FIVE Podcasts I Have Been Loving Lately!

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FIVE Podcasts I Have Been Loving Lately!

Hello friends! I wanted to do a quick-read blog post today about FIVE Podcasts I Have Been Loving Lately! I listen to a lot of podcasts and I am kinda known for my podcast edits, so today I thought I would share five shows I have been loving lately… OK! Let’s go!

The Alarmist

A comedy podcast where they figure out who’s responsible for histories greatest disasters. One of my favourite podcasts where I learn and laugh.

Kesha & The Creepies

Yes! The popstar Kesha has a podcast and it’s legit good! She has celebrity friends on as well as paranormal and MOD experts for conversations about spirituality, the occult, ghosts, aliens and so much more.

This Is Love

From the makers of the much loved podcast Criminal, their sister podcast This is Love is also brilliant and wonderful.

Every Outfit

Do you follow Every Outfit on SATC on instagram?! Well this is the podcast from the ladies behind that account and it’s just as funny, fashion filled and informative as the Instagram account. I look forward to every episode!

A Beautiful Mess

You probably know their blog and instagram already, but the podcast is informative and insightful and perfect for bloggers, business owners, crafters, renovators and so much more. Subscribe, it’s great!

And there we have it! Five podcasts you need to subscribe to now! I hope you like!

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