry. However, in my opinion, the cutest way to wear your CSC bag is as a top handle bag. It’s just so playful and whimsical worn this way!

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review back of bag

Cambridge Satchel Company Daisy Bag Review

OK! So now we have covered the basics, I’m SO excited to share my full and final Cambridge Satchel Company Daisy Bag Review with you all! Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT!!

It’s no secret I LOVE the craftsmanship and the history of the classic leather satchel, however, in practical terms, I’m personally a little clumsy for them. I find the leather stiff, they also tend to be a little heavier and you can’t fit in *quite* as much as you think you can inside it. Where as the Poppy and Daisy bags have the essence of the satchel, but with a simplified design and generally just an easier to carry and more practical vibe.

I love the simple pale gold hardware, it’s so chic and elegant. I think CSC bags have that ‘if you know you know’ quality, without screaming logos. Of course, the hardware is branded, but it’s very subtle, just the way I like it. The back of the bag is of course embossed with the logo, but the front is relatively simple. Personally I love this as it let’s the colour and craftsmanship do the talking. If you wish though, you can monogram your CSC bag, however, I tend to leave mine plain as I think they look cuter this way and if I’m honest, I don’t love my initials.

The quality of the bag is perfect. The stitching is classic and the leather is high quality. The leather has a natural structure to it which does soften slightly over time but the bag will never become floppy or saggy. The leather is soft buy durable and it’s not a bag you need to feel nervous of wearing or feel the need to ‘baby’. These bad boys are sturdy and robust and will truly last for years!

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review handbag daisy poppy review uk 2021

With that in mind, I would always advise you to choose a CSC bag which you adore the design and colour of, but I would choose the colour carefully. For instance, if you love purple but don’t have any clothes which match purple, don’t buy the purple as you may never wear it. Similarly, if you adore the yellow but want to wear it all year round, then maybe consider if you will wear the yellow in the depths of winter. CSC bags last for years and years and you want to choose a colour and shape which is classic for YOU. For me, this Bluebell matte feels like a really wearable shade which is fun enough to keep me excited, but also, the vintage blue will look cute with SO many of my vintage dresses. So, even though pale blue might not be for everyone, it’s perfect for me! The French Grey is super chic, but I wear so little grey I would be worried I wouldn’t wear it.

Finally, the Daisy bag is much like the Poppy bag, however, it does have some major differences, the most obvious is the slightly squarer shaped flap which reminds me of a vintage doctors bag – so cute!! And the most functional is the fact that it has a flat base and can be stood on a table or chair, which the Poppy cannot. It’s a simple change, but honestly, very handy, especially when you are going for lunch and you don’t want to hang the bag on the back of your chair and you don’t have anywhere to lean it.

The Cambridge Satchel Company Daisy bag is a beautiful, chic and classic bag which is playful and fun thanks to it’s cute colour palette. It’s a go-anywhere, wear-anywhere and feel good bag. Whilst their bags aren’t the flashiest and most expensive in the world, they stand for beautiful quality, British craftsmanship and independence. The Daisy and Poppy bags are my two favourite styles from the brand, choosing between them is pretty much impossible for me… which is your favourite?!

Cambridge Satchel Company Bag Review daisy poppy bellbell blue

Go Shopping!

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  1. May 31, 2021 / 8:56 am

    Daisy yellow and French grey looks superb.

    • fashionforlunch
      June 1, 2021 / 5:11 pm

      they are beautiful aren’t they? I’m such a fan! xxx