15 Uses For Lanolips Multi-Use Balm!

15 Uses For Lanolips Multi-Use Balm!

Uses For Lanolips

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share some of my favourite uses for one of my favourite products EVER!! I LOVE Lanolips and I have been using it for years!!!! I use it on Gordon’s sore cracked paws, I use it on my lips, my dad’s eczema and SO much more! It’s truly a magical product! I love how rich and thick it is and it’s one of those lip balms which truly work miracles, especially when you are really suffering with cracked lips. It gives a protective layer and lasts for hours and hours! I am truly the biggest fan of this product and I wanted to share some of my favourite uses for it!

15 Uses For Lanolips Multi-Use Balm!

  • Lip balm
  • Cuticle balm
  • To soothe your dogs cracked paws
  • Knees, Elbows, Heels
  • Soothe sore nipples for nursing mums
  • Brow tamer
  • Hydrate skin around the nose when you have a cold
  • Tame flyaway hair
  • Treat nappy rash
  • Soothe eczema and very dry skin
  • Prevent hair / brow dye colouring skin when using at home hair dye
  • Helps heel fresh tattoos
  • Helps heel scars
  • Nourishes and soothes chub rub
  • Heels minor grazes, bites, rashes or skin irritations

Best Multi Use Balms

Watch My 15 Uses For Lanolips Multi-Use Balm Video!

Is Lanolips good for lips?

Yes, Lanolips is one of the best lip balms on the market! It contains lanolin (not suitable for vegans) and it is a rich, thick, hydrating product which lasts for hours and truly will soothe and cure the most chronic of sore, dry, chapped and cracked lips.

How to treat dog cracked paws?

I treat my dogs cracked paws by applying a little lanolips on them. It helps to really quickly soothe and hydrate them, plus it’s a natural product so it won’t hurt your dog if he tries to lick it off his paws. It’s the best product I have ever found for my dogs paws, but I would recommend using the fragrance free 101 original Lanolips version.

Are Lanolips worth it?

Yes! Lanolips is worth every penny, plus one tube will last you a really really long time and it has so many uses! It gives great results, is suitable for even the most sensitive skins, including babies and it is natural, vegetarian friendly, cruelty free and generally just a super hard working hero beauty product.

Which Lanolips are the best?

Personally I love the original Lanolips 101 cream as it’s a nice big tube and fragrance free, but I also LOVE the Coconutter which smells slightly of nuts and coconut, it’s really pretty and subtle. The strawberry and Lemonade options are cute for younger ladies, but I personally prefer the Coconutter or the fragrance free as they are a little more grown up and subtle. However, all versions of lanolips are equally super hydrating, nourishing and hardworking.

Thank you for reading my 15 Uses For Lanolips Multi-Use Balm blog post! I hope you liked the video too! This is one of my all time favourite products and I hope you love it as much as I do! This post contains affiliate links and a gifted product.