Why I Wear Perfume Every Day… Even When I’m Home Alone!

why-you-should-wear-perfume-every-day-is-it-good-to-wear-perfume-every-daWhy I Wear Perfume Every Day

My friends! Today I am wearing a perfume I LOVE, Clean Reserve Nude Santal & Heliotrope and it got me thinking about how special it makes me feel and how I truly believe it’s SO important to wear perfume every single day, even if you work from home or even live alone. So today I’m here to encourage YOU to mist your favourite perfume every day and not save it for best! Let’s go!

It makes me feel happier

It’s true, I feel happier when I wear perfume. Not just when I first mist it, but throughout the day when I get whiffs of it on my clothes and my hair. It’s uplifting and comforting and it honestly just makes me feel joy when I smell it. I don’t wear perfume for others, I wear it for me and you should too! I honestly think perfume isn’t for others, it’s for us!

It makes me feel confident

I feel more confident when I wear perfume, especially in the summer! If I breeze in smelling fresh and fabulous, I don’t care if my eyeliner is a little smudged or my dress is creased, I just feel more confident knowing I smell like roses!


It triggers good memories

It’s true, perfumes trigger happy memories. It might be wearing a perfume which reminds you of family or a special day, or even a really happy period in your life, but it’s nice to wear a perfume which triggers happy memories of people you love… especially at the moment when a lot of us are still avoiding family and friends because we are waiting for our jabs.

Aromatherapy Benefits

Before we get started with this one, I do want to point out that not all perfumes will give you aromatherapy benefits as they don’t all contain essential oils. However, if you do wear perfumes with natural ingredients you will benefit from their properties. For instance, perfumes with lavender in will make you feel calmer, rose will make you feel comforted and balanced and citrus fragrances are very reviving and uplifting. It’s nice to think about how you want to feel that day and tailor your perfume to your day!

It’s an act of self care

I know it sounds cheesy, but I honestly think wearing perfume is an act of self care. I shave my legs for society, but I wear perfume for me. Do I need to own as many perfumes as I do? NO! But I own them because they make me feel SO happy and I find so much joy in wearing them. I’m not wearing them for anyone but me, it’s a gift to myself and it’s as much of an act of self care as using a really great cleansing balm or taking a really good bubble bath. For some reason, perfume never comes up in self care articles, but for me, it’s at the top of the list!

My Current Favourite Perfume?

Finally, I wanted to end this post by sharing a few thought on my current favourite perfume, the perfume which makes me feel SO happy and calm and comforted every day. It’s Clean Reserve Nude Santal & Heliotrope. We moved house a month ago and all my perfumes are still packed away, so this is a perfume that I’m truly wearing every day and it’s giving me so much joy. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing that day; DIY, cooking, blog work, dog walking… it makes me feel really good about myself and it has amazing longevity and it gets warmer and more lovely as the day goes on. It’s filled with floral notes as well as cedarwood and vanilla and it’s warm, floral, elegant, clean and lovely. It’s truly joyful and comforting and it makes me feel really peaceful, even when I’m in a new house which isn’t quite ready to call home yet!

I hope you like this post on Why I Wear Perfume Every Day and I hope it inspires you to wear perfume every day too, not for anyone else, just for you! Also, this post contains press samples and affiliate links.