Let’s Chat About April Favourites!

Inside My Colourful Margate Airbnb!

Let’s Chat About April Favourites!

OK! It’s time for April Favourites! It’s over a year now since we first entered lockdown and by this stage last year we were in the full throws of lockdown. No shops. No restaurants. No bubbles. Nothing. Now we have the rule of six, eating out and shops fully open! Has my life changed?! NO! Seriously! I haven’t been into any stores, I haven’t even had a coffee out and honestly not much has changed for me, except that I live in a new area! Hell, I still even get my groceries delivered! I know I probably sound crazy, but I don’t really want to change my actions too much until I get my vaccine. Is that just me!? anyway, here are my monthly faves, let me know what you think!

fashion for lunch house

Our Garden

Our garden is so pretty! It’s starting to bloom! We have spectacular pink blossom, blossoming apple trees and flower beds about to burst! I’m SO excited!!!!!

Yardley Hand Wash

Yardley Hand Wash

I LOVE a nice hand wash but let’s be honest, it gets costly, especially when you are splashing out on Aesop or Molton Brown at £20-odd pounds a pop. Anyway, I recently discovered this new Yardley Yuzu & Orange Blossom Moisturising Hand Wash and it’s SO nice! It smells super fresh and natural (thanks to it’s 96% naturally derived ingredients) and it’s a hefty 500ml bottle and it costs just £2.99. Super impressed with this one, it’s absolutely lovely and super affordable!

Inside My Colourful Margate Airbnb!

‘White House Farm’ On Netflix

I found ‘White House Farm’ by accident and it turns out everyone has seen it already, except me! However, I wanted to mention it because I absolutely LOVED it. It was gripping!! It was beautifully shot, I loved the sets and it was kind of amazing. If you haven’t seen it and you love a bit of true crime, you need to see it!!!

matalan fringing light fitting pink fringe

This Light Fitting

OMG! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I know it sounds dumb, but it’s taken me a full month to change any of the lampshades in here! My office had a lampshade around 40 years old hung from the ceiling – and not in a cute way! And our bedroom literally was a bulb hanging from the ceiling. So trust me, these Matalan velvet fringed lampshades feel like a dream to me right now! I’m so happy with them!!!

Tocca ‘Belle’

Spring is here and I’m LOVING refreshing my perfume wardrobe with lighter, fresher and more botanical themed perfumes. I have been loving the new Jo Malone perfumes which are inspired by Summer Fetes, I’m also obsessed with Clean Reserve’s Nude Santal and I’m also loving Tocca Belle which is filled with uplifting springtime notes of petit grain (always a favourite!) bergamot and white freesia! It’s absolutely stunning!!! I have the travel sized bottle, but when it’s done I’ll be investing in the full sized version because it’s such a dream!


House Renovation Update

Also, if you are wanting a one-month-in renovation update, then HERE YOU GO!!!!! You can see how bad our house is looking right now!!! It’s pretty intense, but I want to show that renovating isn’t fast and this is what we are living in… enjoy!

Insert Joy Here Vase

Insert Joy Here Vase

Look at my new vase!!!!! It was handprinted by Sabrina of Insert Flowers Here and I love it so much!!!! She’s selling them on etsy and I can’t recommend them enough!!!

And there we have it! My monthly faves! I hope you like! This post contains some press samples and affiliate links.

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