House Renovation: One Month Progress

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House Renovation: One Month Progress

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share a little House Renovation: One Month Progress post with you all! We have been working pretty feverishly and I thought it was time I gave a little update on a few things… Strap in! Are you READY?!

Getting Quotes

This month my boyfriend has been VERY busy getting a lot of quotes for building works. Generally speaking, we get a lot of quotes when we are renovating, not because we are trying to find the cheapest price, in fact, we NEVER go for the cheapest quote, but because we want the right person / team for the job. Everyone has different lead times and different opinions on the right way to approach tasks and we are trying to find the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. A lot of tradesmen are VERY busy at the moment and whilst we are happy to wait a few months for them, some are booked up until 2022, and we just can’t wait that long! If you watch my Instagram stories, you might know that we like to take things really far back, do the job properly and do things in the right order too. Which takes a little more time and effort in the planning… which lucky for me, my boyfriend excels at! We also really like to work with tradesmen who specialise in older buildings too, which I would highly recommend doing if you also live in an old house.

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Sourcing Windows

Again, you might already know this from my Instagram stories, but we are looking to get our windows changed. If I’m honest, ours are kinda gone! They have been painted shut in some rooms, some of the timbers are rotten and the are generally really drafty and needing to be replaced. We want double glazed (possibly timber) windows and we need a mix of sash and casement windows because we are in a conservation area so we need to replace like-for-like. We have quite a lot of windows to replace and we are hopefully adding in a few extra, so the quotes are kind of wild. I’m not kidding when I say that to replace windows is more than a deposit for a hefty house! It’s CRAZY! It’s a big investment so we are doing quite a lot of research to figure out the best option.

Knocking Down Ceilings

We are big fans of knocking down ceilings here. Why? Because we don’t like to overboard and in a house this old, the ceilings tend to be a little wonky and cracked in places. One of our bedroom ceilings was literally baggy and moved when you touched it! So far two of the bedrooms have had the ceilings knocked out and it’s a filthy job, but SO good to do – if it needs doing. It allows you to have perfect ceilings, clear out hundreds of years of dirt, damp, mould, filth etc. and instead of adding tonnes of weight into the ceiling with overboarding and more plaster you can take the weight out and start again. It’s like spring cleaning, taken to the next level! Also, it’s a great time to check the timbers for dry rot, woodworm, beetles and general damage. Of course, we have all of that, so we are currently waiting for builders to replace timbers before we can put the ceiling back up. But before we do that, we have to…


No joke, we are re-roofing! Part of the house hasn’t been felted under the roof tiles and the roof tiles are old so they need replacing rather than relaying, so we are doing the entire roof and adding in some cat-slide windows whilst we are there. We also have a crack in one of the chimney stacks and we need new lead work, timbers and insulation too, so that’s booked in to start soon. Which is SO exciting! Then once the roof is done, we can work on the bedrooms, obviously we can’t do the bedrooms until the roof is watertight as we don’t want rain and debris dropping down onto brand new ceilings. Like I said… there’s an order of works! Also, in case you ever need to think about a re-roof yourself, we have budgeted around £25,000 for this. It’s not cheap, but it’s important to sort the structure.

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Removing Plaster From The Chimney Breast

Finally, We have done one exciting and fun job, we had a tradesmen remove the plaster board from an old chimney breast in the bedroom and repointed it. It looks AMAZING! I’m SO happy with it!!! Under the plasterboard was hiding an old fireplace and a chalk and brick chimney breast! It was a real treat to find and it’s quite an unusual one too! Sometimes it’s like the house thanks you for taking things back and doing the job properly!

Making Life More Comfortable…

Finally, living through a renovation is HARD! I know some people rent whilst they renovate, but honestly, we are just living in part of the house whilst the other part is being worked on. We want to be here and we also don’t want to spend a thousand pounds a month on rent on top of our mortgage / council tax and renovation budget. We actually have a pretty healthy renovation budget, but honestly, I want to spend it on renovating, not rent! So we are keeping a few rooms as a ‘Sanctuary’ and trying to close the doors to the rooms which are being worked on. You just have to make the best of it, y’know? Anyway, we have done what we can to make life a little more comfortable, we have bought a tumble dryer, we have a nice big new fridge, slow cooker, a washing machine and we have plenty of lovely food from Waitrose! Yes, there might be dust everywhere, but it’s not so bad!

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…And there we have it… House Renovation: One Month Progress! I hope you like it and let me know if you have any questions!