Ohh Let’s Talk About The Coach Alie Shoulder Bag (Review)

coach alie handbag review

Ohh Let’s Talk About The Coach Alie Shoulder Bag (Review)

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about the Coach Alie Shoulder bag, it’s small, boxy, cool and has a 70’s feel to it. I LOVE it and today I want to chat a little more about it! Is it worth the price? What colour-ways does it come in? Is it an investment bag? How does it compare to the Coach Hutton or Riley bag and what to wear it with!?! I’ve got so many questions! I’m so excited for this post, I love this bag! Anyway! Let’s do a Coach Alie Shoulder bag review! 

“A little bag that’s kind of a big deal, our Alie has space to hold all of the essentials. This compact archive-inspired bag is crafted of our lightweight Signature jacquard”

The Best Selling Coach Bag of 2021!

This year a few IT bags have emerged from the Coach collection, most notably the Coach Pillow Tabby bag – this bag is everywhere and it’s SO COOL!!! The press shots show both the classic size and giant size and a lot of people have been asking about the giant size, but unfortunately, the humongous size you see in the press shots are a true press sample. I’m assuming a few were given to celebs, but in terms of walking in the store and buying one… I’m sorry, but you can’t! Aside from that, the slouchy bags have also been really popular this season, like the Willow bag. I think as we all ease out of lockdown, we all want softer, cuddlier bags (like the pillow Tabby!) and slouchier body, moulding style bags like the Willow, which has more of a hobo bucket bag feel to it. Grab it and go, it’s practical, easy and effortless. However, for the ladies who want something a little more structure, the Coach Alie bag is definitely emerging as THAT bag! And honestly, I see why! Even though it’s box and structured it still has an easy and effortless vibe to it because it’s small and a shoulder bag. It’s cute over the shoulder, it looks smart, but also it looks easy! I think the world needs easy fashion right now…. cool trainers, co-ord joggers and hoodies, floaty dresses and soft, slouchy silk blouses. The other thing we all need? 70’s inspired style! That’s right, the 70’s trend has never been hotter and this bag fits perfectly with every jumpsuit, floaty dress, flares or orange dad-suit look. It’s cool, chic, vintage inspired and timeless. A must have bag for the reason! 

Coach Alie Shoulder Bag Design Options 

The Coach Alie bag currently comes in three sizes; a mini belt bag, a mini 18 and a classic size bag which measures around 20-23cm. Whichever you choose, the Alie bag is cute and compact. As for colour options, this bag comes in a simple, classic black with gold hardware, as well as an array of dreamy orange toned tan brown leathers and two tone white and beige colour ways, as well as patchwork signature canvas versions. Again, really feeding into that 70’s trend. In terms of embellishments, the Coach Alie bag doesn’t feature any studs, rivets, patches or floral appliqué, instead, it’s a fairly minimal style bag with the leather strap, glossy hardware, boxy shape and large rectangular clasp. The leather colours and the clasp really do the talking with this bag. My personal favourite has to be this amazing two tone, rich orange and brown cutie which I just adore! 

Coach Alie Bag Price

The Coach Alie bag isn’t the most affordable bag from the collection, but it is one of the most stylish. You can pick up this bag for around £495 to £595, which is a fair price or this size of bag from Coach, however, I do truly believe Coach bags are underpriced for the quality and craftsmanship so this still feels like a super fair price. PLUS if you sign up to the mailing list, you can get 10% off your first order AND you can always keep an eye out for one of their ‘spend more save more’ deals OR the summer sale. Their sales tend to be pretty amazing, so you might get lucky! But I do think it’s worth the price, personally! What do you think?

How To Style The Coach Alie Bag

The Coach Alie bag has an adjustable strap so it can be worn as a shoulder length bag OR a crossbody bag, Coach ALWAYS like to give us multiple ways to wear their bag and thanks to the colour-blocking and patchwork they often use in their bags they are often suitable for smarter and more casual looks. I honestly think they want to give us the most out of each bag! Anyway, this bag can be used as a cross body bag or a shoulder bag and looks perfect with work outfits, lunch with the girls, grocery shopping, dinner dates or for a night out drinking. As long as it fits inside what you need for the occasion, it’s perfect for everywhere and anywhere! 

As for what to wear it with, personally I will be wearing mine with something 70’s inspired, possibly a vintage dress. However, it’s also adorable with a pair of jeans and a button down blouse! The Coach Alie bag really is a go-everwhere, wear anywhere kinda bag! Again, as long as it fits inside everything you need as it is a smaller style handbag. 

Other Coach Bags You Might Like 

If you like the Coach Alie bag, but you aren’t 100% sure, then maybe you should consider the Tabby, this is a really beautiful bag and marginally bigger and cheaper – plus it has the added advantage of coming with two straps, so you have a little more flexibility with how it’s worn. The Coach Tabby bag is also a really popular bag for the season and if you like to carry a little more in your bag, this might be for you! If you like something a little more satchel style and casual, then the Coach Cassie bag is super adorable. It still has a 70’s kind of vibe but it’s a little more casual and weekend-y and it also fits a little more inside too. In terms of branding, it is a more simplified bag, which might be a positive or negative depending on your style, and it’s also a really affordable Coach bag too. Finally. the Coach Hutton Bag might be another great option for you, it’s a boxy shoulder bag and also features a really cool and unusual clasp, much like the Alie, however, it is a little more on the subtle side and it also comes in some really fun 70’s inspired colour ways. The Hutton bag is also a little more affordable too compared to the Alie. 

Disadvantages Of The Coach Alie Bag

This is a tricky one as it’s a bag I LOVE and I think is really chic and timeless, however, it does have a few things I want to point out about it, first of all, it is a smaller style bag and it’s quite structured meaning there’s no room for the side seams to expand or really squeezing extras into this bag. For example, the Coach Callie bag is small, but the side seams expand and give the bag a lot more depth and internal space if needed, where as the Alie bag is quite mini on the inside, so if you are a bit of a bag lady, this bag might not be for you and the Tabby might be better suited to you. The only other disadvantage is the price, I did touch on this before and I think compared to other bags from the Coach collection, it is one of the more expensive bags, however, I still think Coach are really reasonable compared to other bags on the market, so when you compare the price of the Alie to other designer and luxury bags, it’s still really fair and reasonable, especially when you consider the outstanding quality, because let’s be honest, with Coach, the quality IS outstanding. 

How much is the average Coach bag?

The average Coach bag is around £400-600 or $300-500. They are cheaper in the USA as they are an American brand, however, even in UK prices, they are still really reasonable in the luxury handbag space and they are amazing quality. Also, you can get 10% off your first order and their seasonal sales are the BEST!

See Inside The Coach London Store! 

Are Coach bags good quality?

Yes! Coach bags are great quality! They are made from beautiful leathers, the hardware is great quality chunky brass and they last really well. I especially love the pebble leathers which tend to be really thick and age beautifully. With Coach you get a premium luxury handbag for a really reasonable price. The leather quality is outstanding. 

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Ohh Let’s Talk About The Coach Alie Shoulder Bag blog post! I hope you like it! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains press samples. 



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    Such a pretty bag! x

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      April 28, 2021 / 11:47 am

      it’s so nice isn’t it? I LOVE Coach!!